wwii lecture notes 1 7 test by S3a3DA


									                     WWII LECTURE NOTES (1-7) HISTORY TEST
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  1. Approximately how many people died in World War II?
     ___________________________________________________ .

  2. Name four specific issues that the armistice of 1918 forced:

  3. Explain what the Dawes Plan did (lecture 2).

  4. Name three geopolitical goals of Adolf Hitler (lecture 2).



  5. In what year did Hitler withdraw Germany from the Disarmament
     Conference and the League of Nations? __________________ .

  6. In 1935, Hitler said he was going to rebuild what two things?
7. Where were the 1936 Olympic Games held? And, why was that

8. In 1936 Hitler presented his economic recovery plan. He also said he
   wanted ___________ and ____________ while secretly preparing for
   war. (Lecture 3).

9. Explain what Soviet Union leaser Joseph Stalin agreed to do but only
   if France stood by its treaty obligations and responsibilities.

10. What year did Italy decide to ally with Germany? ________ .

11. By the summer of 1938, a crisis arose in the Sudetenland region of
    Czechoslovakia. Explain what ethnic Germans living in the
    Sudetenland wanted.

12. Who was the British Premier in 1938? (Lecture 4).
   _______________________________________________ .

13. He believed that Adolph Hitler was going to be ______________ .
14. What was it that he feared? Explain.

15. At the Munich Conference Hitler was convinced that the Western
   powers were ________ and ________ the __________ to _________ .

16. When did the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact occur? ________________ .

17. Why did this deal/pact make no sense?

18. What did Hitler not want to do?

19. (Lecture 5). What does the term Blitzkrieg mean?

20. What was the first military tactic of the Blitzkrieg? (Circle one)

    Infantry attack       Luftwaffe (air) attack     Panzer Tank attack

21. What German General designed the Blitzkrieg plan?
   _______________________________________________________ .

22. What country was the Blitz intended for? _________________ .
23. Between November 1939 and February 1940, what did Hitler
   attempt to do? Explain.

24.        Who won the Russo-Finnish War? ___________________ .

25.        Explain what the Maginot Mentality by the French emphasized:

26.        Explain what the Gamelin Plan did.

27. Explain ‘possible’ reasons why Hitler ordered tank division led by
   Rommel and Guderin to stop 15 miles from Dunkirk, where British
   forces were trapped?

28.        How many British troops were evacuated from Dunkirk
      between May 26 and June 4, 1940?
29.     What was the name of the German plan for invading England?
   Lecture 7). ________________________________ .

30.     What three military tactics did British leader Winston Churchill
   and British military planners hope would work to halt the Germans?

31. RAF stands for what?

32.Invading England would pose problems for Germany. Explain two
   problems for their military planners.

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