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									Mental Health
Main article: Mental Health.
And mental health can be seen as a very important factor in the physical
health of their effects on the body's functions. This kind of emotional
health for the well-being and cognitive disorder or lack of mental2.
World Health Organization (WHO) defines mental health as "a state of
well-being which the individual perceives his own abilities, and can deal
with the stress of everyday life, and capable of contributing to society
fifty" 3. There is no official definition for mental health. There are
different types of mental health problems, and some are common, such
as depression and anxiety disorders, and others. Is common, such as
schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
Determinants of health

Cleanliness is a set of behaviors that contribute to maintaining healthy
people. Ask to be able to distinguish between the good microbes, such as
those who are or may become a nurse in certain circumstances, that the
health conditions seek to make less likely, less frequent or deleted.
Afternoon hygienist short-term effectiveness is indisputable, and
heightened sensitivity, and autoimmune diseases, antimicrobial
resistance and acquired diseases of concern. A fair balance between
exposure to risk research and current medical solutions difficult in the
context of the increased exposure to complex cocktails pollutants
(especially pesticides) and hormone imbalance, and societal changes of
the global climate (see risk emerging diseases, and B, and the risk of
bioterrorism animal)..
Hospital infection control at the hospital, or against food borne disease,
for example, was founded after the discovery of sterility under the
influence Semmelweiss Ignal or Louis Pasteur. And individual and
collective behavior are of paramount importance in the fight against
epidemics or pandemics.
This discipline aimed at controlling environmental factors that can
contribute to poor health, such as pollution, with the paradox of
management issues, for example, seems a paradox improved hygiene
and encouraged the re-emergence of diseases such as polio and various
autoimmune diseases and allergies.
Closely linked to several risk factors for lifestyle. Personal care, physical
activity, diet, and work, and addiction problems, and in particular, have
an overall impact on the health of individuals.

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