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Task 6 P2D2


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									BTEC National Extended Diploma in IT, 2010/11
Unit 29: Installing and Upgrading Software

Evidence for: Task-6a) Plan a new software installation and upgrade of an existing software
Criteria P2 - Describe the potential risks of installing or upgrading software

Criteria: D2 - evaluate the risks involved in the installation or upgrade of software and explain how the risks could be minimised.

Student name: Muhammad Yasir Uddin

Risk                           Description of risk                  How significant is the risk?       What can be done to minimise the

Loss of service                Loss of service happens when         This risk is fairly significant.   We can minimize the risks if we
                               computers are no longer in                                              take certain steps like backing
                               service. This kind of risks can be                                      up the systems may help us to
                               internal or external.                                                   restore the data.
                               Loss of service can also be
                               define as no updates or no                                              In other meaning the loss of
                               customer services if we take an                                         service can be referred as less
                               example of Windows XP the                                               updates and customer services
                               Microsoft is cutting off their                                          as compared to newer windows.
                               services for Windows XP this                                            We can minimize this type of
                               year, pushing their customer to                                         risk by upgrading our current
                               use more advance version of                                             software to the latest one to get
                               windows such as windows 7                                               all the services and updates
                                                                                                       available to that software.

Id: S45224225
Tutor: Paul, Dr.Bahman
BTEC National Extended Diploma in IT, 2010/11
Unit 29: Installing and Upgrading Software

Incompatibility issues         This risk happen when hardware   This is very common risk in      It can be easily minimize just by
                               and software doesn’t match the   computer systems usually occur   installing or upgrading
                               specific requirements. Example   when the user doesn’t read the   compatible software and
                               a software doesn’t work in       system or software               hardwares. Before installing
                               Windows XP but it works on       requirements.                    user has to know the
                               Windows 7.                                                        specifications of it.

Performance loss               One of the main risks can be a   This risk can be severely        In order to minimize this risk we
                               performance slow down when       significant because it makes     have to check the space
                               we update or install new         your whole computer system       available in the hard disk and
                               software in a computer system.   slowdown.                        we have to check the
                               The software may use more                                         requirements such as if the
                               memory as compared to its                                         software needs more ram then
                               older versions. Example the                                       we have to add more ram into
                               Adobe Photoshop CS3 requires                                      the computer system.
                               less memory then its latest
                               version the CS5.

Id: S45224225
Tutor: Paul, Dr.Bahman

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