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No.        Name/Matric No.                        Title

                                   Justification Of Automobiles Price
        Abdul Latif Ahmad                                                 A.P. Dr. Choong Kwai Fat
1.                                 Premium Based On Brand And
                                   Country Of Origin (COO)

                                   Factors Influencing Selection Of
        Afida Nor Said
2.                                 Islamic Banking: A Case Study On         Dr. Rusnah Muhamad
                                   Malaysian Customers Perception
                                   Cross Border Mergers And
        Amani John Mayage
3.                                 Acquisition In Emerging Markets             Mr. Bob Boxwell
                                   After The 2007 Economic Crisis
                                   The Determinants Of Corporate
        Amirali Moeini                                                      A.P. Dr. Che Ruhana
4.                                 Debt Maturity: A Study Of
        Chaghervand (CGA080123)
                                   Malaysian Manufacturing Firms
                                   Factors Affecting Cost Of Studies
        Amutha Manikam             And Intention To Enroll In           A.P. Dr. Syarifah Latifah Syed
        (CGA080075)                Educational Institution In Klang                A. Kadir
                                   Determinants Of Corporate
        Anu Gaithri Subramaniam
6.                                 Governance Structure In Public             Dr. Saadiah Munir
                                   Listed Companies
        Anwaruddin Shah Hezan
7.                                 Value vs Growth Stocks In Malaysia          Mrs. Izlin Ismail
        Shah (CGA080109)
                                   Consumer Perception About Loyalty
        Bawani a/p Ramu
8.                                 Program In Retail Industry: An         Prof. Dr. Md Nor Othman
                                   Exploratory Study In Malaysia
                                   What Determines The Stock Price
        Cahaya Amalina Zaini                                                Dr. Gurcharan Singh
9.                                 Synchronicity In REITs Listed On
                                   Bursa Malaysia
                                   Credit Control Management: Case
        Chong Kei Loong                                                  Dr. Edward Wong Sek Khin/
10.                                Study On Engtex Marketing Sdn
        (CGA060085)                                                      Mr. Norazlisham Mohd Amin
        Chua Siang Cher            Foodies: Identification, Brand
11.                                                                     Dr. Syarifah Faridah Syed Alwi
        (CGA090035)                Personality And Price Perceptions
                                   Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty
12.     Edina Crnkic (CGD080012)   Towards The Home Appliances              A.P. Dr. Ghazali Musa
                                   The Effectiveness Of Training And
                                   Development For Employees In
        Eiman Abdulsalam A.
13.                                Organization And The Relationship    Prof. Dr. Mohd Nazari Ismail
        Mandili (CGD070017)
                                   Between Organization Performance
                                   And Turnover Intention
                                   The Importance Of Brand Equity To
        Fang Chee Hoe
14.                                Customer Loyalty in The Case Of      Dr. Syarifah Faridah Syed Alwi
                                   Petrol Stations In Malaysia
                                   Comparison On Priority Ranking
                                   For Entry Level Internal Auditors
        Faraelliza Escandar
15.                                Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities           Dr. Haslida Hasan
        Shamsudin (CGA090024)
                                   Between Public And Private Sector
                                   In Malaysia
                                   Examining the role of culture of
16.    2Farnaz Farahdel
                                   reward system in both developing     Prof. Dr. Mohd Nazari Ismail
 3.     (CGA080114)
                                   and developed countries regarding
                                   teamwork quality differences
                                   Complete Competency – Spiritual
                                   Based Performance Management
17.   2Fatimah Jamilah Mat Rasid
                                   Practices In Hospitals (Private And       A.P. Dr. Ruzita Jusoh
2.     (CGA070028)
                                   Government) Around Putrajaya And
                                   Kajang Areas
                                   Factors Affect Consumers Purchase
18.    Gan Chai Yee (CGA090033)    Green Products In The Context Of       Dr. Yusniza Kamarulzaman
                                   Paint Industry
                                   Voluntary Environment Report
                                                                             Dr. Norhayah Zulkifli
19.    Goh Ie Chieh (CGA080007)    Disclosure And Environmental
                                   Auditing In Malaysia
                                   Consumers Attitude Towards
20.    Guo Jun (CGA080134)                                                      Mrs. Ismawati
                                   Virtual Shopping In China
                                   Cultural Intelligence And
       Hema Latha a/p              Adaptation: The Impact Of The
21.                                                                          Dr. Norizah Mustamil
       Thangavelu (CGA070116)      Anticipated Tenure Of A Cross
                                   Cultural Assignment
                                   Factors Influencing FAMILY
       Heng Chen Wearn
22.                                Business Towards Innovation In             Dr. Chan Wai Meng
                                   SMEs In Malaysia
                                   Industrial Marketing And Branding:
                                   Determinants of Brands Sensitivity
       Hong Kai Kuan               On Buyers Purchase Decision In A
23.                                                                           Dr. Norbani Che Ha
       (CGA080009)                 Business-to-Business Context – A
                                   Case Study On The Construction
                                   Material Industry In Malaysia
                                   The Role Of Internal Auditor In
       Hor Puey Wai                Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)         Dr. Nurmazilah Mahzan
       (CGA080011)                 Related Activities In A Malaysian
                                   The Effect Of Self Concept Towards
25.    Idayu Daud (CGA080073)      Purchase Behaviour In Mobile            Prof. Dr. Ainin Sulaiman
                                   Services: The Malaysian Context
                                   Recent Trends In Mergers and
       Intan Suraya Hashim
26.                                Acquisition Activities Of Firm In           Mr. Bob Boxwell
                                   Emotional Intelligence And
       Jayamalar Narayanasamy      Leadership Satisfaction. A Case
27.                                                                        Dr. Sharmila Jayasingam
       (CGA080101)                 Study In United Overseas Bank
                                   Malaysia Berhad
                                   Strategic Influence Of Islamic
28.    Jazry Zakaria (CGA090111)   Business Principles On The Growth     Prof. Dr. Mohd Nazari Ismail
                                   Of Hpa Industries
       Kamal Mohamed Saleh         Combination of Contracts In
29.                                                                            Mrs. Rosmawati
       Meyad (CGA080032)           Islamic Perspective
                                   The Effect Of High Performance
                                   Work Culture Towards Employee
                                   Recruitments, Work Place
       Khairul Rejal Zakaria
30.                                Partnership, Training Development           Dr. Angeline Tay
                                   And Performance Management And
                                   Rewards In The Logistics Company
                                   In Malaysia
                                   The Impacts Of Service Quality On
       Khoo Yen Ting                                                     A.P. Dr. Syarifah Latifah Syed
31.                                Students Enrolment In Malaysia
       (CGA070160)                                                                  A. Kadir
                                   Higher Education Sector
32.    Khor Paik Luan              The Determinants OF Product               Dr. Noor Akma Salleh
      (CGA080066)                Innovation And Its Impact To SME
                                 Firm Performance In Malaysia
                                 Consumer Decision Making Styles:
33.   Lai Fei Sin (CGA080004)    A Cross Cultural Study On Young         Prof. Dr. Md Nor Othman
                                 ADULTS Consumer In Malaysia
                                 Survival And Growth:
                                 Entrepreneurship As A Key
34.   Law Jin Wen (CGA080071)                                                  Dr. Aida Idris
                                 Determinant In Malaysian SME
                                 The Importance Of Organization
                                 Culture And Transformational
35.   Lee Mei Eng (CGA080027)                                                 Mr. Cyril Ponnu
                                 Leadership To Encourage
                                 Innovative Behaviour
                                 Hedonic House Pricing With
      Lee Soong Lim
36.                              Multiple Regression Analysis In The       Dr. Gurcharan Singh
                                 Klang Valley
      Lim Kai Hoe/               Calculating Fuel Card Customer
                                                                             Mrs. Izlin Ismail/
37.   Low Yeok Chin              Lifetime Value For A Local Oil
                                                                        Dr. Yusniza Kamarulzaman
      (CGA080067/CGA080088)      Company
                                 The Challenges Of Islamic Bank
                                 Endure With The Implementation
38.   M. Suppiah (CGA070066)                                              Dr. Sankaran Mohanan
                                 Of Capital Adequacy Standards
                                 Compared To Conventional Banks
                                 The Effect Of Relationship
                                 Marketing On Physicians
      Mahsa Ramani
39.                              Prescribing Decision And                   Dr. Norbani Che Ha
                                 Pharmacist Buying Decision In The
                                 Pharmaceutical Industry In Iran
                                 The Effect Of Employee
                                 Recognition, Employee
      Malini Rama Jayam
40.                              Engagement, Organizational And          Dr. Sharmila Jayasingam
                                 Occupational Commitment
                                 Turnover Intention In Malaysia
                                 Decision Support System
      Mansoor ali Mohamed        Application For Semi And
41.                                                                          Dr. Shamsul Bahri
      Yusoof (CGA080050)         Unstructured Decision: A Review Of
                                 Malaysia Listed Companies
                                 The Effect Of Flexible Working
                                 Hour (Flexitime) Towards
                                 Employee Work-Life Balance,
      Masyanti Mansor
42.                              Employee Morale, Employee                     Dr. Aida Idris
                                 Motivation, Employee Recruitment
                                 And Employee Retention In
                                 Malaysia Banking Industry
                                 Job Design And Work Performance
      Mazziana sharif
43.                              Among Healthcare Personnel –                Dr. Angeline Tay
                                 Government And Private Hospital
                                 Antecedents Of Online Word Of
44.   Mina Borhani (CGA080104)   Mouth: A Consumer Behaviour            Dr. Yusniza Kamarulzaman
                                 The Influence Of Logo Exposure
      Mohammad Bagheri           On Purchasing Counterfeit Luxury
45.                                                                    Dr. Syarifah Faridah Syed Alwi
      (CGA080103)                Brands: Focusing On Malaysian
                                 Consumer Values
                                 The Comparison Of Using Foreign
      Mohammadli Monshi                                                      Mrs. Izlin Ismail/
46.                              Denominated Debt (FDD) And
      (CGA080014)                                                              Mr. Shahrin
                                 Foreign Currency Derivatives (FCD)
                                 For Hedging Against Exchange
                                 Rate Fluctuations Among The
                                 Countries Of Southeast Asia
                                 Factors Influencing Customer
      Mohammed Faisal Sahar
47.                              Preferences In Selecting Fitness          A.P. Dr. Ghazali Musa
                                 Internal Audit Reporting
      Mohd Aiman Hakimi                                                   Dr. Nurmazilah Mahzan
48.                              Relationship: Malaysian Listed
      Abdullah (CGA080008)
                                 Companies Case Study
                                 The Influence of emotional
      Mohd Amifarez Hamidun
49.                              intelligence and motivation towards     Dr. Sharmila Jayasingam
                                 an individual job performance
                                 The Effect Of Perceived Value
                                                                           Dr. Tengku Mohamed
      Mohd Radi Abdullah         Towards Customer Purchase
50.                                                                            Faziharudean
      (CGA080020)                Attitude Of Bancassurance In
                                 The Impact Of Imposing Religious
                                 Criterion On Investment
      Mohd Syukry Mohd Saidein   Performance: A Comparative               Mrs. Wan Marhaini Wan
      (CGA070166)                Analysis Of The Performance Of                  Ahmad
                                 Islamic And Conventional Unit
                                 Trust Funds In Malaysia
                                 WIMAX Adoption Among Master of
52.   Ng Chin Kok (CGA060041)    Business Administration Students           Mr. Lee Sai Leong
                                 In University Of Malaya
                                 The Effect Of Macroeconomic
      Niko Karimi Shahri         Factors On Dividend Policy: Study          Dr. Nurul Shahnaz
      (CGA090059)                Of Public Listed Companies In
                                 Kecerdasan Emosi: Impaknya Ke
      Noor Diyanti Azhari
54.                              Atas Hubungan Di Antara Etika Dan          Mr. Zulkufy Ramly
                                 Komitmen Kerja
                                 Challenges And Changes Of Human
      Noor Hazera Sohri
55.                              Resource Management In Gems                   Mr. Md Said
                                 Rfid Potential Benefits For Assets
      Norfazlin Idris
56.                              Management In Malaysian                      Dr. Anna Azriati
                                 The Effect Of Leadership Style And
                                 Organizational Culture On Job
      Norhayati Mat Lui
57.                              Satisfaction And Employee                 Dr. Norizah Mustamil
                                 Commitment In Malaysia Local
      Nur Fadhli Bassar          The Selection Of Islamic Home         Dr. Zarina Zakaria/ Mr. Ahmad
      (CGA090110)                Financing In Malaysia                           Zahiruddin
                                 Motivation And Job: Employees
      Nurol Zuhaii Baharroddin
59.                              Motivation And Satisfaction In The          Dr. Sharan Kaur
                                 Workplace (Klang Valley Area)
      Poh Geong Choon
60.                              Monetary Policy And Equity Market      Dr. Edward Wong Sek Khin
                                 Takaful: A Study Of An Effective
                                 Marketing Mix To Increase
      Rabia Yeusuff              Consumer Awareness And
61.                                                                      Prof. Dr. Md Nor Othman
      (CGA080110)                Perception Of Takaful Product
                                 Among Muslim And Non-Muslim In
                                  Roles Of Human Resource
      Ramu Thangaraju
62.                               Practitioners In The Private                Dr. Chan Wai Meng
                                  Companies In Malaysia
      Sarah Sujatha a/p Krishna   Relationship Between Oil Prices To
63.                                                                            Dr. Zakiah Saleh
      (CGA080060)                 Mid Cap Price In Malaysia
                                  A Comparison Of Measures Of
                                  Hedging Effectiveness: A Case
      Seyed Hadi Mir Yazdi
64.                               Study Using The Malaysian All                 Dr. Ervina Alfan
                                  Ordinaries Share Price Index Future
                                  Security Forensic Through Log File
      Shamsul Hezri Hassan
65.                               Server – A Case Study Of TNB                  Prof. Dr. Probir
                                  Compliance For MAMPU Policy
                                  Determinants On Issues In Islamic
      Shanta Kumari a/p Veraya    Banking, Which Affect The Growth          Mrs. Wan Marhaini Wan
      (CGA050127)                 And Acceptance Of The Public In                  Ahmad
                                  Post Merger Corporate
      Shervin Shahidi Hamedani    Performance And Ownership
67.                                                                             Mr. Bob Boxwell
      (CGA080072)                 Structure Of Acquiring Firms In
                                  Different Industry In Malaysia
                                  A study of employee’s perception
                                  and adoption of Islamic human
      Siti Hajar Mohd Hussain                                            A.P. Dr. Syarifah Latifah Syed
68.                               resource practices and its effects
      (CGA090094)                                                                   A. Kadir
                                  on job satisfaction and
                                  organizational justice
                                  The Relationship Of Motivation And
      Siti Nurhanim Ayob          Job Satisfaction At The Workplace
69.                                                                             Dr. Sharan Kaur
      (CGD070016)                 (Higher Institutions) Leadership
                                  And Stress In Workplace
                                  Employees Perception On Adoption
                                  Of Flexible Working Arrangement
      Tham Yee Kuan
70.                               (FWA) On Organizational                       Mr. Cyril Ponnu
                                  Commitment And Job Retention In
                                  Marketer Perception And Consumer
      The Chye Beng               Perception Affect Customer
71.                                                                      Dr. Syarifah Faridah Syed Alwi
      (CGA080035)                 Purchase Intention To Health Food
      Vijaya a/p Velappan         An Empirical Investigation Of Credit
72.                                                                        A.P. Dr. Che Ruhana Isa
      (CGA060161)                 Card Default In Malaysia
                                  The Risk Factors Of Outsourcing
      Wael Abdulsattar Jabbar
73.                               Activities: A Study Of Malaysian           Dr. Kanagi Kanapathy
                                  Business Environment
                                  Relationship Marketing And
      Wong Siew Fong                                                         Dr. Tengku Mohamed
74.                               Customer Loyalty In Banking
      (CGA070103)                                                                Faziharudean
                                  An Analysis Of The Impact Of Price
      Yam Yew Peng                Bundling Strategy On Consumers
75.                                                                          A.P. Dr. Ghazali Musa
      (CGA090108)                 Intention To Purchase From The
                                  Service Industry Perspective
                                  Influence of green marketing on
76.   Yim Siew Mei (CGA090105)                                                Dr. Norbani Che Ha
                                  purchase intention

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