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 Mackay Spas Reveal The Wellness Benefits Of A Good
    A Step-by-Step Guide To Choosing Home Spas
How To Host A Fabulous Party With Swim Spas Mackay
Mackay Spas How To Choose The Right Hot Tub For Your
Sapphire Spas A Sanctuary For Relaxation Right In Your
                     Own Home

      Mackay Spas Reveal The Wellness Benefits Of A Good “Soak”

                                  Health experts are always quick to point out the incredibly
                                  stressful activities that affect the wellness of a lot of people
                                  these days. It does seem like despite the advances of
                                  technology, the quality of life that most people have nowadays
                                  has not been improved much. Jobs are more demanding,
                                  requiring employees to work overtime thus forcing them to
                                  neglect the efforts that would serve their health well, such as
                                  eating on time, lessening intake of caffeinated drink, et cetera.
                                  While nothing can be done really to lessen the demands that
                                  daily living poses, it’s highly recommended that people make
                                  use of certain ways to make their bodies more resistant to
                                  illnesses or to relieve it of aches and tension knots.

One of these ways is getting a good soak in really warm water. Mackay spas reveal that this can
be done in a regular tub but it’s very important to be mindful of the temperature of the water
to make the soak really effective in relaxing those tired muscles. For detoxification and further
relaxation, Epsom salts can be added to the warm water. These bath salts do not only relieve
joint pains but they also cleanse the body of the toxins that settle in the skin. People often
claim that their skin always feels softer after soaking in “salty” water and they actually sleep

A good alternative to Epsom salts are aromatherapeutic oils; just be sure to choose the oils that
would benefit your health such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and chamomile to name a
few. The body absorbs these oils, which can help improve overall wellness. Eucalyptus has anti-
bacterial properties; it’s a scent that repels mosquitoes and is actually good for clearing clogged
nasal passages. Lavender on the other hand, improves complexion, aids in healing wounds and
is effective in creating a better quality of sleep. Peppermint has a refreshing scent; it’s known to
relieve headaches and it has anti-bacterial properties that can help eliminate body odour. While
chamomile, like lavender, is great for people with insomnia, it has a mild and relaxing scent
that’s good for the respiratory system. Tip: always keep the water really warm because the
ideal temperature disperses the oil, which then heightens its efficacy.

Hot tubs that release bubbles or powerful streams of warm water are better though because
they have a massaging effect perfect for undoing those stubborn tension knots on the back that
often build up in a bigger ball of pain. These hot tubs are ideal for people who frequently
engage in physically strenuous activities because the massaging effect and the warm water are

the perfect combination for relaxing overworked muscles. People who often have trouble
voiding also benefit greatly from this; the sphincter muscle reacts well to warm water and
stimulation around the area.

A soak is not a bath; it’s just simply setting yourself in the water and letting your body absorb
the heat and all its added goodness; doing it regularly can help maintain the balance that the
body loses when it’s fatigued.

                 A Step-by-Step Guide To Choosing Home Spas

Indulging yourself in a spa treatment is not only a
luxury, but an essential in today’s hurried and
harried lifestyles. Entering a state of calm and
relaxation, being surrounded by soft, fragrant
water, pampering your skin and body with lovely
scrubs, masks and oils… nothing but a well-
deserved escape can make you feel refreshed,
rejuvenated and ready to face the busy world

However, the fussy preparation of going to a spa
facility can turn what is supposed to be a relaxing event into an exhausting one. Just imagining
all the tasks that you have to do can already raise your stress levels: find sufficient time from
your busy schedule, call and book for an appointment, drive or find transportation for the trip,
brave the traffic and parking, haul yourself to the ministrations of an attendant, pay a ridiculous
amount of money, find enough energy to go home, and arrive as exhausted as you were when
you left the house.

The inconvenience and expense of going to commercial spas have encouraged not a few
homeowners to simply have a spa installed right at home. It may require an initial investment
for the purchase and instalment of the unit, but the value, cost-efficiency and ease it brings can
be priceless.

To ensure that your home spa can be the ultimate relaxation haven, the first thing you need to
consider is to select the right spa model. Choose something that looks easy on your eyes and
fits with your dream design theme. Would you prefer a blue model that reminds of azure
beaches? Are you looking for something Zen that evokes the Japanese bath culture? Would you
like something with more jazz and bling, such as models equipped with kaleidoscope lights,

iPod docks, backlit waters and wine coolers? Making sure the aesthetics of your spa agrees with
your sensibilities can significantly amp up the ambiance you’re looking for.

Also as important is the energy and water consumption efficiency of the spa system. You don’t
want to spend a few hours of relaxation and end up being stressed out by huge power bills at
the end of the month. When choosing a spa, ask a lot of questions about the unit’s running,
heating and maintenance costs, and narrow down your options to the ones equipped with
energy-efficient features.

Lastly, don’t forget the finishing touches that can tie up your whole spa experience. A built-in
stereo, an essential oil aromatherapy system, massage jets… these small details can mean big-
time luxury and long-lasting relaxation.

          How To Host A Fabulous Party With Swim Spas Mackay

                                               You and your fellow yummy mummies love
                                               entertaining at home. You have mastered the
                                               art of hosting chic get-togethers in each other’s
                                               places: brunches, afternoon teas, backyard
                                               barbecues, garden fiesta, cookouts, sit-down
                                               dinners and so on. Sometimes it’s just a quiet
                                               ladies night and on the other end there are
                                               those fun, festive family affairs. When people
                                               rave about your parties, they say your home-
                                               based bashes speak of your sensibilities as
                                               creative, sophisticated and independent
thinking women who lead full, busy lives. For you and your friends, staying at home simply
means less stress, less expenses and more chances of enjoying quality bonding time.

This time, however, you’re trying to think of a new theme for your next get-together. Your
parties are always special, but you want this to be up another notch. Maybe one of the girls will
be moving to a different city. Maybe it’s Mother’s Day. Maybe there’s a forthcoming wedding.
Or there’s no reason at all, except that you want to host a party that will make your friends feel
pampered, relaxed and pretty. Maybe it’s time to launch a swim spa party.

Your family swim spa is the best venue for the kind of party you’re planning. Swim spas, Mackay
brand, present features that can ensure you can create a complete balance of relaxing,
refreshing and therapeutic environment for you and your special guests. Your programme can

be as simple as lounging around and enjoying the spa with a few drinks, or as all-out as a real
spa routine.

For the swim spa party ala five-star spa resort, you can start by designing the spa room lavishly.
Light up scented candles. Play some soothing music. Put fresh flowers around, or add some
fairy LED lights in strategic areas. You can set up a Zen-like tableau in one place with some
smooth pebbles and potted plants.

Then, provide your guests with freshly-laundered towels and soft slippers. Let them sit
comfortably, where they can have their nails done by professional beauty technicians you hired
for the occasion. Other options for your pre-spa soak are at-home massage sessions or a
luxurious facial for each one of you.

Now that you’re feeling prettier and more polished, you can enjoy the hot, rotating waters of
your home spa. Show your friends how to make the most of the water jets and reflexology
features of your unit. Serve them juice (or cocktails) to sip in between chit-chats; some finger
food or fresh fruits to nibble on would also be nice. You can throw in some fragrant oils or bath
bubbles to make the swim spa more deluxe. Don’t forget to take some pictures! Those images
would be a great keepsake in the future, when you want to reminisce good times, great stories,
and close friendships.

    Mackay Spas: How To Choose The Right Hot Tub For Your Home
Spas offer the ultimate relaxation retreat that you can
have right in your own home. Having your own spa is
like going through meditation, massage and even
aromatherapy all at the same time: the gushing water
kneads the tension out of your muscles, the gurgling
sounds can help quiet anxious thoughts, while
scented oils or soaps can lift your senses up to a
higher state of calmness.

If you are planning on installing your own spa shed at
home, the best route is by going to trusted spa manufacturers in the business, such as the
Mackay Spa Shed in Queensland, Australia. Mackay Spas come in different styles and functions
designed to cater to the various needs of hot tub users. The brand offers three spa lines: the
Oasis Spas, Sapphire Spas and Hot Spring Spas. Each line offers a myriad of options to choose
from, and choosing the best one for your home can prove to be a little tricky. So what are the
things that you must check first before making a purchase?

There are many factors that you have to take into consideration when choosing a hot tub for
your home. The first thing you should ask yourself is where you plan to place your tub. Spas can
be used indoors or outdoors, and each one is designed to fit in with its location. Pay attention
to the materials used for the spa skirting; if you plan on placing your spa outside your home,
make sure that the wood you choose for the cabinetry is very durable and can withstand harsh
conditions through all seasons of the year. In addition, you should also get a good cover for
your spa to keep dirt and leaves from accumulating in the tub when it’s not used.

Another factor that you have to consider is the number of people who are going to use the spa.
Will you be using it during parties with friends or family, or do you simply want a tub to soak in
at the end of the day? Choosing the right hot tub capacity is also important since different
capacities call for different levels of energy usage.

Lastly, you should always have a ready list of features that you want for your spa. Would you
like a lounger or a non-lounger? How many water jets do you want your tub to have? Also
check for the spa’s energy efficiency and ease of maintenance — make sure that you leave no
rock unturned. Spas indeed offer a gateway to relaxation, but choosing the wrong one can
leave you stressed out even more. So take your time in choosing the right spa; with just a little
effort, you can soon be on your way to a lifetime of tranquillity.

  Sapphire Spas: A Sanctuary For Relaxation Right In Your Own Home

                                                With the extreme stress that comes with modern
                                                living, finding a way to relax and release all the
                                                tension in your body has become a necessity for
                                                today’s generation. There are various ways to
                                                gain a state of tranquillity, and these include
                                                meditation,      aromatherapy    and     massage.
                                                However, there is nothing quite as relaxing as
                                                soaking in a hot tub; the swishing sound of
                                                swirling waters can help ease the mind and
                                                silence all worries; the soothing force of warm,
streaming water can relieve tightness in muscles, while the gentle buoyant support offered by
water can make anyone feel weightless and incredibly light. What’s more, adding in mineral
solutions, soaps, or specially formulated essential oils can make the whole experience smell just
like heaven. Soaking in a tub can truly cater to every relaxation need and even offers more.

People who are planning on setting up a hot tub within the confines of their home should make
it a point to consult only trusted manufacturers of spas such as the Mackay Spa Shed, a
Queensland-based producer of hot tubs in Australia. Mackay Spas offers a wide range of design
collections to choose from, and one of these is the Sapphire Spas line. Besides choosing a good
hot tub manufacturer, spa buyers should also make sure that the tubs they purchase can
function efficiently and thus, not incur sky-high maintenance and power costs. So what exactly
should you look for to ensure that your hot tub is a budget-friendly spa?

One of the main factors that make spas an expensive investment is the cost of running it and
keeping the water temperature at a high level. Hot tubs usually hold a large amount of water
and heating up such a large volume takes a great deal of electricity. However, while the tub is
expending energy to raise water temperatures, it can also be losing some heat to the external
environment at the same time. This heat loss can waste a considerable amount of energy. Hot
tubs that are energy-efficient should be designed with extra insulation to prevent heat loss. A
Sapphire tub from Mackay Spas is one example; these tubs come with an eco-friendly insulation
system which is very adequate in keeping the warmth in hot tubs from dissipating into the air.

Besides having adequate insulation, the most cost-efficient spas should also come with smart
energy filtration pumps. Such a pump can maintain the efficiency of the hot tub’s power usage,
whether users need an intense massage or just some soothing, gentle strokes from the tub’s

Lastly, budget-friendly hot tubs possess features that help save on maintenance costs. Self-
cleaning jets without bearings and an easy-to-use after spa clean-up cycle, such as those used in
the Sapphire collection, make it possible for users to truly enjoy a soak in their tubs and relax
without worrying about the cost of this luxury.


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