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									                           The Economist Group Speakers

Graeme Maxton
Editorial Director – Hong Kong
Economist Intelligence Unit
Graeme spoke at the 2005 FMI-LEG Conference in Orlando, FL. He is an internationally
renowned authority on the global automotive industry and appears regularly on television
and radio around the world. As the director of the Economist Intelligence Unit based in
Hong Kong, Graeme writes for the Economist, Business China and Business Asia.

As co-founder of autoPolis, Graeme provides economic and industry insight to many of
the world’s vehicle manufacturers, government agencies, financial institutions and
components suppliers. Graeme chairs all of the Economist Conferences’ automotive
industry roundtables around the world.

Leo Abruzzese
Editorial Director – North America
Economist Intelligence Unit
Leo is Graeme’s North American counterpart, and is responsible for the Economist
Intelligence Unit’s editorial operations in the Americas. Based at the company’s US
headquarters in New York, he oversees a team of country analysts and is responsible for
business research projects in the region. He writes regularly on the US economy and
leads the EIU’s financial services coverage, which provides analysis of conditions in 60

As Director of Financial Services, Leo is responsible for the company’s analysis of
banking and related activities worldwide and writes the quarterly outlook on the global
financial services industry.

Leo has participated in European research program sponsored by New York University
and the German Marshall Fund. He has written for Aspen Institute publications and has
been interviewed by the BBC and CNN. He has presented the Economist Intelligence
Unit’s global economic and political forecasts throughout the US, Europe and the

Robert Ward
Chief Automotive Industry Analyst
Economist Intelligence Unit
Robert is the Economist Intelligence Unit's chief automotive industry analyst and the
senior economist in the Asia and Australasia team of analysts based in London. He
specializes in Japan and the Koreas, but also writes and comments extensively on
automotive industry issues. Before he joined the Economist Intelligence Unit in 1997, he
worked in Tokyo in the international rating department of the Japan Bond Research
Institute (now Japan Rating and Investment Inc), Japan's largest rating agency. Robert
lived in Japan for seven years (1989-96) and is a fluent speaker of Japanese. He also
writes regularly on Japanese political and economic affairs for both Japanese and non-
Japanese newspapers and periodicals. He holds a BA and an MA from Cambridge

David Butter
Chief Energy Analyst
Economist Intelligence Unit
David is a world renowned expert in energy markets and policy. He joined the Middle
East & North Africa team of analysts in 2002. He has a degree in Arabic and Persian
from Oxford University and has spent four years in Beirut, first as a researcher and then
as correspondent for Interpress Service. Following his return to the UK in 1982 David
completed an MA in Comparative Politics at Sussex University. He was News Editor at
Middle East Economic Digest and joined the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2000.

$9k for Graeme or Leo Abruzzese (Editorial Director - North America, Economist Intelligence Unit)
$4.5k for Robert Ward (Automotive Industry Analyst) or David Butter (Energy Analyst)

$5k for Graeme or Leo Abruzzese (Editorial Director - North America, Economist Intelligence Unit)
$2.5k for Robert Ward (Automotive Industry Analyst) or David Butter (Energy Analyst)

These prices do not include travel and other expenses.

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