Member Information Booklet

          McLaren Districts Riding Club
        McLaren Flat Recreation Grounds
                   Main Road,
                  McLaren Flat
Postal address: P.O. Box 163 McLaren Vale SA 5171

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                            GENERAL INFORMATION

Rallies are held at the McLaren Flat Recreation Grounds, Main Road, McLaren Flat
(opposite the oval) on the second and fourth Sunday of every month as programmed
by the Committee. Generally proceedings commence at 9.45 am although this may
vary. Flyers are emailed to members prior to events detailing exact start times.

                                2012 COMMITTEE

PRESIDENT:        Lynn Whish         8383 0555/ 0414 877 055       lwhish@bigpond.net.au
ASST PRESIDENT:   Karen Aspery       8325 1663/ 0438 500 119       kaspery@bigpond.net.au
SECRETARY:        Katrina Pozzebon   8557 4180/ 0411 316 597       pozze@senet.com.au
TREASURER:        Jane Griffiths     8327 2748/ 0400 770 731       griff@lm.net.au
RIDING MASTER:    Tamzine Omerod     8557 7536/ 0415 479 038     dootgirl48@hotmail.com
ASST R/MASTER:    Karen Aspery       8325 1663/ 0438 500 119       kaspery@bigpond.net.au
GENERAL:          Deb Golder         8383 7163/ 0400 922 430       amyd@internode.on.net
                  Hannah Omerod      8557 7536/ 0415 479 038       dootgirl48@hotmail.com
                  Alison Mooney      8383 0695/ 0404 140 885       mooneyfour@gmail.com
                  Cathy Weir         8270 2281/ 0434 936 276    catherineweir@bigpond.com
WEBSITE MGR:      Hannah Omerod       8557 7536/ 0415 479 038       dootgirl48@hotmail.com
PUBLIC OFFICER    Julie Cavanagh      83237313/ 0403 506 036       yarrahpark@bigpond.com

                                ABOUT THE CLUB

The McLaren Districts Riding Club Inc. was established at the Recreation Grounds in
1981. The Club became affiliated with the Horse Riding Clubs Association in 1988
but in 2007, after a unanimous vote at our AGM, the club resigned from the HRCA to
enable us to pursue our own agenda.

Due to an increasing membership over the past 2 years, the Club no longer needs to
rely so heavily on funds from “Open Competition” days, enabling it to focus on the
needs of its members through “Member only” rally days. This year the Committee has
included many favourite events but also introduced some variety into the program
and welcome any feedback, ideas and suggestions that you may have.

                               MEMBERSHIP FEES

The Club endeavours to keep membership fees to a minimum by using other
fundraising ventures (Bunnings sausage sizzle, Quiz nights, open competitions etc)
to help keep the Club financial.
Fees MUST be paid the first day you ride your horse on Club grounds. No person is
permitted to ride on the grounds until full payment has been made.

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Membership fees for 2012 are as follows:
Single membership    $75
Family membership    $120
Associate membership $30

As part of your membership you are also permitted to use the grounds and/or arena
outside of rally days. If you wish to use the arena privately, please book ahead with
Karen Aspery to ensure you have exclusive use. Should weather conditions make the
grounds unsuitable or result in damage to the grounds, an alternative booking time
would need to be made. Keys to the grounds can be obtained from a committee
member when a refundable $50 deposit is paid. Private use of the grounds is
STRICTLY limited to members only.

                         PROGRAM INFORMATION

The 2012 program can be found on the website at www.freewebs.com/mclaren
districtsridingclub It may be subject to change due to weather conditions or
availability of instructors/judges/venues. Should a change be necessary, members
will be notified as soon as possible. Cancelled events will be re-scheduled wherever
possible. Where the forecast temperature is 36 degrees or higher for Noarlunga on
the Saturday evening news, club will automatically be cancelled. Members will be
advised via email of any re-scheduling for that event.

Riders MUST sign in at the clubrooms as your arrive for the day. Presentation for a
gear check to the riding master or nominee for rally days occurs at 9.45am for a
10am start. Your rally day attendance will be recorded and points awarded which
accrue towards the end of year High Point trophy (see club trophies section).

Where starting times vary for instruction or competition days, then riders must
present to the riding master or nominee prior to riding.

Uniforms, drinks and snacks are available for purchase from the canteen at all
events. Lunch will also be available on open competition days and most rally days.
Please offer help where able with the canteen and BBQ ..it will be very gratefully

All instruction/competition days MUST be paid for prior to riding.

It is essential as part of our lease agreement with the Recreation Park that any
manure is spread only within the fenced clubgrounds (ie the grassed area) before
leaving. It must not be left in the float parking area, around trees or anywhere
outside the fenced area of the riding club grounds. We thank you for your help with

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The club provides public liability insurance for financial members and public
attending any club functions. This however is NOT personal injury insurance. It is up
to the individual members to provide insurance for themselves and their horses.

                                WORKING BEES

To ensure the smooth running of events, maintenance of club grounds and ensuring
membership fees are kept to a minimum, it is compulsory members participate in
TWO working bees/fundraising events throughout the year. At the most this would
be 4hrs work per member. An additional fee of $50 will be required if a member is
unable to meet these requirements.
We also ask that members volunteer assistance with canteen, setting up/packing
away of equipment and help where needed on rally and open days so that ALL
members are able to ride and enjoy the day.
Emails will be sent informing members of the dates and jobs that are in the pipeline
so nominate an event (or events!) that suits you and volunteer some time as many
hands always makes light work!


The uniform for non-competition days consists of jodphurs (preferably bone though
coloured jodhpurs and suede chapettes are also permitted), yellow/gold polo shirt,
red rugby tops with Club logo, Club cap and a black Club saddlecloth with red and
gold trim (optional).

Any hard hat as approved by the Horse Riding Club Assoc (with safety harness) and
either short topped elastic sided fully soled riding boots (as recommended for
juniors) or long top riding boots.

Competition uniform must be worn on club competition days. This consists of a
white collared shirt worn with bone jodphurs and the club tie (black with gold and
red diagonal striping). Riding jacket is preferred.

The following uniform items can be purchased from the club rooms:
Rugby tops – adult $55
Rugby tops - junior $52)
Ties                $20
Saddlecloths        $70
Badges              $5
Caps                $15

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                                   MDRC GOALS
-   Have fun
-   Always wear a helmet. Ensure all gear is fitted correctly and is in good condition
-   Have fun
-   Make sure the gate is shut at all times
-   Have fun
-   Be conscious of other riders and their horses and make sure safety and due care
    is taken at all times
-   Have fun
-   Notify a committee member if you notice any repairs are required to facilities.
-   Have fun
-   And just in case you missed it, make sure you and your horse are having fun!!!

                            AIMS AND OBJECTIVES


To provide members with a structured program to obtain the benefits and enjoyment
of correct education by well-qualified instructors in matters of horsemanship.
To be recognised as an integral part of the McLaren Districts Community.
To encourage the business sector to recognise and support the objectives of the club.
To ensure all economic and administrative decisions are managed effectively and
efficiently to ensure longevity and financial security of the Club.
To continue to develop protocols and policies ensuring the safety and welfare of
members and their horses is paramount.


To provide a safe equestrian complex where members can learn, train and develop
their horsemastership skills.
 To provide a safe equestrian complex in which non-club horse owners/riders can
train or compete at the invitation of the club.
To provide the McLaren Districts community with an outdoor facility in which
equestrian activities can be enjoyed in a semi rural environment.
To promote competitive and social interaction with and provide support to other
persons and groups involved in non-commercial equestrian activities.

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We endeavour to produce a regular monthly or bi-monthly newsletter depending on
the events that have been held. Included in the newsletter are the upcoming events,
reports and updates from the committee and a section for sponsors to be
acknowledged and their products/services promoted. Please support them wherever
you can.
The newsletters are emailed to all members so if you would like to receive one,
ensure your email address is included on the registration form. If you do not have
access to email please advise the newsletter editor so a hard copy can be posted to
If you have any articles of interest, items for sale or photos from club events please
contact Karen Aspery at kaspery@bigpond.net.au or Hannah Omerod, our newsletter
editor at dootgirl48@hotmail.com


Our website can be located at – www.freewebs.com/mclarendistrictsridingclub
The site contains information about the club and how new members can join. The
current program and newsletter can also be viewed at the site.
There is an upcoming event section which outlines future rally days in detail with
links to flyers/nomination forms and contact persons.
Also included are all results from our competitions and a ‘for sale’ section. For
inclusion of any items for sale please contact the web site manager Hannah Omerod
at dootgirl48@hotmail.com .
The website is updated regularly and is the best way to keep informed of what is
happening at the club – please take the time to have a browse!!
Please be aware that when signing the membership form you also your give
permission for photos of you and your horse taken at rally and competition days to
be posted on the website.

                                PERSONAL SAFETY

SAFETY IS IMPERATIVE. Although there is a lot to consider when riding, safety for
you, your horse and bystanders must have the highest priority.
Do not ride closer than 2 metres to the rear of another horse (an even greater
distance is required if the horse in front has a red ribbon in its tail, indicating that it
may be prone to kicking another horse).
If your horse is misbehaving, please use your discretion to ensure your safety and
that of other members and their horses by moving away from them so that you can

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quickly avoid any potential problems. If you are unable to settle your horse, please
ask for assistance...other members are only too happy to help.
Travel in the same direction as other riders when warming up.
Remember, if your horse has a tendency to kick, tie a red ribbon on its tail to warn
others that they may be in the firing line! Don’t let your horse run close to or
through spectators or other horses – common sense and safety go hand in hand.
When passing other oncoming riders, pass left hand to left hand and never pass
another rider from behind at a fast pace, especially if that horse is young or green.
It is club policy that no stallions are allowed to attend Riding Club events.
Tie up rails are available for those who ride to the grounds or for horses that don’t
like to be tied up to floats. The gates situated at the entrance to the Recreation
Grounds and the gate leading into the club grounds should be kept closed at ALL
times when horses are present.

                      HOW TO ENSURE GEAR SAFETY

Stitching and buckles on your bridle should be checked regularly and is best done
when you clean and oil your gear. Remember that by keeping your gear in good
condition, you will prevent cracking of the leather and possible breakage.

With regard to your saddle, you should regularly check the girth points and attached
webbing for signs of wear and tear. If you have an older saddle, you may like to get a
reputable saddler to check it for wear in areas of which you may not be aware. They
will also be able to advise you when to have the saddle repacked or the gullet altered
to properly fit your horse (especially important as your horse changes

Stirrup leathers should also be checked for rotting or cracking of the leather and to
ensure the stitching is in good order. The stirrups should be neither too small, nor
too large – generally a half inch clearance at each side of the boot is required.

The girth itself should be in good order and if in doubt, a new one should be used or
the old one repaired to a satisfactory standard. It should also be kept clean to
prevent girth galls.

                                 CLUB TROPHIES

At the conclusion of each riding club year the club provides a range of trophies.

High Point (Senior & Junior)
Presented to the senior and junior members who have received the highest points
throughout the riding club year for attendance as well as cleanliness and correctness
of equipment of the horse and its rider.

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The scoring for this trophy is as follows:
      3 points count towards cleanliness/presentation of your horse.
      3 points count towards cleanliness/fitting of your tack.
      4 points count towards rider and uniform.
Remember, you don’t need expensive gear, just so long as it is clean and safe
Competition Club High Point (Senior)
To be presented to the member who has conducted themselves with merit and
performed the best in ALL disciplines (i.e. ODE, dressage, hacking, jumping, novelties
& handy horse) during the course of the riding club year.
Jan Warren Trophy (Junior)
Criteria as for competition club high point trophy.
Club Dressage Champion (Senior & Junior)
To be presented to the member who has scored the highest points in club dressage
competitions during the course of the riding club year.
Club Show Jumping Champion (Senior & Junior)
Refer to above criteria
Club Hacking Champion (Senior & Junior)
Refer to above criteria
Club Handy Horse Champion (Senior & Junior)
Refer to above criteria
Club ODE Champion (Senior & Junior)
Refer to above criteria
Club Novelty Champion (Senior & Junior)
Refer to above criteria
Encourage Trophy (Senior & Junior)
This award is at the discretion of the committee and is presented to any member who
has shown improvement and commitment throughout the course of the riding club
Achievement Award (Senior & Junior)
This award is at the discretion of the committee and is presented to any member who
has achieved notable results in all aspects of equitation at club level (including
competition, schooling, handling & relationship with their horse)
The Tosca Cup – Best all rounder in memory of Tosca, the best all rounder!
This trophy is presented to the horse/pony that has shown themselves to be of good
temperament and has participated in all disciplines of equestrian sports associated
with the Riding Club (although not necessarily having won).

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1.1 Fees shall be determined for the following year at the Annual General Meeting and shall be payable on the first
    mounted rally day.
1.2 Now deleted
1.3 Members renewing membership and those joining before 30 June shall pay full membership fees. Those joining
    after 30 June shall pay one half of membership fees or a proportion as set by the committee.

2.1 The uniform of the Riding Club consists of jodphurs (preferably bone), yellow/gold polo shirt, black tie with gold
    and red diagonal striping, red windcheater with Club logo and black saddlecloth with red and gold trim. Any hard
    hat as approved by the Horse Riding Club Assoc (with safety harness) and either short topped elastic sided fully
    soled riding boots (as recommended for juniors) or long top riding boots. Club competition days require the polo
    shirt to be substituted for a white collared shirt worn with the club tie and bone jodphurs.
2.2 Members are encouraged to wear uniform at all Riding Club functions.
2.3 All riders attending a rally day must wear helmet and boots as described in 2.1 whilst on horseback.

3.1 All horses are to be ridden in a saddle and bridle. Any variations in tack are subject to the discretion of the Riding
    Master and their appropriateness to the activity.
4.1 Rally/open days shall be held on the second and fourth Sundays, as per the program set by the committee at the
    commencement of the season.
4.2 Rallies to commence with a line up at 9.45am ready for gear check inspection.
4.3 At rallies, members are responsible to the Riding Master. Any rider or other member acting in an offensive or
    discourteous manner or in a manner likely to endanger others or their horses, render themselves liable to
    suspension from activities at the discretion of the Riding Master and to be reported to the committee for any further
4.4 No non-financial members to ride on club grounds.
4.5 Mounted members must display proof of financial membership.

5.1 No stallion is to be brought to any Riding Club function.
6.1 No dogs to be on club grounds during mounted rally days.
7.1 A horse should be a minimum of 4 years of age before taking part in jumping at Riding Club events.
7.2 The age at which a horse is capable of being ridden in flatwork at Riding Club events may vary slightly and will be
    considered individually by the committee.

8.1 The Club provides public liability insurance only. It is up to the individual members to provide their own personal
    insurance for themselves and their horses.
9.1 Members are considered to be juniors under 18 years of age by 30 September.

Officially updated and lodged with Office of Consumer and Business Affairs 8/3/01
9.1 updated at AGM 9/12/01
1.1,1.2,4.4,4.5 & 6.1 updated at Special General Meeting 9/7/02

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