Tenth Grade World Literature Syllabus by we9mj6AB


									                                             American Government and Economics
                                                                 Melissa Barrow
Course Standards:
American Government/Civics The government course provides students with a background in the philosophy, functions, and structure of the United
States government. Students examine the philosophical foundations of the United States government and how that philosophy developed. Students
also examine the structure and function of the United States

Economics The economics course provides students with a basic foundation in the field of economics. The course has five sections: fundamental
concepts, microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, and personal finance. In each area, students are introduced to major
concepts and themes concerning that aspect of economics.

Required Course Material: Every student must bring these items to class in order to be prepared for success. If any student cannot
         locate or afford these items, arrangements will be made on a case-by-case bases. Students in this situation will need to see Ms. Barrow as
         soon as possible.
         1. 3 Ring Binder                                                             5. Dividers
         2. Blue, Black, and Red Pens                                                 6. Note Cards
         3. Loose-Leaf Paper                                                          7. Highlighter(s)
         4. Sticky Notes                                                              8. Pencil

Grading Policy: in accordance with the MCA Student Handbook
         Homework (5%) – Student Support Group Log
         Quiz (40%) – Practicing the items in the standards, students practice the activities before
                  they get a grade. Just like in sports, athletes practice and then show what they learned in games. I would not want a referee at
                  my practice. I grade quizzes on completion and effort.
         Test (40%) – I assess what the students know, learned and inferred and I assign a
                  numerical score based on mastery of the standard.
                            0-69 – Did not Meet the Standard
                            70-79 Meets the Standard
                            80-100 Exceeds the Standard
                  Progress Reports Go Out EVERY MONDAY. The following codes are used on the print outs.
                            NHI (Not Handed In) – Assignments can still be turned in. Encourage your child to turn in these assignments.
                            Comp (Completed) – Assignments were turned in on time and finished
                            EX (Excused) – Student was absent and brought an excuse to the front office
                            UNX (Unexcused)/UNV (Unverified) – Student was absent and did not bring an excuse
                            DNFD (Did Not Follow Directions) – Student did not follow the directions given by the teacher.

Classroom Rules: Rules may be added as deemed necessary.
         1.   Be in the right place, at the right time, with the right attitude, and the right equipment.
         2.   ALL rules in the MCA Student Handbook will be enforced at all times, no exceptions will apply. This includes the tardy policy!

Consequences: From time to time even the best behaved student will make a slight transgression in behavioral issues, the following 5-Step
Discipline will be used.
          Step One – Verbal Warning
          Step Two – Alternative Seating Arrangement
          Step Three –Consultation (in hallway, away from peers)
          Step Four – Break Detention and Signed Action Plan (If break is cancelled, you report the next day break is reinstated.)
          Step Five – Break Detention and Signed Misconduct Notice (If break is cancelled, you report the next day break is reinstated.)
                                            All further transgressions will result in a referral to the office.

         The primary function of school is to educate. In our mission statement, MCA understands the eventual goal for all students is to obtain a
         HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. Students need to be in touch with their goals and aspirations, and in doing this, students also need to be aware
         of the area in which they are having trouble. Homework is designed as a review of the day’s standards. In this class, homework will be
         ongoing. Every night students need to sit down with a member of their support group to discuss the day’s events and assignments. A
         support group is a group of people who love and care about the student; this group includes, but is not limited to parents, aunts, uncles,
         grandparents, teachers, coaches and administrators. In this discussion, students need to identify their strengths and weaknesses AND
         formulate a way to overcome these weaknesses. This can be as simple as telling parents the assignments, discussing grades, telling
         parents the plot of a work of literature, or the topic of an essay. Every Monday, this log will be check, comments made and returned to the
         student to share the comments with the support group.
Notebook: Each student will need to have a three-ring notebook with five dividers labeled Standards, Vocabulary, Comments, Notes, and Grades.
        Standards – Each student will be expected to have a copy of the Georgia Performance Standards in his/her notebook at all times. The first
         copy will be given to the student. It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with the standards. If misplaced, another can be obtained
         on the school website
        Vocabulary – This will be a glossary type list of new words. Since students have a diverse lexicon, this list will vary from student to student.
        Comments – Any questions you may have or any important statements made in class that you feel you should remember.
        Notes – Notes from lectures, book, and various handouts.
        Grades – Graded items and progress reports. I recommend you keep all grades just in case a mistake is made on your grade.

Additional Matters:
    1.   Students are responsible for seeing me before or after school to receive any missed assignments due to absences. Attendance is a must
         to guarantee success. If a student is absent, it is the responsibility of that student to gain the information and or materials gathered during
         the period(s) missed. Assignments should be made up in a timely fashion.
    2.   Attendance is important. Students must be in class in order to master the standards.
    3.   Our website is up and running. You can keep up with our classroom assignments by visiting http://mca.mcintosh.k12.ga.us/ There is also a
         link to my school email, so you can contact me, if needed. And I do check my email regularly (even on the weekends!).
    4.   An agenda and a progress report will be sent home weekly to keep students and parents abreast of activities in this class. A signed weekly
         agenda and progress report will result in extra credit.
    5.   At any Georgia High School, students must pass American Government and Economics in order to graduate.

                             By signing below, you are aware of the items necessary to pass this class.

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