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									          21 Essential Things for 21st Century Success
 INFOhio’s free self-paced online course teaches you how to integrate Web 2.0
 technologies and 21st Century Learning Skills into your classroom. This table
  links various 21 Things with text complexity, literacy, research, college and
                 career readiness and mathematical practice.
 College and Career Readiness     Thing #12    Are You Preparing Your Students for
                                               College and Work Place Success?
                                               Transitioning to college site; Academic Search Premier;
                                               Learning Express Library’s Job & Career Accelerator
                                               with its career interest survey; authoritative sources;
                                               Social bookmarking; iTunes;

 College and Career Readiness     Thing #13    Are You Using Practice Tests and Tutorials
                                               to Prepare Students for High Stakes
                                               Testing? Learning Express for ES, MS, HS, college
                                               prep, career education and computer skills; e-books
                                               ranging from 501 writing prompts to ACT essay
                                               practice; help resources for LEL

 Literacy Across the              Thing #2     Are You Up-To-Speed? Getting Acquainted
 Curriculum                                    with INFOhio Resources for Teachers,
                                               Librarians and 21st Century Students
                                               Core Collection of Electronic Resources; 21st Century
                                               Tools and Electronic Resources for Students, Teachers
                                               and Parents; INFOhio Toolkit; The Partnership for 21st
                                               Century Skills, National Educational Technology
                                               Standards, NETS about applying 21st century skills in
                                               project based learning, Ohio Revised Academic
                                               Standards, Common Core Standards Initiative

 Literacy Across the              Thing #4     Are You Keeping Up Professionally?
                                               EBSCO Professional Search; Presi presentation on
                                               DIALOGUE model, INFOhio videos on inquiry and
                                               knowledge building process, Social Bookmarking;
                                               Blogs; Edublog Awards 2010; Edublogs; CARET,
                                               Knowledge Building Community (KBC), Curating with
                                               Scoop.it and Paper.li

 Literacy Across the              Thing #8     Can you Find Resources for all Learning
 Curriculum                                    Levels and Styles with One Click?
                                               Differentiation features in INFOhio resources; search
 Text Complexity                               engine differentiation features (Google Advanced
                                               search and Twurdy); Enhancing learning through
                                               technology site; Find the right book for you site; teach
                                               to learning styles; Using Google Docs

Learning Commons 21 Things Aligned to Common Core                                                1
 Literacy Across the              Thing #20    Do You Access High Quality Materials for
 Curriculum                                    Your STEM Classroom? INFOhio Power
                                               STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)
                                               initiative; National Educate to Innovate initiative; STEM
 Mathematical Practice                         Learnng Network; PBS STEM Teacher Resource Center;
                                               Science Online; EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier;
                                               Twitter; Science NetLinks; using wikis; Ohio Resource
                                               Center; NCTM website; ISTE International Society for
                                               Technology Education and NETS National Educational
                                               Technology standards

 Research                         Thing #3     Are You Encouraging Student Success in
                                               Creative Projects and Research
                                               Assignments? Research Project Calculator,
                                               Widgets, INFOhio Copyright Resources, EBSCOhost
                                               Widget, Science Online Widget, Biography Reference
                                               Bank Widget, EBSCOhost Mobile, World Book Mobile

 Research                         Thing #5     Do You Use The Latest Trends to Keep Up?
                                               RSS feeds; Alert in EBSCO; Google Reader; Pageflakes;
                                               Netvibes; Google News Alerts

 Research                         Thing #7     Are You Familiar with the Tools Available
                                               to Assist Students and Parents with

                                               Free Homework Help through KnowItNow chat
                                               service and using Weebly to create a homework help
                                               site .

 Research                         Thing #9     Do You Know How to Effectively Evaluate
                                               Your Students' Information Literacy

                                               Assessing learning and skills development; TRAILS;
                                               Project-SAILS; 21st Century Skills Assessment;
                                               Bernajean Porter’s Digital Media Scoring Guide;
                                               RubiStar; SurveyMonkey

 Research                         Thing #10    Are You Up-To-Speed with New Search
                                               Engines and Graphical Display Options?
                                               BOOLIFY; World Book time line; Wolfram Alpha –
                                               computational knowledge engine; Google Custom Search;
                                               Google graphing feature.

Learning Commons 21 Things Aligned to Common Core                                                2
 Research                         Thing #11    Do You Use Cool Tools for 21st Century
                                               Projects? Glogster, Wordle, Bubbl.us, Biography
                                               Reference Bank; Oxford Reference On-line; 10 sites for
                                               brain storming/mind-mapping

 Research                         Thing #14    Are You Going Beyond Google Search in
                                               Your Classroom or Library for Inquiry
 Text Complexity                               Based Lessons? INFOhio Power User:
                                               EBSCO EBSCOHost Searchasaurus; KidsSearch,
                                               Student Research Centers, all database search;
                                               professional development collection; image collection;
                                               note-taking services; EBSCO folders; EBSCO’s
                                               Teacher/Librarian Success Tools

 Research                         Thing #15    It's Not Your Mother’s Encyclopedia! Are
                                               You Aware of the New World Book Tools
                                               for 21st Century Skills? INFOhio Power
                                                World Book Web; Internet Public Library

 Research                         Thing #17    Do You Know How to Find Standards
                                               Based Materials? Introducing Cat 2.0
                                               INFOhio Power User
                                               Cat2.0, Discovery Portal; advanced searches and
                                               Boolean logic; Web2.0 book discussion sites

 Research                         Thing #18    Do You Know How to Find Free Usable
                                               eBooks and Mobile Apps for Research or
                                               Reading Assignments? INFOhio Power
                                               User INFOhio eBook Collection; 2011 STAR Report;
                                               Ohio iTunes; podcasts and podcast resources; EBSCO
                                               Mobile App; BookMyne App; Mango Languages App;
                                               books and reading sites from INFOhio; ITSCO’s
                                               Literature Lounge Book Talks; VoiceThread

 Research                         Thing #19    Do You and Your Students Know How to
                                               Find and Use Images Purchased for Ohio
                                               Schools? INFOhio Power User EBSCOhost,
                                               Oxford Reference Online; Science Online, Newsbank,
                                               World Book Web; incorporating visual literacy into
                                               curriculum; Library of Congress; FLICKR, Creative
                                               Commons license attributes; NASA, Earth Science
                                               Image Bank; Math Images; sites selected by Kathy
                                               Schrock; Google Image Search

Learning Commons 21 Things Aligned to Common Core                                                3

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