REVISED REMIT

1      The purpose of the Edinburgh Business Assembly shall be to provide a
       means for ongoing dialogue between the City of Edinburgh Council and the
       city’s business community, to ensure that the Council’s economic
       development policy and activities are sensitive to the needs of business.

2      The Assembly will monitor, provide advice on and, where appropriate take
       action in support of the objectives contained within the Council’s Economic
       Development Plan, which provides a clear strategic framework, alongside
       short term objectives and actions, to ensure that the city region achieves its
       ambition of becoming the most sustainable city region in Northern Europe by

3      The Assembly will provide a strategic focus in considering the issues of
       common interest for the future development of Edinburgh and its immediate
       surrounding city region.

4      It will provide a means for the business community to exchange views with the
       Council on options for the future development of the city. It will also provide
       scope for the business community to raise other issues of concern.

5      The Assembly will use its influence to join with the Council to provide a
       coherent approach to any actions, lobbying and other agreed activities.

6      The Assembly will operate within the Council’s transparent approach, which is
       supportive of business growth and development.

7      The Assembly will normally meet four times a year. It can also function as a
       ‘virtual assembly’ which will offer scope for consultation and dialogue through
       electronic communication on major issues as and when they arise.

8      Membership of the Assembly shall be drawn from a cross section of the
       different business sectors in the city. Membership will be reviewed regularly.

Brendan Dick
The Edinburgh Business Assembly
January 2009


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