Effects of Planets in Venus by nandchopra


The notion that astrologers can unfold lives and reveal what waits at the next bend is a thought that comes to all and populist claims have inspired the author to come up with a series of books that will discuss the various aspects in astrology, putting together the research and findings by various groups and the experience gained during his journey. The purpose of the encyclopedia is an attempt to put a clear understanding of the process of astrology, taking into account the first basic principles and dealing with different topics. The encyclopedia which would consist of over eighteen books, is intended to be brought out over a period of two years. These would cover the basics in astrology and then go on to the predictive techniques, the nadi astrology, tajik, yogas, nakshatras, rectification of birth time, vargas, dashas, mundane prashna, muhurta, remedy and other aspects of interest. The advantage of this would be that both students and those who want to pursue research can progress the understanding of this science in a systematic manner. Also the complete set will be of great value to those in India and abroad who want to understand various levels and will give them the flexibility of dwelling into the complexities in a coherent manner. With the growing interest to learn this science in various countries, the readers there will find this series of books very useful.
This is the first book in the series and is the most important. The foundation is based on the principles of basic astrology propounded by various schools of thought. The book covers signs, their impact, the planetary impact in each sign, the role of depositors, details on each planet and their relationship when in aspect and in the divisional charts as also the complexities they can pose. This book attempts at conveying that the basic importance has to be given to the planets, their placement and various relationship as a result of the same. The yogas, dasha, nakshatras etc. will be dealt in the ot

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									Effects of Planets in Venus

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

P-1- If Venus is in Ascendant, the native will possess beautiful eyes, face and physique, be happy,
long-lived, timid and attractive to females.

Aptitude for mathematics, long life, fond of partner and luxuries of life, sex craze, interested in art.

P-2- If Venus is in the 2nd, the native will enjoy abundant food, drinks and wealth, will derive excellent
pleasures, be endowed with good speech and will amass great wealth.

Good looks, large family, good food and good partner, good manners, good educations, writer of
books, poetic nature.

P-3- If Venus occupies the 3rd, the native will be happy, rich, conquered by women, be vile, little
enthusiastic and will be bereft of luck and paraphernalia.

Lucky brothers, helping others, hoarding of money, Healthy.

P-4- If Venus occupies the 4th, the native will be endowed with relatives, friends and happiness, be
splendourous, will have conveyances and paraphernalia, be beautiful, rich and fortunate.

Learned, more eating, high intelligent, understanding mother, more property, popular, highly

P-5- If Venus is posited in the 5th, the native will be endowed with happiness, sons and friends, be
fond of sexual union, be very affluent, full of everything and be a minister, or a justice.

Highly intellectual, high statesmen ship quality, many children, mainly daughters, highly educated.

P-6- If Venus occupies the 6th, the native will greatly dislike his wife, will have many foes, be devoid
of wealth, be very much startled and be mean.
No enemies, very licentious, some sexual, well informed, fond of other sex, will have grand children.

P-7- If Venus occupies the 7th, the native will be very beautiful, be happy with his wife, will enjoy
great riches, be devoid of quarrels and be fortunate.

Sickly, thoroughly licentious, many sex complaints, wealthy, fond of other sex.

P-8- If Venus is in the 8th, the native will be long-lived, will enjoy incomparable happiness, be very
rich, be equal to a king and moment after moment will feel delighted.

Mother short lived, very happy, very famous, short life, very pious, wealthy.

P-9- If Venus occupies the 9th, the native will possess a spotless and broad physique, be endowed
with wealth, charitable, wife, sexual pleasures and friendship and will honour Gods, guests and
preceptors or elders.

Highly religious, respect for elders, good business, capable.

P-10- Should Venus occupy the 10th, the native will earn success in litigations and will be endowed
with happiness, sexual unions, honour, wealth, fame and great wisdom.

Break in education, religious, good conveyance, few elder brothers, success in legal line.

P-11- If Venus is positioned in 11th, the native will have obedient servants, be bereft of all kinds of
misery and will gain abundantly.

Highly learned, wealthy, landed property, vehicular comfort.

P-12- Should Venus be in 12th, the native will be indolent, happy, corpulent, fallen in moral sense, will
eat cleansed food, will be skilful in providing sleeping comforts and attendants and will be won over by
Fond of other, sex, wealthy, miserly, materially highly successful, life of pleasure and luxuries.


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