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									          Simple steps to make your PC faster, more secure and more efficient

1.       Protect your computer:

An anti virus is software that helps you to remove viruses from the PC. Antivirus
software scans files on your computer’s memory for certain patterns that may
indicate an infection, the pattern it looks for are based in signatures or definitions of
known viruses. We need to search for a kind of antivirus that has lot more features
than just removing virus because now days there are lots of malwares and spyware
than viruses. In order to deal with that I would recommend Microsoft Security

Use an antivirus that has the following features: n

        Firewall.
        Real-Time Protection against viruses, spyware, malware and adware.
        Can be updated easily and on daily routine.
        Fast and has low resource consumption.

By using the antivirus software we can improve the computer performance because
there are some viruses that make your computer slower by the time the antivirus
software removes that kind of virus thus makes your computer more efficient.

2.       Clean up your Space:

The disk clean up tool helps you to free your hard disk space to improve the
performance of your computer. It is used to clean old temp files, history, cookies and
much more. This utility software helps to remove old windows installation files and
old system restores.
    Use Disk Clean up to:

        Remove temporary Internet files.

        Remove downloaded program files (such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java

        Remove Windows temporary files such as error reports.

        Remove optional Windows components that you don't use.

         By Using Disk Clean up utilities it gives your computer more space to work on and
         we have larger area to moves files. It makes your computer faster and responsive
         and it takes less time to search.

    3.       Defragment Your Hard Drive:

    It is the most important utility in computer. It is use to re arrange old moveable file
    clusters simply knows as bad sectors or fragmented files and put them in correct
    order so the hard disk read/write head can easily access them without have to
    search them slowly. While doing this we can make our PC more efficient because it
    removes fragmented or unbroken files on the hard disk and compress all your data

    4.       Start From Scratch:

    You can Format hard disk with any file system. By using this utility we can erase all
    data on that specific hard drive. Just right click on the drive and select Format this
    drive. It will lead you to Quick Format is change the file system and change the
    allocation table size. By doing so it will remove all fragmented files and any corrupted
    files or viruses if you have any in your computer and your hard disk will be faster as
    new thus your computer will perform more efficiently and you will see boost in
5.   Backing Up the Files:

Back up process helps you to save all of your data in one place so if your computer
gets corrupted or hard disk gets damage by any means you may able to restore it.
You can recover all the lost or damage files.

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