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									Honors Biology period three                         Brooke Kohler & Ashley Reed

Green Sea Turtle
Must Have:                            Space for

          Scientific Name             Chelonia mydas
          Common Name(s)
                                      Sea turtle, green
          At least 2 pictures

Status (choose appropriate            Status: U.S. - Listed as Endangered (in danger of
                                      extinction within the foreseeable future) under the
status level)                         U.S. Federal Endangered Species Act. International -
                                      Listed as Endangered (facing a very high risk of
                                      extinction in the wild in the near future) by the
          Extinct                     International Union for Conservation of Nature and
          Threatened                  Natural Resources.
          Endangered                  Population Estimate*: 88,520 nesting females
          Quantitative                Weight: Adult weigh between 300 to 400


          Region                      Southeastern part of the
          State                       U.S Florida
          Describe habitat rather     Mainly stay near the coastline and around
          thoroughly                  islands and live in bays and protected
                  Abiotic factors     shores, especially in areas with seagrass
                  Biotic factors      beds. Rarely are they observed in the open

Niche                                  Green turtles nest at intervals of 2, 3, or more
                                      years, with wide year-to-year fluctuations in
                                      numbers of nesting females. Nests between 3 to
          Life cycle
                                      5 times per season. Lays an average of 115 eggs
          Reproductive patterns       in each nest, with the eggs incubating for about
          Feeding relationships (2    60 days. Changes significantly during its life.
          chains, 1 web)              When less than 8 to 10 inches in length eat
          What parts of the habitat   worms, young crustaceans, aquatic insects,
          enables(d) the organism     grasses and algae. Once green turtles reach 8 to
          to live the way it          10 inches in length, they mostly eat sea grass
does/did?           and algae, the only sea turtle that is strictly
Etc                 herbivorous as an adult. Their jaws are finely
                    serrated which aids them in tearing vegetation

            Biome(s)                              Marine biome

                                                 Have map saved
            Get an online map and
            show where the organism
            can be found on the map by
            highlighting or shading a
            largely transparent
            autoshape placed in front of
            the map or scanning an
            image of a printed and
            shaded map

            Natural Assistance and                Turtle eats algae or green plants, limu, worms,
                                                 sea grass, sea weed, crabs, shrimp, jellyfish,
            Challenges                           snails. Once it’s decomposed something feeds
                                                 on it but is not known. Symbiotic relationships
                   Predator/prey                 are corals and coral reefs
                   Symbiotic relationships
                   Natural factors that limit
                   population growth

            Human Interventions as
            Assistance or Challenges

                   What types of human
                   activities may have           Over-exploration of eggs and meats
                   caused this organism to
                                                 as a food source, mortality from
                   endangered/threatened         fishing operations and dredging,
                   extinct?                      and habitat disturbance has caused
                   What other alternatives       them to become endangered.
                   existed to achieve the
                   humans’ goal in another
                   What are the benefits
                   and drawbacks of
                   pursuing the identified
                   What would have been
                   the likely outcome for
                   your organism?

                              Attempt to identify how
                              this organism became
                              recognized as
                              Why does this matter to
                              humans? On a personal
                              level? On a global level?
                              What are the
                              benefits/costs to humans
                              of taking an active role
                              to preserve this

                    If you could propose a                Dear Readers,
                    course of action with regard
                    to the preservation (or not)               I am researching a green sea
                    of this organism, what                turtle. We learned that it was an
                    would you suggest? Write              endangered species. It’s in danger
                    up a brief proposal in the            of extinction within the foreseeable
                    form of a letter or                   future. Over-exploration of eggs
                    recommendation providing              and meats as a food source,
                    insight into the status of            mortality from fishing operations
                    your organism, your                   and dredging, and habitat
                    proposed course of action,            disturbance has caused them to
                    and the rationale (reason)            become endangered. I feel we
                    for your answer. (Support             could stop people from fishing and
                    your answer with scientific           try to put more meet in there habit.
                    or economic facts, if you             If everyone works together then we
                    include opinion, be sure              can make a difference in the green
                    that you have facts to                sea turtles life, then move on to the
                    support your opinion).                next endangered species.

                    References for all pictures           My references are in my work.
                    and quotes and information  

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