SC Research Centers of Economic Excellence by 6GRR8e58


									                SC Research Centers of Economic Excellence
                          Review Board Meeting
                            February 26, 2007

                               10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

                        Meridian Building, 1320 Main Street
                        17th floor-ABC Conference Rooms
                             Nelson Mullins Law Firm

1. Welcome and Introductions                                  Chairman Ben Rook

2. Consideration and Approval of the Minutes *
                                                              Chairman Ben Rook
       Minutes of October 30, 2006

3. Acknowledgement of Mr. Lightsey’s Resignation
                                                              Chairman Ben Rook
       Audit Committee Chair Replacement

4. Introduction of MUSC Endowed Professors                    President Greenberg

5. Report of the Marketing Committee *                        Ms. Paula Harper-Bethea
       Marketing Committee Activities – Clare Morris Agency Ms. Clare Morris

6. Consideration of Two Clemson Research Infrastructure
                                                              President Barker
Proposals for Recertification *
       Innovation Center at the Clemson Research Park
       Innovative Biomedicine and Bioengineering
        Research and Training Program, Patewood Campus

7. Consideration of Cost Share Valuation Policy and Cost
                                                              Dr. Gail Morrison
Share Work Group Minutes *

8. Consideration of Revisions to Program Guidelines *         Dr. Gail Morrison
       (a) 18-Month Pledge Verification Deadline Extensions
       (b) Usage of Funds for Programmatic Support Purposes
       (c) In-Kind Matches for Endowed Chairs Program

9. Consideration of Pledge Deadline Extension for Electron
                                                              Chairman Ben Rook
Imaging *
10. Consideration of the SC Light Rail Proposal *             Dr. Bill Hogue

11. Update on E-Reviews for 2007-08 proposals *               Dr. Tina Anderson

12. Update on Certification Matches and Draw Downs *          Dr. Gail Morrison

13. Update on Audit                                           Dr. Gail Morrison

14. Update on Program Accounts and Balances *                 Dr. Gail Morrison

15. Announcement of next meeting dates                        Dr. Gail Morrison
       June 18, 2007 (06-07), 10 a.m.
             MUSC, Solomon Conference Room
             125 Gazes, Thurmond/Gazes Research Building
             114 Doughty Street
             [corner of Doughty Street and Ehrhardt Street]
             Charleston, SC 29425
       August 20, 2007 (07-08)
       November 5, 2007 (07-08)
       February 11, 2008 (07-08)
       June 9, 2008 (07-08)

16. Announcement of Onsite Review Panel dates                 Dr. Gail Morrison
       May 7 — MUSC
       May 8 — USC
       May 9 — Clemson

17. Other business

                  * denotes accompanying materials (Agenda Item)

                 A working lunch will be served during the meeting.

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