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					         MONUMENTS TELL…
              ZLATOUST / RUSSIA

 Presentation by Grade 8 students

School No 10 Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
Grade 8 students and Ioan Zlatoust

                                         provincial, aged
                                      charming, caring, loving
                                         a town we live in
                                             our home

                            People say the city was named after the
                             saint Ioan Zlatoust. You can see some of
                             these monuments in this presentation. There
                             are really lots of monuments worth seeing in
                             our city of Zlatoust.
                            We love our city and we want to learn more
                             about it’s history and the people who have
                             made it famous both in our country and
                            We do not only learn about our history, we
                             also want make friends with boys and girls in
                             other countries and get to know about their
                             country and home place. We are proud to
                             tell them that we live in Zlatoust, to tell about
                             our country, it’s history and traditions.
                            We hope you will like our contribution to
                             understand different cultures better.
                             Anna, Julia, Mark
                          ZLATOUST * RUSSIA

   Zlatoust is a city in western Russia, in western
    Chelyabinsk Oblast, about 115 km (about 70
    mi) west of the oblast capital, Chelyabinsk.
    Zlatoust is located in the southern part of the
    Ural Mountains. The city’s economy is primarily
    focused on metallurgical industries specializing
    in high quality steel. Other industries produce
    clocks, construction materials, clothing, and
    meat and dairy products.
   There are many educational institutions ranging
    from kindergartens to universities. The local
    history museum and a drama theater are
    located in the city.
   Zlatoust is known for its engraved metal
    weaponry from the 19th century. Zlatoust was
    founded as a factory town in 1754 with the
    establishment of the Zlatoust Mechanical
    Ironworks. It became the administrative center
    for Zlatoust District in 1865.
   The city is connected by rail and highway to the
    cities of Ufa and Chelyabinsk and by highway to
   Between 1989 and 1993 the population in
    Zlatoust decreased after decades of growth,
    most likely because of economic difficulties
    facing heavy industry. Population185000.
Pavel Anossov - discoverer of the secret
of the damask

                             Everyone in Zlatoust is proud of
                              people who were important for our
                              history. One of the most
                              distinguished personalities was
                              Pavel Anossov. He was a scientist
                              who made a great contribution to
                              the science of high quality steel – he
                              spent 10 years of his life to discover
                              the secret of the damask. He is
                              known to be the first expert to use a
                              microscope for discovering the
                              secrets of the steel structure.
                             Pavel Anossov (1799-1851) lived
                              and worked for about 30 years in
                              Zlatoust; he was the chief officer
                              appointed by the Russian czar to be
                              in charge for developing of the steel
                              industry in the Urals in the XIX
Ivan Bushuyev – developer of the Zlatoust
steel engraving

   Zlatoust steel engraving is a unique
    technique of decorating of swords with
    engraved patterns. This art was
    introduced to Russia by craftsmen who
    came to this place from Germany.
    They practiced the art of decorating of
    cold steel like swords and sabers.

   One of their local apprentices named
    Ivan Bushuyev was the first who
    developed and applied unique
    techniques of decorating of swords
    with engraved patterns. His favorite
    pattern was that of the winged horse
   On May 13,1966 the image of a flying
    winged horse has been approved as
    the main part of the city’s emblem.
From our history

   Zlatoust is known for its weaponry
    from the 19th century. The town of
    Zlatoust was one of the most
    important industrial centers in the
    Ural district and even in all Russia.
    In May 1898 the 8 hour work shift
    was introduced in some workshops
    of Zlatoust. Working men struggled
    for better living conditions and here
    is the site of a massacre of striking
    workers by the tsarist authorities in
    March 1903.

   In the Civil War of 1918-1919 many
    workers took to the arms to fight for
    better life and fell in battles a victim
    to fratricide.
World War II

   In hard years of World War II more
    that 30,000 men and women
    volunteered to defend their
    motherland and took part in the field
    of action. Over 9,000 of these
    heroes never came back to their

   Nevertheless, steelworks and
    machine building plans of Zlatoust
    kept producing armory for the front.
    Only elderly women and men and
    minor teenagers were in the
    workshops at that time who worked
    overtimes to provide the Army in the
    Field with ammunition and other
Places to go for a walk

   Zlatoust is very attractive both for its residents and visitors. If you come there
    you will be shown a lot of historical monuments, museums which you will admire
    definitely. You may be also taken to the Exhibition hall or to the Drama theatre.
    And what impresses the visitors most is the unique scenery.
   It is frosty and snowy here in the winter but in the summer in the mild and sunny
    afternoon you can enjoy a nice walk around the parks of the city.

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