Healthy Communities � Meeting the Shared Challenge

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					Glasgow Health Commission

      22 September 2008
Community Health Exchange – CHEX
• Scottish Community Development Centre & funded by
  NHS Health Scotland
• Supports community development approaches to health
• Supports a network of Community Health Projects,
  Healthy Living Centres & Community Organisations with
  a health focus
• Four functions
   –   Policy Engagement
   –   Practice Development     
   –   Strengthen Networks & Networking
   –   Information Provision
               Community-led health –
                A working Definition

‘A community-led approach to health improvement is concerned with supporting
communities experiencing disadvantage and poor health to identify and define what
is important to them about their health and wellbeing and work alongside them to
take the lead in identifying and implementing solutions. The Community is a focus
of, and mechanism for, change rather than being a setting for health practice.’
  Community-led health approach
Commitment to:
   • Personal empowerment
   • Collective empowerment
   • Capacity building
   • Organising & harnessing
     communities’ skills,
     knowledge, expertise and
Meeting high level health outcomes
• Involvement in walking groups leading to
  increased physical activity
• Involvement in community food outlets
  leading to healthier eating and tackling
• Involvement in parenting groups leading to
  improved early years experience
• Involvement in stress centres leading to
  improved mental health and well-being
• Involvement in use of alcohol which leads
  to young people getting involved in a wide
  range social activities.
  Community-led health also leads to
         other outcomes
• Social – social networks are established
  that share information, resources, ideas
  and solutions
• Economic – economic skills can be
  developed through social enterprises
  e.g. community transport project
• Enhanced relationships between health
  professionals and community leading to
  partnership working and joint solutions
• Enhanced democratic processes leading
  to enhanced engagement with
  politicians and policy makers
  Issues for Community Led Health in
• Need for increased community development work in Glasgow so that
  individuals can make a difference to the health of their communities.
• Recognition for the expertise of CHIs
• Increased transparency in funding decisions
• Improved understanding, better relationships and recognition that
  addressing health inequalities is a shared agenda
• Funding CHI’s to work not simply on service delivery but tackling peoples
  life circumstances ie wider determinants of health in issues like poverty,
  housing and employment
Meeting the Shared Challenge
   National Programme
                 The purpose
• To support improved engagement between public
  bodies and communities
• To develop the capacity of both to make engagement
  effective and productive.
• To encourage awareness and use of Task group
• To promote and sustain their use at a local and
  regional partnership level
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