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									                  October 13, 2010

                  TO:                   Parents, Community Based Organizations, and School Staff

                  FROM:                 Tatum Wilson
                                        Families & Youth in Transition Liaison

                  SUBJECT:              Qualify for Free Breakfast and Lunch Meals

                  The Families & Youth in Transition (FYIT) Program provides services for transition (homeless)
                  students to enroll, attend, and succeed in school.

                  To be eligible for the FYIT Program, the student must lack a fixed, regular, and adequate
                  nighttime residence and residing in one of the following living situations:
                      Shelter
                      Transitional living facility
                      Motel/ single room occupancy hotel (SRO) which has a communal bathroom and kitchen
                      Doubled-up/tripled up living situation which is an apartment/house with more than one
                         family because of economic hardship or loss
                      Abandoned building, car, campground, or on the street
                      Substandard housing lacking electricity, water, or heat

                  One of the services these students are eligible for is free breakfast and lunch meals. Parents are
                  not required to complete the application form. In order to receive free meals, they must inform
                  the FYIT Liaison of being in transition (homeless) on the first day of school.

                  Parents, community based organizations, or school staff should:
                      Contact the FYIT Liaison at 695-5501x13030 or
                      Provide the student’s name, HO number, school’s name, and grade
                      Inform the FYIT Liaison the student is in transition (homeless)

                  Thank you for your assistance in providing free meals to transition students.

Student Support Services – Families & Youth In Transition Program   555 Portola Dr., Rm. 1, SF, CA 94131   T 415-695-5543   F 415-695-5565   WWW.SFUSD.EDU

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