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									                       Dairy Processors Success Story

Farghal Sayed Farghal is one of our dairy
processor clients in Assiut and owns a dairy
processing shop called Layalina Elhelwa (our
good nights).
When Mr. Farghal started his business 3 years
ago he had no experience in this field. In
addition, he had no space in his processing
plant to expand business where he only used to
produce     yoghurt    and    everybody   was
complaining that the product was bad!

Mr. Farghal said that AERI project came when
he was about to change his business.

The equipment in the firm consisted of a 250-liter cooling tank, wooden incubator,
and 4 aluminum cans for milk warming.
The capacity of the plant used to be 200 liters per day; he was only producing
yoghurt and sells raw milk. Mr. Farghal faced a lot of problems in the processing; the
yoghurt did not have the same quality and consistency every day because of the
wooden incubator. In addition, he did not know how to process cured milk, cottage
cheese and white cheese.

The AERI-Livestock team started working with Mr. Farghal in February 2005,
providing technical assistance about receiving milk, yoghurt making and producing
cured milk with fruits (Rayab). The project provided Mr. Farghal with on-hands
training on how to process white cheese, sour cream and ghee. As well, AERI gave
him the chance to visit a number of dairy firms in Damietta and Alexandria and see
how they produce their products and the equipment they use.

Mr. Farghal needed new equipment to be able to apply these recommendations. So,
he didn’t wait; for 3000 LE he bought a separator with a volume of 1,000 liters to be
able to separate the cream from the milk to produce ghee and cottage cheese.

For a cost of 900LE he also made his own a stainless steel incubator with a capacity
of 1000 cups to be able to process standard yoghurt. In addition, for only 700LE he
fabricated equipment from his own design for white cheese processing.

As a result of AERI recommendations, from observations at other plants, and as a
result of improved production equipment, the quality of the yoghurt improved and
production increased from 300 to 1000 cups/day. Now he sells the cup for 0.65LE.
He also processes 10 kg of cured milk and fermented milk with fruit (Rayab). He sells
a 250gm cup for 1.50LE, which has increased his profits.

Now Mr. Farghal has expanded his product line, selling white cheese for 12 LE/kg
(he sells 30 kg/week), cottage (Karish) cheese for 8 LE/kg (he sells 20 kg /week),
ghee for 30 LE/Kg (he sells 10 kg per week). Today Mr. Farghal says that he would
have been out of business except for the assistance provided by the AERI Livestock
and Dairy team. He appreciates all that the AERI project has done for him!

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