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									NROSCI 1801-Neuroscience Writing Practicum
Meeting Times/location: Mondays, 3-3:50, Crawford Hall, Room 343.
Instructor: Patty Reagan, A206 Langley Hall, 412-624-5156, Office hours by Appointment
Text: Health Sciences Literature Review Made Easy, by Judith Garrard
ebook rental:
Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences, 4th Edition, McMillan, Victoria, E. (optional)
Goals: Students will be able to:
       Research a broad scientific topic.
       Use Matrix Method to record research, narrow focus, summarize findings and draw conclusions based on the scientific
       Review peer’s work.
       Write and revise drafts for final submission to
Description: This course will outline how to research and write a scientific literature review.
Requirements: Attend all classes, read chapters as assigned in the textbook, develop your paper with Matrix Method using four
folders, suggested revisions from peers, the instructor and your graduate student advisor, submit assignments on time.
Pitt writing center:

Course Schedule: Fall 2011 / Term 2121
Date                                               Topic                                             Assignment
August 29, 2011                                    Introduction/rubric/mentors/peer review           (In class) introduction essay
September 5, 2011                                  Labor Day, No classes                             Read Ch. 1, Choose a neuroscience topic
                                                                                                     from the list of topics covered in the Pro-
                                                                                                     Seminar due 9-19 Email Reviewer/cc: me
September 9, 2011                                                                                    ADD/DROP PERIOD ENDS
September 12, 2011                                 Meet in Langley Library                           Read Ch. 2, Create Master Folder due in
                                                   Librarian Presentation                            class 9/19 (or sent via email)
September 19, 2011                                 Meet in Langley Library                           Read Ch. 3, Collect primary sources, enter
                                                   Research                                          records in paper trail folder
September 26, 2011                        and Reviewer forms, rubrics          Read Ch. 4, Manage Docs folder, select
                                                   for peer review, Master Matrix and Final          docs to include in your review
October 3, 2011                                    Individual Appointments                           Read Ch. 5, Abstract the research literature
                                                   3:00 Peter, 3:20 Brittany, 3:40 Walk-ins
October 10, 2011                                   Fall Break – No Classes (Mon Classes meet Tues)   Continue to abstract the research literature
October 11, 2011                                   Individual Appointments                           Read Ch. 6, Begin writing first draft due
                                                   3:00 Tara, 3:20 Jason, 3:40 Walk-ins              on CW Discussion Board 10/31
October 17, 2011                                   Individual Appointments                           Continue working on first draft due on
                                                   3:00 Laurentiu, 3:20 Christopher, 3:40 W-i        CW Discussion Board 10/31
October 24, 2011                                   Individual Appointments                           Continue working on first draft due on
                                                   3:00 Vince, 3:20 Lee, 3:40 W-i                    CW Discussion Board 10/31
October 28, 2011                                                                                     MONITORED WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE
October 31, 2011                                   Individual Appointments                           First Drafts due on discussion board by
                                                   3:00 Nikita, 3:20 Joseph, 3:40 W-i                midnight. Peer Reviews due to peer and
                                                                                                     assignment link in CW by 11/07
November 7, 2011                                   Individual Appointments                           Peer Reviews posted to cw assignment
                                                   3:00 Course Evaluation                            link and emailed to peer author
                                                   3:20 Benjamin, 3:40 Bradley
November 14, 2011                                  Individual Appointments                           Revise First Draft, write second draft.
                                                   3:00 Dibya, 3:20 Kaitlin, 3:40 W-i                Master Matrix Folder to assignment link.
November 21, 2011                                  Individual Appointments                           Second draft to reviewer by 12am cc: me
                                                   3:00 Aron, 3:20 James, 3:40 Walk-ins
November 28, 2011                                  Individual Appointments                           Write Third Draft submit to
                                                   3:00 Spencer, 3:20 –Walk-ins                      by midnight 12/5/11
December 5, 2011                                   Individual Appointments                           FINAL PAPER DUE to by
                                                                                                     midnight 12/12/11
December 12, 2011                                                                                    FINAL PAPER DUE
Your final grade will be calculated using your score divided by the following possible points:
 50 points – Peer Review
 85 points - Master Matrix Folder
165 points – Final Paper

Using the following grading scale:
97% - 100% = A+              87% - 89% = B+                 77% - 79% = C+                67% - 69% = D+             59% - below = F
94% - 96% = A                84% - 86% = B                  74% - 76% = C                 64% - 66% = D
90% - 93% = A-               80% - 83% = B-                 70% - 73% = C-                60% - 63% = D-
                                                        Literature Review Rubric
Grading of Assignment:
The following rubric will be used to assess your literature review. To calculate your grade, divide total points earned and by 165 (the
total points possible), resulting in a percentage.
                                          Rating                                                                                             Score
                                          15                         10                     5                      0
   Articles                               Information is             Information is         Information is         Information is
                                          gathered from at least     gathered from 4        gathered from 3        gathered from 2 or
                                          5 current peer             current peer           current peer           less current peer
                                          reviewed journal           reviewed journal       reviewed journal       reviewed journal
                                          articles.                  articles.              articles.              articles.
     Title Page                           Includes specific and      Omits one of           Omits two of           Omits three of
                                          informative title,         previous               previous               previous
                                          author, course and
   Theme                                  Well organized,            Well organized,        Weakly organized       No organization,
                                          demonstrates logical       but demonstrates       with no logical        sequencing, or
                                          sequencing and             illogical              sequencing or          structure.
                                          structure.                 sequencing or          structure.

     Abstract                             Clearly states aim and     Aim and scope are      Aim and scope are      Aim and scope are
                                          scope; concisely           stated clearly,        not stated, major      not clearly stated,
                                          summarizes major           major points are       points are             major points are not
                                          points.                    not summarized.        summarized.            summarized.
     Introduction                         Aim and scope are          Aim and scope are      Aim and scope are      Aim and scope are
                                          repeated and topic is      repeated and topic     not repeated, topic    not repeated, topic is
                                          introduced, rationale      is introduced,         is introduced, and     introduced, and
                                          is explained.              rationale is not       rationale is           rationale is not
                                                                     explained.             explained.             explained.
     Background/Foundation                Detailed conclusions       Conclusions are        There is some          No conclusions are
                                          are reached from the       reached from the       indication of          made from the
                                          evidence offered.          evidence offered.      conclusions from       evidence offered.
                                                                                            evidence offered.
     Research Question                    Research question(s)       Research               Research               Research question(s)
                                          are formed through         question(s) are        question(s) were       were not formed and
                                          the literature review      formed through         not formed but         are not apparent
                                          and clearly stated.        the literature         could be formed        from the literature
                                                                     review.                through review.        review.
     Reference Sheet                      Information is cited       Information is         Information is         Information is not
                                          properly and in MLA        cited properly.        cited, but has         cited or is cited
                                          format.                                           errors.                incorrectly.
   Length                                 Adheres to 10 page         Does not meet 10       Does not meet 10       Does not meet 10
                                          minimum criteria.          page criteria by ½     page criteria by ½     page criteria by more
                                                                     page or less.          to 1 page.             than 1 page.
     Format                               Font, spacing, and         Font and spacing,      Font, spacing, or      Font, spacing, and
                                          MLA format are             font and MLA, or       MLA format is          MLA format are
                                          correct.                   spacing and MLA        correct.               incorrect.
                                                                     are correct.
     Grammar                              There are 2 or less        There are 3-4          There are 4-5          There are 6 or more
                                          grammatical errors.        grammatical            grammatical            grammatical errors.
                                                                     errors.                errors.

Each of you is expected to use the rubric in order to evaluate a peer’s work. The Proseminar presenters will not use the rubric to evaluate your paper.
The Proseminar reviewers do not assign your grade; rather, they perform a pass/fail check on the scientific accuracy and content of your paper. In
addition, they may choose to help you narrow and refine the scope of your paper based on their knowledge of available research papers for you to
review and help you understand the background, issues and future of the topic you have chosen. Your Proseminar reviewer serves as scientific
reader and as such will pay close attention to the correctness, appropriateness and range of your content, in particular the accuracy of the facts,
particulars and logic of your scientific argument, position or suggestion for an experiment in the discussion section.

Disability Resources:
Students with disabilities who require special accommodations or other classroom modifications should notify the instructor and the
Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS) no later than the 4th week of the term. Students may be asked to provide
documentation of their disability to determine the appropriateness of the request. DRS is located in 216 William Pitt Union and can
be contacted at 412-648-7890. For more information, please visit:

Academic Integrity Policy:
A student has an obligation to exhibit honesty and to respect the ethical standards of the academy in carrying out his or her academic
assignments. Without limiting the application of this principle, a student may be found to have violated this obligation if he or she:

1.        Refers during an academic evaluation to materials or sources, or employs devices, not authorized by the instructor.

2.        Provides assistance during an academic evaluation to another person in a manner not authorized by the instructor.

3.        Receives assistance during an academic evaluation from another person in a manner not authorized by the instructor.

4.        Engages in unauthorized possession, buying, selling, obtaining, or using of any materials intended to be used as an instrument
          of academic evaluation in advance of its administration.

5.        Acts as a substitute for another person in any academic evaluation process.

6.        Utilizes a substitute in any academic evaluation procedure.

7.        Practices any form of deceit in an academic evaluation proceeding.

8.        Depends on the aid of others in a manner expressly prohibited by the instructor, in the research, preparation, creation, writing,
          performing, or publication of work to be submitted for academic credit or evaluation.

9.        Provides aid to another person, knowing such aid is expressly prohibited by the instructor, in the research, preparation,
          creation, writing, performing, or publication of work to be submitted for academic credit or evaluation.

10.       Presents as one's own, for academic evaluation, the ideas, representations, or words of another person or
          persons without customary and proper acknowledgment of sources.

11.       Submits the work of another person in a manner that represents the work to be one's own.

12.       Knowingly permits one's work to be submitted by another person without the instructor's authorization.

13.       Attempts to influence or change one's academic evaluation or record for reasons other than achievement or merit.

14.       Indulges, during a class, examination session, or any other academic setting, in conduct that is disruptive or disrespectful as
          to infringe upon the rights of the instructor or fellow students.

15.       Fails to cooperate, if called upon, in the investigation or disposition of any allegation of dishonesty pertaining to another
          student, or any other breach of a student's obligation to exhibit honesty.

For more information, please visit:

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