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									                                                 Ryan Edwards
                218 E. Tompkins Street ● Columbus, Ohio 43202 ● ryan.edwards03@gmail.com ● (419) 303-0471

    The Ohio State University                                                                           Columbus, Ohio
    Bachelor of Arts in Computer and Information Science                                         Graduated Autumn 2011

    Software Development Using Components                   Interactive Computer Graphics
    Development of Software Components                      Introduction to Automata and Formal Languages
    Case Studies in Component-Based Software                Introduction to Database Systems I & II
    Introduction to Computer Systems                        Elementary Numerical Methods
    Software Development in Java                            Introduction to Information Security
    Systems Software Design, Development, and               Discrete Mathematical Structures I & II
    Object-Oriented Systems Analysis

   Java                                                     Microsoft Visual Studios
   C/C++                                                    Microsoft Word
   HTML                                                     Microsoft Excel
   JavaScript                                               Microsoft Power Point
   Perl                                                     Microsoft Visio
   Eclipse                                                  Windows OS

   Course Projects
     Object-Oriented Systems Analysis                                                                       Winter 2011
        Learned the issues involved in applying computer-based technology to real world problems
        Gained understanding about object-oriented software development methodology
        Used modeling techniques that support the methodology (UML), and applied these techniques and
         methodologies to produce a Requirements Specification Document.
     Systems Software Design, Development, and Documentation                                              Autumn 2009
        Learned software engineering as applied to various classical computer systems programs
        Learned to develop assemblers, macro processors, and loaders
        Major group project involved the design and implementation of systems software
        Communication skills were emphasized.
   Blackwell Inn                                                                                        Columbus, Ohio
     Steward                                                                                       April 2011 – Present
        Provide a clean, comfortable and safe work environment for the bistro and banquet services at the Blackwell Inn

    Ohio State Calling                                                                              Columbus, Ohio
     Caller                                                                                    Autumn Quarter 2010
        Contacted Ohio State University Alumni and ask them to pledge money to the University

    Kroger                                                                                           Columbus, Ohio
     Produce Clerk                                                                                        2007-2009
        Kept fresh produced stocked, maintained cleanliness of department and assisted customers with questions

    Rays Supermarkets                                                                                         Lima, Ohio
     Carryout, Cashier, and Stock Clerk                                                                       2003-2007
        Bagged groceries, assisted customers, rang up groceries and kept products stocked in the store

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