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									                                              Office of Economic Opportunity
                                                      Monitoring Tool
                                               Community Action Programs

    Grantee Name: _____________________________________Date__________________

    State Office Staff: _________________________________________________________

    Names and Titles of Grantee Staff Present:

    Name ________________________________________Title _____________________

    Name ________________________________________Title _____________________

    Name ________________________________________Title _____________________

    Name ________________________________________Title _____________________

    Name ________________________________________Title _____________________

    Name ________________________________________Title _____________________

    Name ________________________________________Title _____________________

    Name ________________________________________Title _____________________

S:Antipoverty/Monitoring/Monitoring Tools/2010 monitoring form-ARRA            September, 2009
                                           Office of Economic Opportunity
                                       Monitoring Tool for COMMUNITY ACTION

Purpose and Scope of the Monitoring Visit

The Monitoring Visit serves three general purposes: to foster a partnership approach to the monitoring process
through an open discussion between the state office staff and the grantee staff, to gain a general overview, or
"big picture," of the grantee’s work and to verify compliance with funding source rules and regulations.

   1. Date of most recent agency-wide community assessment:__________________________

    Top 3 priority areas identified by Community Assessment:

2. How is your work-plan meeting the needs of the community including Recovery Act projects? Describe
activity strengths and areas to improve.

3. Please describe your agency’s coordination and collaboration, including coordination with other ARRA funds
both within the agency and in the larger community.

4. Have there been any major changes (e.g. staff or board changes) in the past year? If so, what has been
their significance?

5. What system(s) do you use to collect client information for the CSBG-IS report? Describe how your agency
uses Visions for benefit enrollment coordination activities for purposes of identifying and enrolling eligible
individuals and families in benefit programs.

         a. Other Benefit Enrollment Activities

6. How has the agency incorporated Outcome thinking (ROMA) into the various aspects of the agency
including the Board of Directors, Program Improvement, Management and, Planning?

S:Antipoverty/Monitoring/Monitoring Tools/2010 monitoring form-ARRA                        September, 2009
6a. How many participants will be assessed using the SRAS this year? ______

7. Describe how fiscal systems support the delivery of services in the agency.

8. What efforts does the agency employ to inform participants of Food Support (AKA-food stamps) and other
helping programs?

9. Is the Board fully seated? Y N # & sector of open slots __________________________

10. Describe how the board meets the statutory requirement to fully participate in the development,
   planning and implementation, and evaluation of agency programs to serve low-income communities.

11. Federal law requires that people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) can receive,
free of charge, the language assistance necessary to afford them meaningful access to agency services.
List all languages spoken by people accessing services provided by the agency:

12. How does your agency ensure that services are provided in a manner that is sensitive and respectful of the
cultural and other differences of participants?

13. Is there anything that OEO can do to help you be more successful?



14. Is there anything else you would like to talk about today?

OEO staff follow-up required? _____Yes _____No

Thank you for taking time to meet with me, I have appreciated hearing about your work with families in

S:Antipoverty/Monitoring/Monitoring Tools/2010 monitoring form-ARRA                       September, 2009

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