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DNR Lands Scoping by we9mj6AB


									Evolution of Sustainable
Forestry in Wisconsin’s MFL

                    Paul E. Pingrey
                    MFL Study Committee
                    September 9, 2010
What I’ll Cover:

 A brief history of Sustainable Forestry
 Wisconsin MFL Group Certification
    –   How did we build it?
    –   What can we learn from it?
   Why updating MFL to reflect today’s
    concept of Sustainable Forestry is needed
                         The Cradle of Forestry

Gifford Pinchot was the first forester for the 125,000 acre Biltmore Estate.
Pinchot’s Unfinished Business

Gifford Pinchot, 1st
Chief of the U.S. Forest
Service and Governor of
PA, lamented that the
Federal Government
was never able to
control private logging.
                           Photo Credit: USFS
Same Mission, Different Tools

GP’s Day                     Our Day
Transfer (Govt. Ownership)   Incentives (like MFL)
Regulation                   Education
                             Principles & Criteria

Credit: USFS
“Sound Forestry” Evolves

                (See Handout)
                                       WI     MFL-
FCL     NR46     MFL       28.04
                                      FMG     FSC

1927     1980    1985       1995      2007    2008

        1970             1992       1995        2008 WI
        Earth             Rio      Montreal   Sustainability
        Day              Earth     Process     Framework
“Sound Forestry” Evolves

   Each step further affirms that sustainable
    economic, social and environmental systems
    are inextricably intertwined.
Verification of Sustainability

                                         PEFC is a mutual
                                         recognition umbrella

                                                          + 20 more
                                                          throughout the
     Forest Stewardship Council   Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
U.S. Certified Land by Ownership

        2009 – FSC, SFI, or Tree Farm Certified
The Challenge…

   The largest gains in certified source wood can
    come from private family forest lands.
   The problem is, there are so many of them! 10
    million nationally.

     WI MFL stands out as BOLD action
Managed Forest Law Certified Group

   3 million acres are enrolled in Wisconsin’s
    Managed Forest Law (MFL) program.
   2.2 million acres are owned by 42,000 “family
    forests” (the MFL Certified Group)
   “Large” MFL parcels (mostly forest industry and
    REITs) not currently in the MFL Certified Group
WI MFL Group Certification

                   Step 1. June 2005 – Tree
                   Farm Group Certification

                   “Wisconsin has
                   achieved the Triple
                   Crown of Forest
                   Governor Jim Doyle
MFL Group Certification

                          Step 2. Dec. 2008 -
                          Dual FSC-Tree Farm
                          Largest FSC group
                          in the world!
Complementary Standards

      23 Indicators –     180 Indicators –
      Understood by     Demanded by Business
       Landowners        and Environmental
MFL Certification Entirely Voluntary

   WI DNR used an “opt-out” consent process
   Of about 43,000 MFL parcels, only 901
    disassociated with forest certification
   Of those, 565 rejected Tree Farm; an additional
    336 dropped when FSC was added.

               A 98% Participation Rate
      Certification Cost: Less than $2 per parcel
“Selling Points” for Certification

 Verified, responsible forestry plans
 Proof to the public that MFL provides
  valuable environmental services that
  merits support
 Access to the certified wood marketplace
 Better logging jobs
 Access enviro services markets
What’s MFL Got Going For It?

           Tangible Incentives!
     Meaningful Property Tax Reductions
What’s MFL Got Going For It?

      Timber Buyers Want Certified Wood!
   Wisconsin pulpwood production fell by 33%
    since the recession that began in 2006, but
    MFL pulpwood sales have dropped only 1%.
   Lumber production declined by 50% during
    the recession, but MFL sawtimber sales
    dropped only 12%.

Source: WI DNR 2010
Better Logging Jobs!
Efficient Plan Delivery

                    Wisconsin Certified Plan
                     Writer (CPW) Program
                     (replaced 80,000 hrs/yr DNR
                     spent on plan writing)
                    Expert System - Plan Writing
Ecosystem Management Tools

   Silviculture Handbook –Tree Marking and
    Retention Guidelines
   Biomass Harvest Guidelines
   Ecological Landscapes Handbook
   Soil Disturbance Policy Directive
   NHI and Cultural Databases
   Invasive Species BMPs

             Social Networking

 Mandatory practices
 Plan enforcement mechanisms
 Effective database system
 Internal audits
 Reliable, stable funding
What’s Missing?

 A Sustainable Forestry purpose and
 definition that reflects current times

    (See 28.04, Wis. Stats for State
Needed for:

    Retention of current MFL participants
    Outreach to the 80% of Family Forests not in
    Continued growth in the supply of certified
     wood for Wisconsin’s forest products industry
Thank You!

          Paul Pingrey
 Pingrey Forestry Consulting, LLC

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