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Gimmal and EXCO Resources Partner to Deliver Next Generation E&P Portal

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Supports Fast Pace of Unconventional Gas Business

Houston, Texas – January 18, 2011 – Gimmal, a leading Enterprise Content Management and Records
Management (ECM/RM) professional services firm, partnered with EXCO Resources, a premier natural gas and oil
company engaged in the exploration, exploitation, development and production of onshore natural gas and oil
properties to deliver an Exploration and Production (E&P) Portal. The portal, released to EXCO E&P teams in late
2010, serves as a catalog or index to a variety of reports on a well, area, or corporate level. The system provides
easy access to daily reports, production information, well and lease status, maps, documents, well files, and other
critical operational data. It also seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured content from seven (7)
commercial and proprietary database systems, and presents a unified view using SharePoint 2010.

“We have been building the foundation for this type of solution for some time and I am pleased to see the result
that our project team produced. The positive impact it will have on our business will be immediate, as decision
makers will have improved access to better and more timely information. Further, staff that resides outside of a
technical function, such as Drilling and Completions, will no longer need to access information through expensive
technical software designed for a specific business process. Lastly, we are a geographic business. Most everything
we do has information tied to map coordinates that can be presented by a GIS (Geographical Information System)”
stated Rob Thomas, Chief Information Officer, EXCO Resources.

Gimmal designed, developed, and delivered EXCO’s E&P portal built on Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, and ESRI
ArcGIS Server and SDE. The system provides a single interface to multiple data stores including Peloton WellView,
P2E Excalibur, and Merrick ProCount. SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is used to integrate critical
data elements pulled in real-time from enterprise systems which minimizes cost of company-wide training and
licensing for a wide array of E&P applications.

“Many energy companies are recognizing the need to consolidate platforms and ensure that all content can be
accessed seamlessly using a common interface. The enhanced capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 combined
with the right expertise makes this an achievable solution.” said David Quackenbush, President, Gimmal.


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