How Renovating floor Ceramics Made from raw

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					How Renovating floor Ceramics Made from raw
Renovating the house is to be said is difficult, because a lot of things that need to
be noticed, let alone renovating the floor, and for floor tiles made from it would be
more difficult, because the require unusual skills, must be fit and peletakaanya
calculations, but you do not need kahawatir, because this time we will try to give
you tips and tricks to help renovate a floor made kramik

In addition to walls, tiles may also experience conditions cracked. The reasons are
not strong because of the weight on it, such as the transfer of load, eg shifting
heavy furniture sorts of cabinets or tables.

Not only that, another cause ceramic cracks are also caused due to exposure to the
movement of tree roots below, the adhesive is not good, or improper installation

For tips renovate cracks ceramic, a material that could be required from the old
ceramic tiles or choose to use the new. Later, mortar or cement instant, a trowel, a
rubber hammer, and Roskam toothed. Here's how:

Disassemble the damaged tiles using a trowel. Observe the surrounding tiles may
also have to be demolished due to poor condition.

Clean the floor surface of dry mortar fragments. Lapiskan instant mortar
according to the manufacturer using Roskam toothed. Coverage instant cement is
5 square meters per 25 pounds with a thickness of 3 millimeters.

Install ceramic and give pressure with a rubber mallet tapped on its surface.

After the mortar dry, about 3 weeks later, close the grout using a grout cover
material well.

Counting Formula Ceramic Supplies in Your Home. Although it has become
commonplace to apply the tiles on a house or dwelling, but we must not apply
any, so the results can be maximized.

To that end, the most important thing that we have to install ceramic could
calculate in advance the total karemaik need for your dream house.
And here are a few Formulas Calculating Ceramic Supplies that you can use when
trying to install tile in your home or shelter for the results according to our needs
and budget. Calculate the area of the floor or walls will be tiled. The formula,
wide field = length x width. Calculate the ceramic pieces. The formula, extensive
ceramic pieces = length x width ceramic tiles. For a floor or wall will be tiled with
ceramic puck wide. Formula, the number of tiles = Area ÷ vast pieces of the floor

Straight and diagonal

For normal installation with a straight arrangement, you need to add 5% of the
total ceramic. This is done in anticipation of the cuts when not ceramics according
to working drawings. As for specific installation with diagonal arrangement or
particular pattern, add 7% - 10% of the total ceramic. So, how do I calculate the
cost of purchasing ceramic?

The trick is quite simple. You are the first to fill the number of ceramic tiles per
box. Then, multiply by the price of tiles per box. Formula, the amount per box x
price per box.

In order to facilitate the computation of your current needs tile, consider the four
tips below:

Find the area of the wall or floor tiles fitted want.

If you want to apply the tiles on the walls, choose a type of ceramic wall.
However, if you want to apply the tiles on the floor, select the type of ceramic
flooring. Avoid the walls to the floor and vice versa.

Determine patterns of ceramic design, whether you are using or want to use the
basic ceramic decorative tiles. Then, make sure the composition of each tile
according to the field there.

Use the detailed working drawings in order to facilitate the calculation of
materials. If you're still confused, you can ask for advice from architects, interior
designers, and building contractors.

If there are costs as well as you like motif ceramic applications that have been
installed, you can add 2% - 3% of the number of tiles. Keep it somewhere safe
ceramic, then you can apply at a later date or simply replacing the damaged tile

By utilizing the above formulas, we can now determine the exact needs for
residential family ceramics and of course budget. Hopefully this little article can
be useful for all readers.

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