SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY                                         year to lead the people of the Church there. Please           Addtl. copies of Prayer Card or to include future items please
                                                                                                                                        contact - Jill Edwards on
                Diocese & District                                        pray for forthcoming events and
            Prayer Card for Sept. 2010.                                   particularly for–
                    HARVEST                                               The meeting on 6th September for those who work with
                                                                          HOMELESS PEOPLE. Also remembering the leaflet
Look at those cows and remember that the
                                                                          being prepared to give basic information to those who
greatest scientists have never discovered how to                          meet a person who is homeless.
make grass into milk..                                                    The WORKPLACE CHAPLAINCY DAY on 7th
      Quote by Michael Pupin, Inventor.                                   September as we seek to have a better understanding
Please remember people who suffer -                                       of chaplaincy to those who see action on the front line in
                                                                          areas of conflict.
The people of Russia whose Harvest has been destroyed by fire.            Sometimes the size of the task to overcome injustice
Those who have lost everything in Pakistan and China due to floods;       feels overwhelming. Please pray for those who have
the miners in Chile who are trapped underground.                          lost heart that they may be encouraged and continue to
Please give thanks and remember –                                         make whatever changes they can.
Young people who have achieved the results they needed to set out         16th September - BRIDGING THE GAP - Conference
on their chosen careers; remembering also those who did not meet          in Exeter organised by South West Chaplaincy Group
the required standard and are having to re-think their futures.           Cornwall Faith Forum – DOR KEMMYN FAITH WALK
Greenbelt – a premier arts-based Festival as it explores issues of        – now taking place on 25th September at 11.30am.
faith and justice.                                                        (NOT 2nd October as previously advertised.). Visiting
* 12 Sept. Racial Justice Sunday – special theme for 2010                 places in the Truro area connected to different Faith
Migration. Pray for migrant workers in Cornwall in agriculture,           Communities – past and present.
tourism, care and service industries. For good employment                 WEATHERING THE ECONOMIC STORM – SINK OR
practises, for a warm welcome and understanding from host                 SWIM? Joint Methodist Anglican study day on debt at
communities.                                                              Truro Methodist Church on 28th September – 10am –
** 21 Sept. International Day of Peace – praying for peace in a           3pm.
world without nuclear weapons remembering Hiroshima and                   Please remember in your prayers –
Nagasaki 65 years on.                                                     The visit of the Pope to Great Britain commencing on
*** 26 Sept. Church Army Sunday and Back to Church Sunday                 16th September, for those he will meet and the
when we have the opportunity to invite our friends who do not now         discussions that will take place.
regularly worship to join us again.                                       Children who will be going to school for the first time and
27 Sept. – World Tourism Day thinking of all those who have had a         their mothers who may initially feel alone and bereft.
time of refreshment and renewal this year and particularly for those      The ex-offenders who have returned to Cornwall and for
who have visited Cornwall as tourists.                                    Nigel Main the SWCC outreach worker supporting them.
INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER FOR ZIMBABWE.                                 Pray for all initiatives across the County targeted at
             26 Sept. Christians all over Zimbabwe, who are               reducing the re-offending rate of former prisoners.
             struggling for justice and peace, will unite in prayer for   * See
             their nation and invite the whole world to join them.        ** See
             Remembering Sudan and other parts of Africa and the        
             plight of many people in great need who receive little       *** See
             aid. Also The Gambia and their Bishop – Rt. Rev.
             Professor Peter Stephens who left Cornwall earlier this

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