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					                                                                              By Melissa G.

            The Gardens of Beauty. That is what the                        In 1859, the present day garden was founded
    Botanic Garden in Singapore is. From the grand                 by the Agri Horticultural Society. Until the Society
    white pearly gates to the rain forest, it is all very          gave the park to the government in 1879, the garden
    beautiful. At 52 hectares, it is one of the worlds’            was used as a leisure park and an ornamental group.
 largest botanical garden. Once you pass through the                 In 1888, the first administrator, Henry Nicholas
 gates, the first attraction is the Swan Lake. There is                Ridley spent the next 23 years, [into the 20th
      an Orchid Garden, Evolution Garden, Ginger                   century] improvising the garden and making it into,
    Garden, and a miniature rain forest. The Orchid                 a leading Botanical Garden. In 1996, the National
    Garden is three hectares. It has more than 1,000               Park Board and the Parks of Recreation Department
  species, and 2,000 hybrids of orchids. The Orchid                  merged, with Dr. Chin See Chung as the director.
Garden is also the biggest attraction in the Botanical              Dr. Chin is the current director, and he has created
Gardens. The Evolution Garden is 1.5 hectares. The                  many other popular and possibly better attractions.
     Evolution garden is quickly gaining popularity.                  Although the Botanical Gardens in Singapore is
     There is also a Ginger Garden. The garden is 1                   much smaller than many of the other Botanical
  hectare. There you will find several types of ginger             Gardens, it keeps expanding, and improving making
                             from the ginger family. The           it one of the worlds largest garden in the world, and
                            last section or biggest part of        a garden that is continuously changing and growing.
                             the Botanical Gardens is the              Just incase you haven’t been to Singapore, the
                            Rain Forest. The forest is six          Botanic Garden is 1/3 the size of the Central Park
                               hectares. The rest of the                             in New York City.
                             hectares are lakes, walkways,
                            plants, different flowers, and    Timeline
                                 pavilions. Located in                                                 Dictionary
                                                              1822-Sir Stamford Raffles founded
                               Singapore, there are two       the first Botanical Garden.
                               rather large rain forests,     1829-The Botanical Garden closed         Hectare-
                                                              down.                                    One hectare is 2.47
   considering the fact that Singapore is really small.       1859-the Agri Horticultural Society      acres, [10,000 square
       There are several other main attractions. For          founded the present Botanic Garden.      meters].
                                                              1888-Henry Nicholas Ridley was the
       example, there is the Green Pavilion, and the          first administrator.
                     Symphony Lake.                                                                    An orchid is
                                                              1973-The Parks and Trees Branch of
                                                                                                       Singapore’s national
             In 1822, Sir Stamford Raffles set up the         the Public Works Dept. merged with
                                                              the Parks and Recreation Dept.           flower. Very
   first Botanical Gardens on Government Hill [Fort           1988-Dr. Tan Wee Kiat was the            beautiful the colors
   Canning Hill]. Sir Stamford Raffles also founded           director.                                will vary.
                                                              1990-The Parks board changed and         Keen-
     Singapore, and was a keen naturalist. When the           Dr. Tan Wee Kiat became the Chief        Someone who is avid
     garden first began, it was intended to introduce         executive.                               or interested in a
cultivation of economic crops. Unfortunately, due to                                                   certain subject.
the lack of full time, salaried director, the garden had
  to close in 1829 shortly after Sir Stamford Raffles’
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