Preliminary Studies 2006 by w93zRS


									Preliminary Studies 2006

prepared for the 1st Council of Europe intergovernmental Conference on “Languages of
Schooling : towards a Framework for Europe”
Strasbourg, 16-18 October 2006

  Helmut VOLLMER                  Towards a Common European Instrument for Language(s) of Education
                                  Georgian version
  Laila AASE                      Aims in the Teaching/Learning of Language(s) of Education (LE)
  Florentina SAMIHAIAN            Content considerations for a framework of reference for Language(s) of
                                  School Education
  Michael FLEMING                 Evaluation and Assessment
  Helmut VOLLMER                  Languages across the curriculum
  Waldek MARTYNIUK                European Frameworks of Reference for Language Competences [available
                                  in Georgian]
  Irene PIEPER                    The teaching of literature
  Michael FLEMING                 The Teaching of Language as School Subject: Theoretical Influences
  Piet VAN AVERMAET               Socially Disadvantaged Learners and Languages of Education
  Cornelia ROSEBROCK              Socio-economic Background and Reading. Reading attitudes, fluency and
                                  literary education in the German Hauptschule
  Werner KNAPP                    Language and learning disadvantages of learners with a migrant
                                  background in Germany
                                   Deutsche Originalfassung
  Raimonda JARIENE and Audrone    The influence of pupils’ socio-economic background on achievements in
  RAZMANTIENE                     reading and writing skills
  Lorraine LEESON                 Signed Languages in Education in Europe
  Michael BYRAM                   Languages and identities

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