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Lifelong Learning Anywhere by 6GRR8e58


									                            Lifelong Learning Anywhere
                   Continuing Professional Development/Graduate Studies Electives

                          Spring Term, May - June 2011 (8 Weeks)

Come learn with us! These courses are open to occupational therapists, health
professionals and graduate students. All courses are fully online so you can study
from anywhere. Click on the links for more information.

Advanced Data Analysis - OCCU 6502. Do you already know the basics about qualitative
research? Are you working on a qualitative research project and thinking about how you will
analyze your data? This course is for you. Learn the methodologies, techniques and theories for
analyzing qualitative data collected from diverse groups. Explore how issues of disability/ability,
age, culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status/poverty and other social
differences inform how we know, do, and think about qualitative data analysis. Learn how to
critically assess the thinking and reasoning that underpin different approaches to qualitative

Advancing Vocational Rehabilitation Through Critical Occupational Analysis - OCCU 6503. Are
you interested in vocational rehabilitation? Do you want to learn more about analyzing jobs and
workplaces? Are you curious about best approaches to workplace analyses? Do you want to take
a more client-centred, evidence-based approach to return to work issues? Then this course is for

Measuring Health Outcomes - OCCU 6504. Do you ever wonder whether your practice is actually
affecting patient/client outcomes? What kinds of evidence of impact would you find trustworthy?
Do you ever feel certain your work with a client/patient is making a positive difference, but feel
uncertain about how to measure or document those outcomes? How good are the tests and
questionnaires used to measure change and improvement, in practice and in research? Explore
these questions and more by taking this course.

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