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This guide aims to give a brief introduction to the Library's holdings on INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW.
Please consult the catalogue and the List of Serials displayed in the reading rooms for complete
information on current titles and locations. If you require further assistance please ask the staff at
the Enquiry Desk on the 4th floor.

The Library classifies textbooks either by jurisdiction (GO13, GA2 etc.) or according to subject area,
examples of which include Comparative Law (SB), Public International Law (SG) and Private
International Law/ Conflict of Laws (SH). Textbooks on Common Law topics for Common Law
jurisdictions (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA) are shelved in a special section (SJ)

There may be further copies of Short Loan textbooks in the Main Collections on the lower floors.
Please check the Catalogue for alternative locations.

International economic law material is shelved at                                     SG751
         Please see also FOL sections for large sized material.

Key textbooks on international economic law include:

Bossche, P. Van den         Law and policy of the World Trade Organization 2nd        SHORT LOAN
                            ed. 2008
Brownlie, I.                Principles of public international law 7th ed. 2008       SHORT LOAN
Carr, I.                    International trade law 4th ed. 2010                      SHORT LOAN
Carr, I. & Goldby, M.       International trade law: Statutes & conventions 2011-     SHORT LOAN
                            2013. 7th ed. 2012
Chuah, J.                   Law of international trade: cross-border commercial       SHORT LOAN
                            transactions 4th ed. 2009
Douglas, Z.                 International law of investment claims. 2009              SG20 DOU
Fox, H. ed.                 International economic law and developing states: An      SHORT LOAN
                            introduction 1992
Gessner, V.                 Contractual certainty in international trade: empirical   SHORT LOAN
                            studies & theoretical debates on institutional support
                            for global economic exchanges. 2009
                            Guide to GATT law and practice: Analytical index 6th      SHORT LOAN
                            ed. 1994

ICSID                       Investment laws of the world 1972-                        SG75 ICS
Lester, S. et al.           World trade law: text materials & commentary 2008         SHORT LOAN

INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW SUBJECT GUIDE                                                        PAGE   1
Jackson, J., Davey, W & Legal problems of international economic relations 5th SHORT LOAN
Sykes, A.                ed. 2008
Lowenfeld, A.           International economic law 2nd ed. 2008                SHORT LOAN

Oppenheim, L.           Oppenheim's international law: Vol. 1 Peace. ed.       SHORT LOAN
                        Jennings & Watts 9th ed. 1992
Pescatore, P. et al.    Handbook of WTO/GATT dispute settlement 1991           SHORT LOAN
Qureshi, A.H.           International economic law 2nd ed. 2007                SHORT LOAN
Qureshi, A.H.           Perspectives in international economic law 2002        SHORT LOAN
Rabalais, R. (ed.)      International regulation of finance and investment     SG75 INT
Schreuer                International investment law for the 21st century:     SG75 SCH
                        essays in honour of Christoph Schreuer. 2009
Seidl-Hohenveldern, I.  International economic law 3rd ed. 1999                SG75 SEI
Sornarajah, M.          International law on foreign investment 3rd ed. 2010   SHORT LOAN
Simma, B.               The Charter of the United Nations: commentary 2nd      SHORT LOAN
                        ed. 2002
Shihata, I.             The world bank in a changing world: selected essays    SHORT LOAN
                        1991, 1995, 2000 (3 vols.)
Spero, J & Hart, J.     The politics of international economic relations 6th   SHORT LOAN
                        ed. 2003
Trebilcock, M. & Howse, The regulation of international trade 3rd ed. 2005     SHORT LOAN
Wood, Philip            Regulation of international finance. 2nd ed. 2007      SHORT LOAN

Zamora, S. & Brand, R.    Basic documents of international economic law (2 SHORT LOAN
                          vols.) 1990

2. LIST OF SERIALS                          A selection of titles

Titles marked Electronic resource can be accessed from the catalogue (SASCAT) record
for the relevant journal.

ANTITRUST bulletin                                                             GP1.J.160
ANTITRUST law journal                                                          GP1.J.159
ARBITRATION CURRENT VOLUME ON DISPLAY RACK                                     GA2.J.76
ARBITRATION International                                                      SHORT LOAN
AUSTRALIAN year book of international law                                      SG5.J.39
BANK for International Settlements. Annual report                              FOL SG75.J.2
BANKING law journal                                                            GP1.J.319
GEORGE Washington international law review                                     SG5.J.110
JOURNAL of international economic law                                          SG75.J.82
JOURNAL of law and economics CURRENT VOLUME ON DISPLAY RACK                    GP1.J.197
JOURNAL of law, economics and organization                                     SA5.J.24
JOURNAL of world trade                                                         SG75.J.11
MINNESOTA journal of international law                                         Electronic
TRADE-MARK reporter                                                            GP1.J.299
WASHINGTON University global studies law review                                Electronic
WORLD trade review                                                             SG75.J.89

INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW SUBJECT GUIDE                                              PAGE    2
UNIVERSITY of Pennsylvania journal of international law                              SG75.J.46
WORLD competition: law and economics review                                          SG75.J.49
WORLD trade and arbitration materials                                                SG20.J.7

If you are interested in legislation or cases concerning international economic law issues in specific
countries you will need to consult the legislation or law reports for that jurisdiction.
Consult the List of Serials or the Online Catalogue to find the general classmark for the country you
require. Consult consolidations of legislation, digests or indexes to trace particular acts or cases.

These printed subject guides are all available on the IALS web site at the following address.


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