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									Workers' Liberty

                For a rational,
             anti-war movement!
So far as anyone can make a plausible estimate,          of revenge designed to placate understandable
Osama bin Laden attacked the USA on 11                   American outrage over 11 September. The
September not as an act of "desperation" but             "target", Afghanistan, is selected for that purpose
with a clear calculation in mind.                        and no other. The USA retains its alliance with
    He wanted to provoke large-scale retaliation         fundamentalist Saudi Arabia and seeks to mend
by the USA which would, in turn, fuel an                 relations with fundamentalist Iran.
Islamic-fundamentalist backlash sufficient to               4. The "coalition against terrorism" which Blair
overthrow some of what bin Laden sees as the             and Bush have put together includes some of the
"fake Muslim" regimes.                                   worse state-licensed terrorists alive today. This is
    The US government, with the help of Britain,         a "war against terrorism" conducted by big,
has retaliated by sending the airforce of the            wholesale terrorists against the littler terrorists.
richest land on earth to drop masses of bombs on            These arguments can be won in the broad
an already wrecked and ruined country, one of            labour movement.
the poorest countries on earth. Whether the rest            But we should not want to – and anyway, we
of bin Laden's calculations work out, we have yet        cannot – win arguments in the broad labour
to see.                                                  movement such as:
    If they do, then it will be no sort of victory for       The 11 September attacks should not be
national liberation against imperialism. Horrible        condemned because they were supposedly
though the present regimes of countries like             attacks on "imperialism", if ill-chosen ones.
Pakistan are, their overthrow by fascistic                   Every evil in the world is the fault of
Taliban-type fundamentalists will be an appalling        "imperialism" (by which those who argue this
defeat for the workers, the women, the                   view seem to mean, essentially, the USA).
democrats and the dissenters of any sort in those            Islamic fundamentalists, even those who
countries.                                               have been funded and boosted by the USA in the
    There are four clear arguments against this          past, become progressive anti-imperialists as
war.                                                     soon as they clash with the USA.
    1. As many, or more, innocent civilians will be          Although the first and most numerous
killed by the US and British in Afghanistan as           victims of the terrorist-fundamentalists are the
were killed by bin Laden on 11 September. In             people, mostly Muslim, of the countries where
addition to the direct military casualties,              their movements are powerful, we should not
unknowable numbers will die because of the               explicitly denounce the fundamentalists because
economic disruption and chaos which the war is           that might offend Muslims.
causing.                                                     The fundamentalists' demand for Israel to be
    The people of Afghanistan need food, relief,         destroyed and Jews to be driven off "Muslim land"
and help in reconstructing the country, not              represents a progressive, anti-imperialist
bombs.                                                   opposition to US policy.
    2. Even if the US captures or kills bin Laden –         Any extra "broadness" the anti-war movement
and they themselves say they may well not – this         gains by reaching out on such bases to Islamic
war will not end terrorist-fundamentalism. On the        fundamentalists, or hyped-up USA-haters and
contrary, as bin Laden calculated, it is more likely     Israel-haters, is illusory. The only solid political
to boost and spread it.                                  basis for an anti-war movement is consistent
    3. The US and UK are anyway not even trying          democracy and internationalism, against both the
to fight an across-the-board war against                 US/UK war and terrorist-fundamentalism. The
terrorist-fundamentalism. This is primarily a war        only solid social basis is the labour movement.

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