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					                        Literacy Awareness
                      Sponsorship Proposal Costs

Department: AnneCorp Literary Works
Product or Process: Books, DVD’s Supplies Marketing etc…
Document Owner: Annette Smith
Project or Organization Role: Owner

NOTE: Cost are based on online research (Please make suggestions or referral)

 Service               Cost       Company             Description of Service
 ILLUSTRATOR           5,000.00   To be Determined    Illustrate a 32 page children’s book series

 Editing               50.00 +    Color Me Purple     Edit
                       1.00 per   Literary Services
                       page       Norcross GA
                       over 20

 Printing Test (25)    175.00     To Be Determined    Eliminate printing mistakes and make changes, if
                                                      need be.

 Second Printing       175.00     To Be Determined    Same as above

 Main Print Run        2750.00    To Be Determined    Bind and print
 (1000 books)
 (2000 books)          3300.00
 (5000 books)          5000.00
                          Sponsorship Proposal Costs

Laureate     4729.00   LuLu.com Online                Phone Support: Six phone appointments to
Publishing             Publishing Company              use throughout the process
Package                                               100 Paperback Books: 6 x 9 BW only:
                                                       Value ($800)

                                                      25 Hardcover Books: 6 x 9 BW only: Value

                                                      Premium Cover Design: Two original cover
                                                       designs ($450)

                                                      Ultimate Formatting: Interior layout,
                                                       unlimited images ($699)

                                                      Editorial Quality Review: Our Editorial Staff
                                                       will review your book providing feedback
                                                       on the quality of the content ($199)

                                                      Full Copy Edit: Includes up to 100,000
                                                       words. If you have more than 100,000
                                                       words please request a free consultation
                                                       and a Lulu representative will help you
                                                       determine potential extra editing charges.
                                                       (Value $2,000-$5,000)

                                                      Epub Conversion: ePub format is the
                                                       required eBook format for various eBook
                                                       distributors ($99)

                                                      Lulu ISBN (International Standard Book

                                                      Retail Availability (Amazon, etc.) ($150)

                                                      Project coordinator to manage the project
                                                       and publish the final version of the book

                                                      PDF download of the book

                                                      Galley copies of the both versions of the
                                                       book: Average value ($50)

                          Sponsorship Proposal Costs

Children’s    549.00   LuLu.com Online                Children's Formatting (unlimited images up
Imagination            Publishing Company              to 75 pages) ($399)
                                                      Basic Cover Design: Includes template
                                                       based cover design ($115)

                                                      Lulu ISBN (International Standard Book

                                                      Retail Availability (Amazon, etc.) ($75)

                                                      Project coordinator to manage the project
                                                       and publish the final version of the book

                                                      PDF download of the book

                                                      One galley copy (upon approval of books
                                                       files) average value ($25)

                              Sponsorship Proposal Costs

Marketing Six    4760.00   LuLu.com               Six weeks of personalized publicity using media
Week Publicity                                    contacts. Your book is promoted to print (magazine
Campaign                                          and newspapers), broadcast (television and radio),
                                                  and online media contacts with the goal of covering
                                                  you and your book in a variety of ways. This
                                                  package is also available as a Three Month

                                                  Specifically, your publicity team will:

                                                  • Ask you an extensive series of questions to help
                                                  learn more about you, your book, and your goals.
                                                  You'll be introduced to your publicity management
                                                  team during an introductory call.
                                                  • Review your book and questionnaire, and then
                                                  work closely with you to develop press material and
                                                  multiple creative pitching angles to make it as easy
                                                  as possible for editors, reporters, producers, and
                                                  bloggers to feature you and your book. These
                                                  angles will evolve as the campaign progresses.
                                                  • Send your book and press material to interested
                                                  media, arrange all media opportunities, and
                                                  proactively send your book and press material to
                                                  high priority media.*
                                                  • Reach out to an extensive list of personal media
                                                  contacts they’ve cultivated over the years.
                                                  • Provide a weekly written update with the activities
                                                  performed that week, a cumulative list of media
                                                  interest, and plans for the following week. Your input
                                                  and feedback are encouraged during this
                                                  collaborative process.
                                                  • Reach out to thousands of media contacts in the
                                                  United States and Canada, including focus in your
                                                  local geographic area.
                                                  • Discuss options at the end of the campaign to
                                                  continue or provide you with details of interested
                                                  media for you to continue publicity efforts.

                                                  *50 copies of your book are required for this
                                                  campaign. If you used our Laureate Publishing
                                                  Package, we are happy to send 50 of the included
                                                  books directly to the publicist.

Press Release    650.00    LuLu.com               This service provides you with a professionally
                                                  written press release.

                                                  Specifically, your publicity team will:

                                                  • Ask a series of questions to help learn more about
                                                  you, your book and your goals.
                                                  • Hold a half hour call to go over your questionnaire
                                                  and goals then write a creative and tailored book
                                                  press release, with one round of edits.
                                                  • Provide a valuable publicity manual with tips to
                                                  promote your book.

                               Sponsorship Proposal Costs

Website Design   600.00    LuLu.com                 Website Design for seven website pages.
Seven Page
                                                            Home Page

                                                            Author Bio Page

                                                            Contact Page

                                                            Link to Lulu.com author storefront from
                                                             Home Page

                                                            Additional pages can include; Event page
                                                             (i.e.book signings), new book title, etc.

                                                    This service does not include editing of any site
                                                    content, it is for design only.

Studio Voice     65.00     To Be Determined         Record audio reading of the books
Coaching and     per hr

( A Second       Waiting   Smith Publicity          From a publicity perspective, the ideal
Choice           on call   The Executive            children’s books have universal, newsworthy
Marketing        back      Mews                     themes written by authors with an expertise
Company)                   1930 E. Marlton          in the topics explored in the book.
                           Pike, Suite I-46
                           Cherry Hill, NJ          We create press material about the author
                           08003                    and his book and pitch to media specializing
                                                    in children’s, parenting, family, grandparent,
                                                    and education interest, plus other topics
                                                    relevant to the project and author’s
                                                    background. We also provide publicity
                                                    support for events or signings an author has

                                                    Media include print (magazine and
                                                    newspaper), broadcast (television and radio)
                                                    and Internet outlets in the author’s
                                                    geographic markets as well as throughout
                                                    the United States, Canada, United Kingdom
                                                    and/or select English-language media
                                                    outlets worldwide.

                                                    Media coverage may include book
                                                    listings/mentions/excerpts/reviews, feature
                                                    stories and articles, trend pieces, author
                                                    profiles, broadcast interviews, blog
                                                    mentions, and byline and expert
                                                    commentary opportunities.

                                  Sponsorship Proposal Costs

Misc Supplies                  www.4imprint.com
1. Harmony           1.79ea.
2. Magnetic
   Book Mark          .45es

Multicultural        2.49ea    Crayola

DVD Design           1190.00   Streamline              Price includes: Duplicated discs with full-
1000 discs in digi             Multimedia.com         color on-disc printing, full-color Digipaks on
paks                                                  recycled board with your choice of high-gloss
                                                      or matte UV coating, clear, white, or recycled
                                                      black trays, art proofs sent via email,
                                                      assembly, ploy wrap


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