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									                                             Markville Secondary School Geography Department
                                                                     Grade 12 Canadian and World Issues
                                                   RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK, CURRENT NEWS ASSIGNMENT
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                             EXPECTATIONS: HEV.01, GCV.01, GCV.02, GCV.03, UCV.03GIV.01, GIV.02, GIV.03, UC2.03, UC3.02

Based on the country you have selected from the list provided, pick an issue that is of national or
international significance. The issue MUST BE CURRENT and can be related to social, cultural, political,
economic and/or environmental issues facing the country. You will then research the issue and an
organization that is addressing the issue. Finally, you will prepare a summary and presentation to educate
the class on your country and issue. The presentation must be interactive and include two critical
discussion questions for your peers.

 Research the country you have selected and find the following information:
       Location of country/capital on the world                       Main languages and religion(s)
        map                                                            Type of government
       Country population                                             Country leader biography
       HDI Ranking and explanation                                    Stakeholders in the issue
   Locate and read two current (within the last two weeks) articles on the country that discuss the issue.

 Research an organization that is doing something to address the issue. Become familiar with the
   organization’s mission and activities in your country.
 Find an article from the organization website which shows what the organization is doing about your
 Be sure to include the contact information of the organization (website, email, or phone).

 Write a two page summary (typed, double-spaced) which includes the following information:
Page 1:                                         Page 2
 Key facts and stakeholders in the issue        Summary of the organization
 Identification of the causes                   Current projects/strategies being used to
 Identification of impacts                         address the issue
 Geographic connections                         Other possible solutions. Be realistic!
 Bias identification

PRESENTATION: (8-10 minutes)
On the day your current event is due, you will introduce your country, provide a summary of the
issue/event and discuss what your organization is doing to address the issue. Presentations must have a
multimedia component (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc).

During your presentation, be sure to:
 Locate the country on the world map and present basic country information (Part A)
 Present the current issue and discuss the articles you have chosen, including any bias
 Introduce the organization addressing your issue/event and TELL US HOW WE CAN HELP! (Part B)
 Prepare two critical discussion questions for the class

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 A copy of the three (two about the issue, one from organization) articles used with full references
   (name of publication, date, page number)
 Two page typed, double-spaced summary (name on each page)
 Organization contact information
 A bibliography in a recognized format (MLA, APA, Chicago etc)
 Submission of your multimedia presentation to the class moodle

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