RESOLUTION 2012 8 Support of Benton County Economic Development by w93zRS



Whereas, the Benton County Commissioners are considering the future of the Department of
Benton County Economic Development; and

Whereas, economic and community development is vital to creating a vision for the future
health and stability of Benton County residents; and

Whereas, a county economic development department is critically important to job creation,
continued business expansion, access to state and federal funding, and gap financing for
businesses who wish to expand or locate in Benton County; and

Whereas, all local government units in Benton County benefit by having economic and
community development activities coordinated through one office; and

Whereas, the Benton County Economic Development staff has worked well with the Initiative
Foundation, the entity who has brought 896% return on investment to Benton County; and

Whereas, the Benton County Economic Development Board is comprised of knowledgeable
persons from local government, banking, utilities, school districts, vocational school, and the
builders association, who bring influential expertise for community development; and

Whereas, a full-time staff person is needed to coordinate the retention and expansion of
businesses, assist them with site location and development, work with them on their business
plans and financing, and carry out the work initiated by the Development Board; and

Whereas, Watab is the largest township in the area, has the potential for commercial and
industrial development, and relies on the Benton County Economic Development staff for these

Now, therefore, be it hereby resolved that Watab Township requests the retention of the
Benton County Economic Development Department and full-time staff.

Adopted this third day of July 2012 by the Watab Town Board.

Signed by the Town Board Chair:      Ed Kacures, Jr.

Attested by Town Clerk:       Patricia B. Spence

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