One of the options within the Year 9 Elective Geography Course in by i8D420cV


									                              Development Geography - Rwanda
One of the options within the Year 9 Elective Geography Course is Development Geography. A factor
in choosing this option to study was that Year 12 prefects had decided in January 2006 to support fund-
raising for a school in Rwanda, Central Africa so that they could build additional classrooms. This
school is the Rugero School in Province Gikongoro (recently renamed as one of the Southern

This seemed an excellent opportunity for the Year 9 Geography students to support the year 12 Prefects
by developing a “Wiki” site which would provide both qualitative and quantitative information on
Rwanda, but the province of Gikongoro in particular and of course, the school itself. We were fortunate
to have immediate local contact with a former resident of the province and also a parent who had visited
the school.

We were also extremely lucky to have two travellers come to talk to us about Rwanda. They had just
returned from a 45 day overland expedition which included a journey from Uganda to Kigali, the capital
of Rwanda and then to the North West Volcanic region of Rwanda.

Each student was given a task to develop their own Wiki space on :

    (A)   Physical Geography:        (a) Landform
                                     (b) Climate
                                     (c) Vegetation

    (B)   Human Geography – Population Study
    (C)   Human Geography – The Economy
    (D)   Human Geography – Education

Information was to be gathered from web sites, visiting lecturers, local contacts and communications
with the school itself. After editing the information, the group made ‘co-operative’ decisions and
expressed views about what should be included. The team element involved discussion and exchange.
This was a valuable experience in co-operative learning, particularly for the boys.

The prefects were also given the opportunity to include their own perspective on their charity drive and
what they had achieved so far. Our local resident, called Christine, grew up in the Gikongoro province
of Rwanda so has been able to add her own unique contribution to the Wiki space. Our overall aim is to
assist the school to build additional classrooms by bringing you background information on this
remarkable country.

MSO:gw 14/8/06

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