Seminar / workshop series by 9d1TKr


									      Developing partnerships
     for mental health research

Training workshops for service
  users, carers, workers and

                        Kris Atkin
                    Christine Blayney
                     Louise Bryant

Academic   Unit of Psychiatry and Behavioural   Sciences
        Why we ran the workshops

   Belief in the importance of service
    user involvement
   Capacity building
       involve service users and carers in
        future research in the Unit
       develop networks
       provide training in the research process

   Economic and Social Research
    Council (ESRC) seminar series grant

   Academic Unit of Psychiatry and
    Behavioural Sciences
   Who
       Mental health service users / survivors
       carers
       workers (paid or voluntary)
       researchers

   How we advertised
       Local voluntary groups
       Mental Health Trust
     Development and Facilitation
   Alison Faulkner (consultant)
       expert by experience
       experience of user-led research
       prior research training workshops
   Academic unit staff
       Research experience
       Teaching experience
           Course content (1)

The research process (5 workshops)
  1.   Background to service user and carer
       involvement in research
  2.   Beginning a research project
  3.   How to answer research questions
       (research methods)
  4.   Turning research findings into change
  5.   Moving forward
               Course content (2)
 Workshop speakers: users or carers with
 experience of involvement in research
1.   Developing public involvement in research (Direct Impact
     – SWYMHT)
2.   Partnership working in self-harm research (Louise
3.   Evaluating assertive outreach in Lincolnshire (Julie
     Repper, Sylvia Minshull, Su Hodgson)
4.   User focussed monitoring and change (Jon Fowler,
     Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health)
5.   The future for user led research (Peter Beresford, Brunel

   1st workshop
       11 service users
       4 carers
       12 workers
   Other workshops average 22
   More workers than users or carers
    dropped out

    Grant of £11,500 from ESRC
    Average cost of each workshop
    £2,300 (excluding AU staff costs)
       Travel/childcare expenses
       £15 for attendance
       Venue & catering
       Consultant/Trainer
       Stationery for training packs
Participant feedback forms after each
 Return rate 68-78%

   Mostly positive about course content
       increased knowledge about research
       found talks understandable
       didn’t find workshops stressful or
   Negative comments about “noisy”
    Christine Blayney

What did I learn from them as a
service user and what did they do
for me?
           Lessons learned
   Venue
       to be quiet
       breakout rooms for group discussions
   Consultant trainers
       more than one person for each
   Recruitment
       open up to researchers
       try to increase carer attendance
What happened afterwards?
   Research interest group (UCRIG)
   Dissemination
       seminar for Academic unit
       article submitted to Psychiatric Bulletin
       this presentation!
   Research projects involving users
       self harm and advocacy
       action research – role of SUIT
       doctor/patient communication

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