Aspect Mining by Y4osNO4X


									  Aspect Mining Eclipse Plug-in
• Provide the integrated aspect mining environment
  in the Eclipse IDE.
• Consists of the following functional components
   – Flexible mining specification configuration.
   – Life cycle management of mining specifications:
     Creation, modification, merge, deletion.
   – Integration of mining results, including reporting,
     statistics and cross analysis.
                 Mining configuration
1. Code space partition
                                       2. Aspect pattern definition

                3. Matching results collection
        Mining lifecycle management
The management tasks include adding, changing, processing,
removing, reporting and merging.
               Feature Highlights

• Aspect pattern matching based on type usage,
  textual pattern, and identical patterns in the code
• Easy navigation from mining results to actual
• Towards automatic aspect discovery by ranking
  repeated patterns.
• Post mining data analysis to give a statistical view
  of aspects.

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