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									2 Vs 2 Robot Soccer Contest
     Rules Explanation

     Shanghai Grandar Robotics Co., Ltd.
Soccer Arena
Arena: long: 240cm,width:160cm, height:18cm
Arena Floor Sheet
The Ball
   The ball’s specification is as follows:
       Diameter: 9cm, Weight: 160±5g。
 A transparent ball with battery and small lamps inside.
    Each team should have 2 team members and 4 robots enter
the contest area.
   Two robots for one team are allowed to take part in the
contest when it starts. One of the robots acts as goalkeeper. The
robots must be autonomously controlled and should be started by
a team member. No remote control is allowed. Robots are also
not allowed to be guided by light or reflective objects on the wall,
ground or elsewhere.
    After every start or after each pause, team members should
only start the robots following the referee’s instruction.
Robot Specifications
Diameter: The diameter of the robots should be within
Height:    Less than 22cm.
Weight:    Less than 2 kg.
Sensors: There is no limit on the kinds and quantity
           of sensors.
DC output: Less than 12V.
Kick Set: Holding a ball inside should less than 3cm.
1. Outside: The ball is kicked outside the arena
2. Goal: The center of the ball (half of the ball) passes the goal line.
3. Lock ball: The ball has not been able to move for over 5 seconds.
4. Lost ball: The kickoff robot can not touch the ball for 5 seconds
after its first kick.
5. Interrupt: After the referee’s instruction to start the contest, no
robot may touch the ball within 30 seconds.
6. Drop: the contest restarts with a drop after an interrupt.
7. Free kick: The contest restarts with a free kick after an outside,
transgressing penalty kick is announced.
Time Specifications
        first half-count: 5 min
        break: 2 min
        2nd half-count: 5 min
Before Contest:
        5 minutes for each team to test their robots
        If the contest is a draw, there will be an extra-time.
        1st half-count: 2 min
        2nd half-count: 2 min
        no break time
        Gold ball rule

          A           B
                (from wall≥15cm)

            A              B

        Penalty mark(60cm)

    A              B

       A       Lock ball

Committing a Foul and Penalty
 1. Committing a foul by collision: Colliding with other robots (of another
    team) while the ball is out of their control.
 2. Red card:
    A red card given to a robot will send the robot off for 90 seconds.
    After 90 seconds, the robot can be placed back on the field and resume
    A red card to a player will send the player outside the contest area.
 3. Illegal defense: Both of the defense team robots have remained in their
    goal area for over 5 seconds, or any part of one of the defense team
    robots has passed its goal line. The referee should give the other team a
 4. Kick-off delay: If the robot set to kick-off can not reach the ball within 5
    seconds, the referee should give the other team a free-kick.
 5. Illegal kick-off: Before the robot set to kick-off touches the ball, another
    robot touches the ball. The referee will let the robot set to kick off take
    the kick-off again.
Robot Replacement
 During the contest, players cannot replace their robots without
 the referee’s permission. The replacement should only take
 place after a goal, a block, or a halt. Each team has the chance
 to replace their robots 3 times in one contest.

 The replacement procedure is:
         1) Player applies for replacement
         2) Referee permits replacement
         3) The player takes the robot off of the field and places
            another robot onto the field.

 Reloading a program should be treated as a replacement.
Repairing Robot Injuries
During the contest, if the robot’s operation is halted or the robot
is injured without a foul, the player can take it off for repair with
the referee’s permission, and the contest should continue.

At least 30 seconds later, the robot can be placed back on the
field with the referee’s permission on the nearest drop spot.
Pipeline    Wait for turn

            Spec. Exam

             Side choice
           2min. preparing
            1st half-count
            Interval break
           2nd half-count
            Penalty Kick
            Sign for admit
           Leave the Arena
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