Political Science Comparative Syllabus

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					                                                              Department of Political Science
                                                                          Syllabus Curriculum
           University of Dhaka               Chittagong University                  Kushtia University                   Jahangirnagar              National
                                                                                                                           University              University
01.   *Ancient      and     Medieval    *Ancient and Medieval Political      *History of Political Thought        * Political Tought-1         *
      Western Political Thought         Theory                                                                    * Political Thought-2
02.   *Political Theory and             *                                    *Political Theory and Organization   *Introduction to Political   *
      Organization                                                                                                Science
03.   *Government and Politics in       *Comparative Politics: Politics of   *Political System of Selected        *Comparative Political       *
      UK & USA                          Western Countries, UK, US &          Countries (UK, US, India and &       Institutions
                                        France                               China)
04.   *Principles of Sociology          *Political Sociology                 *Fundamentals of Sociology           *                            *
05.   *Modern Political Thought         *Modern Political Theory             *                                    *Theories of Political       *
06.   *Government and Politics in                                                                                                              *
      France and Germany
07.   *Socio-political and              *Constitutional History of           *Constitutional and Political        *Political Development in    *
      Constitutional Development in     British-India                        Development in Bangladesh            Bangladesh
      British-India (1757-1947)         * Political History of British-
08.   *Public Administration in         *Public Administration in            *Public Administration in            *Public Administration       *
      Bangladesh                        Bangladesh                           Bangladesh                           *Public Administration in
                                        *Introduction to Public                                                   Bangladesh
09.   *Qualitative Approach to the      *Politics of Development             *                                    *Comparative Politics        *
      Study of Politics
10.   *Political and Constitutional     *Government and Politics in          *                                    *                            *
      Development in Pre-               Pakistan
      independent Bangladesh
11.   *International Politics: Theory   *International Politics-Part:1       *Introduction to International       *Survey of Political         *
      and Organization                  *International Politics-Part:2       Politics                             History
                                                                                                                  *International Relations
12.   *Oriental Political Thought       *Oriental Political Thought          *                                    *Foundation of Islamic       *
13.   *Quantitative Approach to the     *Statistics                      *Statistics and Research                                              *
      Study of Politics and Basic                                        Methodology
      Computing Skills
14.   *Politics and Government in       *Politics and Government in      *Government and Politics in                                           *
      Bangladesh (1971-till date)       Bangladesh                       Bangladesh
15.   *Local Government and Rural       *Local Government in             *Local Government and Rural                                           *
      Development in Bangladesh         Bangladesh                       Development in Bangladesh
                                        *Rural Development in
16.   *International Politics Since     *International Politics-Part:2   *                                       *                             *
      World War II
17.   *Political System in South        *Politics of South Asia: Case    *                                       *Political and                *
      Asia: India, Pakistan, Srilanka   Studies: India, Pakistan and                                             Governmental System in
                                        Srilanka                                                                 South Asia
18.   *Political Economy of             *Introduction to Economics:      *Political Economy in Bangladesh        *Political Economy of         *
      Bangladesh                        With Special Reference to                                                Bangladesh
                                        *Political Economy of
                                        Development: Post Cold War Era
19.   *Gender and Politics: With        *Women and Politics              *Gender and Development                 *Women in Politics            *
      Special Reference to              *Women and Politics in
      Bangladesh                        Bangladesh
20.   *                                 *Personality and Politics        *Politics and Personalities in Indian   *Politics and Personalities   *
                                                                         Sub-continent                           in the Sub-continent
21.   *Globalization, Regionalism       *                                *Globalization: Regional and            *International Political      *
      and International Financial                                        International Institutions              Economy
22.   *Politics, Power and              *Politics and Corruptions                                                                              *
23.   *Public Policy Analysis           *Public Policy in Bangladesh     *Administrative System Analysis         *Public Policy Making         *

      Prepared By:
      Md. Monirul Islam
      Research Fellow, BIIT, Dhaka

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