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					Alan Harrison
Provost and Vice-President, Academic

Alan is the current Provost and Vice-President (Academic). Prior to his move to Calgary,
he was Vice-President (Academic) at Carleton University, and held a host of positions at
McMaster University, including Dean of Social Sciences and Chair of the Department of

He has a rich, deep and broad academic and administrative background in all aspects
of the university including the full range of academic matters, strategic enrolment
management, student affairs, academic and non-academic staff relations, finances and
budgeting, information technology, fundraising and strategic planning. In short order
after his appointment as Provost at Carleton, he initiated a range of significant,
progressive and effective new initiatives, especially those related to faculty recruitment
and retention and enhancement of the student experience. Alan served on the Board of
Governors and on the Board Finance Committee at McMaster University as a member
elected by the teaching staff. He has provided guidance to the Ontario university sector
by serving on various task forces for the Council of Ontario Universities (COU). Alan’s
references speak highly of his leadership and mentoring talents and his capacities and
accomplishments as an academic administrator. He is acknowledged as a strategic
thinker and implementer with a keen understanding and appreciation of the values of
the academy. His past accomplishments affiliate very well with the ambitions, plans and
strategic issues at the U of C.

Alan is an economist with a PhD from the University of Essex in England. He held the
rank of Full Professor at both McMaster and Carleton as well as visiting positions at
Queen’s University, University of Adelaide, London School of Economics, the University
of Warwick and the University of Manchester. His papers have been published in a
number of major economics journals, including the American Economic Review, the
Review of Economic Studies, the International Economic Review, and the Canadian
Journal of Economics, and he has been the recipient of multiple grants from the Social
Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

Alan is an innovative and effective teacher. He has also been involved in, and has
received funding for, research on teaching and he has offered and participated in
instructional workshops and seminars. Shortly before he left McMaster, he was
honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award in teaching, awarded by the McMaster
Students' Union.

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