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					        Junior Advisor – Economic Development (Non Timber Forest Product)

SNV is a Netherlands based international organization that works across the world – in 33 countries in Africa,
Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The East and Southern Africa Region of SNV includes the Democratic
Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and
Zimbabwe. The emphasis of our work is on poverty alleviation through (1) increasing Production, Income and
Employment (PIE) and (2) increasing access to Basic Services (BASE) in the sectors of Water, Sanitation &
Hygiene (WaSH), Education, Health and Renewable Energy.

SNV has been working in Southern Sudan since 2005. The emphasis of our work is poverty alleviation and
economic development through improved access to basic services and markets, and improved production,
income and employment. To achieve this we provide advisory, knowledge-brokering and training services to
local, state and national government departments, local and community organizations and the private sector, in
the education, water, hygiene and sanitation, non-timber forest products (NTPF) and livestock sectors. We work
to improve local organisational capacity and to strengthen public sector responsiveness to civil society.

SNV Sudan has a team of advisors based in Kapoeta, Eastern Equatoria State; during 2009 advisory work will
also take place in Upper Nile State and Juba, Central Equatoria. South Sudan is endowed with abundant natural
resources. Many indigenous trees are valuable sources of timber, essential oils and food products.

In Eastern Equatoria State (EES), gum arabic, shea nut, and honey are some of the Non Timber Forest Products
on which more than 60% of the households have relied on for livelihoods purposes during the war period. These
products continue to provide valuable resources of nutrition and/or important supplementary cash to
households. SNV aims to increase production and marketing of these NTFPs to provide additional incomes to
rural households.
SNV is also working to support an emerging private sector, local authorities and local service providers to
enhance NTFP production and marketing in Southern Sudan. Linkage to the national level is guaranteed by SNV
national team, while regional networks are facilitating in collaboration with other SNV Countries (Kenya,
Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda).

In order to strengthen the implementation of the NTFP sector, we are looking for a junior advisor with a
background in business development and marketing.

Main responsibilities:

   Translate SNVs South Sudan strategy in the NTPF sector into tangible activities; evolve a value chain, and
    develop support activities with a wide range of actors with the aim of creating income and marketing
    opportunities for small-scale producers.
   Ensure updated information about market developments in the value chain and an ongoing analysis of
    market trends; identify, together with all relevant stakeholders and through a participatory process, critical
    constraints and promising opportunities in order to improve the functioning of the value chain,
   Identity key stakeholders and actors in the value chain and support initiatives to establish market linkages,
    networks and partnerships between them.
   Develop capacity of smalholder producers, community based organizations, local authorities and
    government, from grassroots’ (boma) level to county level, in order to improve service delivery and
   Support the actors/stakeholders in the selected value chain, in a facilitative and advisory role, to identify
    and select a number of value chain interventions to be undertaken.
   Be instrumental in the promotion of linkages to markets; collect and analyse data on specific markets, and
    translate results into relevant information for decision-making by the actors at the various levels.
   Document results, including the process followed and the support supplied by SNV, and present study and
    research findings at relevant fora.


Education: A first Degree in Agriculture. Agricultural Economics, Natural Resources Management, Forestry or
Business Administration.

Work Experience: At least 2 years work experience in government, NGOs, and private sector in areas of
livelihoods improvement, business and market linkages, community-based natural resource management.
Experience of working with NTFP and agricultural value chains is added advantage. Relevant track record of
working in developing countries.

Specific knowledge : knowledge of NTFP markets, knowledge of value chain approaches to economic
development; understanding of different approaches to organizational development and change management;
experience with relevant facilitation techniques to implement the approaches; knowledge of national strategies
for poverty alleviation and rural economic development; understanding of community development and small
business development processes, and understanding of empowerment principles, economic governance,
approaches in gender , social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Skills: Good analytical skills, innovative, result oriented, ability to influence others, able to work independently
as well as in a team, networking abilities, good writing and communication skills and business ability.

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