How is Brazilian waxing carried out?

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					                             How is Brazilian waxing carried out?

When going to have your Brazilian Body Waxing at a salon many people move aback thinking
of the pain and the thought of removing their entire clothes in front of the aesthetician. But this
should not be the concern at all as these aestheticians are like doctors, and they are used to
such situations. There work involves all this on regular basis and they just focus on their work to
give you a painless waxing procedure.

So what actually is the procedure when you go to have your first Brazilian Wax? Here are the
steps you are gone through to have that hair free Brazilian look for both men & women:

      First you need to make an appointment at a salon if needed, and once you get one you
       can directly walk into the place.
      Prior to your session the aesthetician will ask you some of the questions regarding your
       skin type and if you are sensitive to any type of wax used. The person will check whether
       you are taking any medications which can react to it if you take one.
      Once you are done with this you will be taken to a private waxing room where you will
       be asked to remove your entire clothes leaving very less clothes on your body. If you
       prefer to take a Brazilian for the entire body you will be given a towel and will be left
       with no clothes on the body.
      After this you will be instructed to lie down on the table. The aesthetician will explain
       you the entire procedure and if you have any concern or any specific area you want to
       leave the hair or get removed in addition, you can inform then. As the Brazilian Body
       Waxing is customizable you can have according to your specification.
      Now as per your specific choice the person will apply the wax to your body parts where
       you want the hair to be removed. He will start by applying on small areas. When it gets
       hard a muslin cloth strip is applied on it and pressed and with a single pull the cloth will
       be taken out in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The aesthetician may ask you
       to keep your hands and make the skin taunt, as this makes the hair to come off more
       easily without causing much pain to the person.
      Also the person will also apply talcum powder to the area before applying the liquid
       wax, as due to this only the hair will get stick to it and not the skin, thus making it pain
       free while pulling the strip off.
      When the procedure is carried out on the genital areas, the person will do it for small
       parts thus giving you the least of pain possible. Sometime a special type is also used for
       such areas as those areas prone to much discomfort or skin damage. As these areas are
       sensitive it may take various sessions to remove the complete hair. If some strands of
       hairs are left after the procedure, it can be plucked using tweezers rather than have the
       repeated application on one single area.
      Finally when the procedure is finished a special gel or a cream is applied to soothe the
       skin and it is done.
Though this procedure can differ a little for men and women as the Brazilian Wax for Men
And Brazilian Wax for Women used is different. Seeing the skin type and texture of the hair the
application used is selected for both the genders. However Brazilian can work wonders for
both. Learn more at

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