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                                  GIFTS FOR HIM

                                                                                                     GET HIM SOMETHING
                                                                                                      SPECIAL THIS YEAR

            Shopping online is a perfect way to shop
            Buying someone a gift on a special       You may be wondering what the best           till the last minute and end up buying
            occasion for instance during birthday,   gift for him is whether it's your            expensive gifts.
            Christmas or wedding day is a sign of    husband, dad or boyfriend there are          Shopping for Christmas gifts for him
            appreciation and showing the person      numerous gifts available to choose           can be both ridiculously expensive as
            you care about them.                     from.                                        well as surprisingly cheap.
            There are so many places now where       Irrespective of his passion there are
            you can shop your gifts online; if you   gifts that cater for all passions that you
                                                                                                  When you plan to buy gifts for him you
            really want to show him how much you     will definitely feel good giving just as he
            care and that you truly care about him   will feel receiving?                         need to have a list of perfect gifts for
            personalized gifts are perfect way to                                                 him and we have put these together for
                                                     A lot of people find it frustrating           you to make it a little easer this xmas
            turn frustration into fun.               buying gifts for him because they wait

                    POCKET PROJECTORS                          JEDI BATHROBES                                 FRAPPE MAKERS
Leatherman 830684 Charge TTi Multi-Tool – A Resistant
and Sophisticated Tool
Leatherman tools surpass even the           your belt;
highest expectations, and the Charge        - Safe – all tools and blades lock into
TTi multi-tool is one of company’s high-    place safely, and the nylon or leather       L E AT H E R M A N
end products. The titanium handles and      sheath offers even more protection
the stainless steel clip-point blade are    both for the knife and for the user;
anti-corrosive and they confer
resistance, durability and reliability to   - Versatile – the bit driver works with a
                                            large number of different bits, including
the product, making sure you have a
powerful ally if you have to solve an       regular, torx and hexagonal bits as well;
emergency situation.                        whatever material you need to work
                                            with, you will have a tool on your
Main Features of the Tool                   Leatherman to match it – wood, metal,
                                            wire, plastic, tin - all can be handled
                                            efficiently with the right cutter, knife or         WELL MADE
The Charge TTi weighs 8.2 oz and
measures 4 inches in a closed position,
the length of the blade being 2.9           - The manufacturer offers 25-year
inches. This full-size knife is extremely   warranty on the product.
complex, allowing for a large variety of
uses, from cutting hard wires to filing
sheet metal and wood, from driving
screws to opening cans and bottles.

Main Advantages                             COMES WITH A LEATHER/
                                            NYLON COMBINATION
                                                                                                  S HEATH
                                            SHEATH AND GIFT TIN
- Easy to wear – the TTi is equipped
with a lanyard ring that makes it
possible to attach the knife directly to

                                                                                          L OA D S O F F E AT U R E S

                                                                                           L E AT H E R H O L D E R

The only negative thing about this sophisticated, state-of-the-art knife is that it is a bit too heavy, but a knife that
features so many different tools cannot be really lightweight.

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers are really happy with this knife, highlighting the excellent craftsmanship and the superior quality of the
materials used to make this multi-tool.
They appreciate the safe, smoothly opening tools, the comfortable grip and the extra bits that come with this knife,
saying that it is by far the most functional and the best multi-tool they have ever had.
Many reviews of this outstanding, complex tool tell stories about how useful the multi-tool was for fixing doors,
windows, even cars, or how it is able to replace a whole tool bag.


This reliable multi-tool offers everything you might expect from a high-end knife, making it popular among professional
and amateur users alike.
Take it with you on a trip to the mountains or keep it in your car for emergency repairs – you can rely on your
Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool, whatever the circumstances.

                                                                Fantastic multi tool for more reviews and
                                                                    to see the product In more detail
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Panasonic ES8103S Men's 3-Blade (Arc 3) Wet/Dry
Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades
The innovative features of this           a pop-up trimmer for finely-tuned
Panasonic electric shaver make sure       grooming, and the machine allows for
that even the most sensitive skin is      wet and dry shaving alike.
                                                                                          WET & DRY
protected while shaving.                  Advantages
The triple-blade system removes hair      Not sure if you should get it? Let’s see
perfectly, leaving problem areas          some other features of this product
perfectly smooth, and the fast and        that makes it stand out:
powerful motor runs evenly, without
any discomfort caused by pulling.         - The blades are made of hypoallergenic
                                          stainless steel and they provide
Main Features                             enhanced precision;
Weighing 7.1 ounces, measuring 1.7        - The motor is able to deliver 13,000
inches in length, 2.4 in width and 6        RPM and it comes with a cleaning
inches in height, this ergonomic,                                                         WET OR DRY S HAV E
                                            mode, accelerating to about 17,000
streamlined shaver is comfortable to        RPM, for the efficient elimination of
use and fits into the hand perfectly.        residues stuck around the blades;
The three nanotech shaving blades are     - - The shaver features an extra, sonic
placed into a pivoting head that allows     cleaning mode
for maximum flexibility and provides an
extraordinary, refreshing shaving         - - The shaver is suitable for cutting long
experience. The shaver is equipped with     beards as well;
                                          - - Easy charging – the shaver needs
THE TRAVEL LOCK BUTTON                      extra short charging time and it
                                            comes with internal rechargeable
MAKES SURE YOUR SHAVER                                                                    NANOTECH BLADES
                                            batteries, so you don’t have to buy
                                            new batteries all the time;

                                                                                        TURBO CL EANING M ODE

                                                                                           PIVOTING HEAD

There is only one negative aspect we've found: the shaver is quite loud, but considering the power
delivered by the motor, the higher noise level is acceptable.

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers highlight the quality of the shaving: they agree that the Panasonic ES8103S Men's 3-
Blade shaver is able to reach spots difficult to access and it follows the line of the face gently, yet
What they also mention is how comfortable it is to use, the wet and dry options making this
product even more popular.

Bottom Line

Shaving has never been more comfortable and efficient: the Panasonic ES8103S Men's 3-Blade
Shaver can make shaving enjoyable even for those who used to hate it, leaving sensitive facial skin
soft and smooth.

                                                   Fantastic shaver for the price for more
                                                  reviews and to see the product In more
                                                                 CLICK HERE
Jedi Dressing Gowns - Star Wars Bath Robes

Star War fans can now add another        the bottom, the robe is long enough to
item to their collection of clothing     suit most adults, unless they are really-
items: with this robe inspired by the    really tall Jedis.
                                                                                       THE GANG
characteristic gown worn by the Jedis,   Main Advantages
they can have a long, warm and
protective gown – just the way Jedis
like it.                                 Let’s see what makes these Jedi
                                         robes so popular:
Main Features
These amber colored Jedi robes not
only add a fun and playful element to    The gown is made of cotton velour
cozy winter evenings and sleepy          with a soft, velvety texture for a
mornings, but they also feature the      voluptuous feeling.
highest quality material. The gown is                                                      NICE DETAIL
                                         The front of the gown is embroidered
made of soft, pampering fabric with      with a Jedi logo.
excellent absorbing properties, drying
the skin gently and efficiently after a   The gown is a perfect replica of the
shower or a bath, without being too      original Jedi gown: the large hood
heavy.                                   comes down to the nose, the sleeves
                                         are wide, just like the real Jedi gowns,
                                         and it is fitted with a sash belt as well,
It comes in one size – measuring 47      for an even more Jedi-like appearance.
inches in length from the shoulder to    The gown also has huge pockets – big
                                         enough to hide things like remote
                                         controls or chocolate bars to provide
BECOME PART OF THE                                                                      LOOKING GOOD
                                         enough calories for Jedi mind tricks.

                                                                                     L I K E FAT H E R L I K E S O N

                                                                                     NOT RECOMMENDED

There is one aspect on the negative side that we think should be mentioned: the sleeves are large,
and they indeed resemble the original costume perfectly, but they can make eating a bit difficult.

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers are people who received this gown as a gift. An excellent present for Father’s Day
or Christmas, the gown is largely appreciated both for the comfort it offers and for the design that
has immense potential for games, from mind tricks to light saber duels.
One reviewer mentions that the robe can make a great costume for a Halloween party as well –
an excellent idea; it is surely an opportunity to make a really dramatic entry.

Bottom Line

If your son, boyfriend, husband, father or son is a Star Wars enthusiast, you can be sure this robe
will make the perfect present for him, whatever his age is. May the force be with all who wear it!

                                                   Become one with the force for more
                                                  reviews and to see the product In more
                                                                 CLICK HERE
Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler Backpack for 16
Inch Laptops TBB012US (Black)
Providing enhanced protection for even      checkpoints without having to take off
large, 16 inch laptops, this backpack by    your bag and take out your laptop.
Targus has been especially designed to      - The leather-wrapped handle ensures a      A IR T R AV E L ER
suit the needs of frequent air travelers.   secure grip.
Main Features                               - The back panels of the bag are made
The durable and resistant polyester         of special mesh material for enhanced
material of this checkpoint friendly        support.
backpack allows for clear and easy x-       - The shoulder straps are also padded
ray scanning on airports.                   and their ergonomic design ensures
This way, the case saves a lot of time      that the weight in the bag is distributed
and hassle, as you no longer have to        evenly along the back of the wearer.
remove your laptop from the backpack        - Apart from the special compartment
when checking in, thus reducing the risk                                                     SNUG FITTIN G
                                            for the laptop, the bag has several other
of loss or damage to your laptop.           compartments for better organizing
                                            and distribution of objects: there is a
                                            key pocket, a large compartment for
This air traveler backpack from Targus
                                            files or magazines, two side pockets for
is lightweight and perfectly sized:
                                            water bottles and several other
weighing 2 pounds and measuring 16.2
                                            accessory compartments.
x 12.8 x 4.2 inches in dimensions, the
bag will not burden you with too much
extra weight, and it will fit comfortably
under any seat.
Advantages                                  AN EXCELLENT TRAVEL                             L OT S O F RO O M
- The laptop compartment comes with
a separate zipper in the middle so that
you can go through airport

                                                                                         Q UA L I T Y W E L L B U I LT

                                                                                          L OT S O F P O C K E T S

These positive features are countered by one small negative aspect: the backpack would be even
more practical and comfortable if it had a small external shoulder pouch for holding a mobile

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers agree that the backpack is very well built and durable, even if used on a daily basis.
They absolutely love the distribution of the pockets –businessmen mention that the bag is able to
keep their files flat and that the pockets are big enough not only for the laptop itself, but also for
accessories like the mouse, a mouse pad, chargers and cables.

Bottom Line

The convenient construction and lightweight design of the Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Air Traveler
Backpack make it an excellent choice not only for those who travel by plane a lot, but for anyone
who needs to carry a laptop around all day long and would like a bag that is able to accommodate
other things for the day as well.

                                                   Great bag for any traveler for more
                                                 reviews and to see the product In more
                                                                CLICK HERE
Uniden BC-95XLT NASCAR Bearcat 200-Channel
Portable Scanner
If you want to know what is going            batteries, or it can run on batteries that
around you and you are looking for a         can be recharged while inside the
compact and versatile, comfortable and       device.
easy to use scanning device that allows      Advantages
you monitor police activity and other
official channels, as well as radio           This little scanner is really rich in
broadcasts and your favorite channels,       advantages:
look no further – this portable, 200-        - The action channels you can monitor
channel scanner by Uniden is the device      include weather transmissions,
for you.                                     industrial and business radio channels,
                                             marine channels and amateur radio
Main Features
                                             bands, scanning as many as 32,000
The BC-95XLT portable channel by             frequencies.
Uniden is sturdy, durable, small and                                                      200 C HANNELS 10 B A NK S
                                             - The Close Call function makes
comfortable to manipulate: the device is
1 x 3 x 5 inch large and weighs a little     searching easier by tuning to the
more than 1 pound. It comes with an          broadcast of the nearest transmitter.
inbuilt speaker and a separate antenna       - The memory of the scanner is able to
jack. The display is easy to read and just   store 200 different channels from 10
the right size, displaying all the           banks
information you need. The device
                                             - It can be programmed either manually
operates on two different power              or via a PC interface as well.
sources: it can work with 2 AA-type
                                             - The scanner comes with 6 pre-
                                             programmed banks, leaving plenty of
A FEATURE-RICH DEVICE                        channels for the specific channels you           COMPACT DESIGN
FOR AMATEUR AND                              are interested in.
PROFESSIONAL USERS                           - The device provides excellent audio
                                             quality and very fast scanning.

                                                                                               RU NS O N 2 AA


The positive features really outnumber the negative ones – still, there is one that we need to
mention on the downside as well: even though railroad scanning is a passion shared by many
users, the scanner does not have any railroad bands preprogrammed, so, for scanning and listening
to these channels you have to select one of the 10 unspecified frequencies and store your favorite

Customer Reviews

Reviewers agree that the scanner delivers excellent audio quality and they highlight how easy to
use and to program the device is, recommending it for beginners as well.

Some users have mentioned how useful the channel lockout function is, as it allows you to block
the channels you are not interested in so that you can focus on what is really important.

Bottom Line

This portable scanner makes an excellent first-buy for the beginner user and it is able to meet the
expectations of more experienced users as well, making sure nothing goes unnoticed around you.

                                               Great scanner for more reviews and to see
                                                       the product In more detail

                                                               CLICK HERE
3M MP225 Mobile Projector

The 3M MP225 Mobile Projector offers         The screen size is adjustable: from 10
you the chance to view content from          to 80 inches.
Apple devices and laptops on big             Even if you are not at home and you            PROJECTOR
screen.                                      are not able to recharge the battery,
Before getting to what this projector        you can still watch a whole movie, due
has in store for you, there are some         to the two-hour battery life.
important facts you should know: if you      Is very easy to use; you only have to
want it for your laptop, you also have to    connect to the right gadget and you can
buy a VGA cable; if you only need it for     start watching your favorite show.
an Apple device, use the 3M Video            Moreover, the interface is user-friendly:
Cable, which is sold with the mobile         you will certainly have no problems in
projector.                                   using the 3M MP225 Mobile Projector.
Main features:                                                                            HO O K IT UP AND SH ARE
                                             It fits in any purse or handbag, so you
It offers quality viewing for almost any     can enjoy the advantages of using this
type of content from compatible              device when you go on holiday, at work
devices (iPhone, laptops, iPod, iPad, iPad   or anywhere else.
2, even gaming devices)                      It is light, very easy to hold and handle.
Brightness: 32 Lumens.                       It is not very expensive, and you may
You can also connect external speakers       also get it at a lower price if you know
and headphones to it.                        where to find the right promotions.

It has a two-hour battery life, but it can
also run continuously on AC power.
Main advantages:                             IT IS LIGHT, VERY EASY TO                        ULTRA PORTABLE

It provides great entertainment and          HOLD AND HANDLE.
allows many people to join the fun;

                                                                                          INCREDIB LY C OMPATIBL E.

                                                                                          ULTIMATE COMPAN ION.
Main drawbacks
You need to buy some cables and adapters in order to use the 3M MP225 Mobile Projector with
some compatible devices.
It does not display document files (Excel, Access, Word).You can only use it for presentations and

Customer reviews

The majority of the people who have reviewed this product speak highly of the 3M Mobile
Projector. Let's see some examples of what they had to say:
”It is a very useful device, both for entertainment and for work. It is bright enough to display great
quality presentations in any light condition." (Jill, 36)
”The battery is great! It lasts just as the specs say, and actually even a little more. Also, I love that I
can play Angry Birds with it!" (Kenny, 24)

The 3M MP225 Mobile Projector is ideal not only for entertainment (movies, videos, photos,
games, apps), but also for work presentations, providing high quality, large images in any conditions.
You will simply love it!

                                                       This is a fantastic portable projector
                                                        for more reviews and latest deals
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Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 20-Ounce Frappe Maker

Would you like to make your own tasty
frappes at home? The Mr. Coffee             Main advantages of the product
BVMC-FM1 20-Ounce Frappe Maker is
                                            You only have to touch one button in      FR A P PE M A KER
the perfect help you need: a smart
combination between a blender and a         order to start the blend-and-brew
coffee machine.                             cycle.

This all-in-one appliance is ideal for      The Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker will help
                                            you to save large amounts of money, as
preparing your favorite frosty frappes.
You can use standard recipes, but you       it is much cheaper to make your
can also add extra milk, ice-cream,         frappes at home than buying them in a
chocolate powder, chocolate milk or
whatever else you like.                     A book with 20 recipes is included in
You and your friends will certainly         the package.
                                                                                       THREE MINUTE BLEND
enjoy the delicious drinks made with        The recipes from the book are very
this appliance.                             diversified and easy to make. Try them
                                            out and enjoy the tasty drinks.

Main features of the product                It is quite small, so you will have no
                                            problems in finding some space for it in
The blend-and-brew cycle lasts for          your kitchen
three minutes.
It has a button for consistency control:
you are able to decide exactly how you
want your special coffee to be.             THE MR. COFFEE FRAPPE
                                            MAKER WILL HELP YOU TO                       PULSE BUTTON
It features a 20 oz blending jar that can
                                            SAVE LARGE AMOUNTS OF
be safely washed in the dishwasher
It works with four-cup coffee filters
(which must be bought separately)

                                                                                          BL ENDING JAR

                                                                                      BOOK WITH 20 RECIPES
Main drawbacks of the product
The flavor of the coffee may be a bit too weak for the ones who prefer a very strong coffee taste.
They will have to add espresso to the recipes.

Customer reviews
”It works very well, I have never had problems with this appliance.
The frappe recipes from the book are tasty, but I have also created many others. Anyway, this is
surely a device anyone would like to have in the kitchen.” (Jane, 42)

”It is easy to use and it works faster than I imagined. Set it up, weight for 3 minutes and the frappe
will be ready for serving. Great buy for sure!” (Kim, 31)

All in all, investing in the Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker will be a smart move.You can create endless
recipes, and save a lot of money in the long run.

                                                   This would make the perfect xmas gift
                                                     for more reviews and latest deals
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Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men, Eau De Toilette
Natural Spray
Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men             Specs of the product
was first introduced on the market in           Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 6"
2005, and it made quite an impression,
                                               Weight: 12 ounces                            I N FU S E D WIT H
being extremely popular even now,
after almost a decade.                         Price: generally around $70
Let's see why so many people love it           Ingredients: Spanish sage, tonka bean,
and if it really is that good. But first, you   patchouli, mango and silver armoise
need to learn some important facts you
should keep in mind about any kind of
perfume or cologne, be it Ralph Lauren         Main advantages of the product:
or not:                                        It is an all-natural Eau de toilette, thus
There are factors that may modify the          much safer and gentler on the skin
perfume's scent: some medications, the         It provides a long-lasting scent.                ICED MAN GO
level of stress you go through, your
                                               It does not have that "hanging" odor
age, your mood.
                                               other colognes have.

                                               It has a fresh, smooth odor.
The type of skin you have (dry or oily)
may influence the amount of time a
fragrance will last on your skin.
The cologne is for external use only.
Also, do not apply it on sensitive,
                                               SAFER AND GENTLER ON
irritated skin.                                THE SKIN
Keep it in a cool, dry place and do not                                                         SPANISH SAGE
expose it to any direct heat sources or
naked fire.


                                                                                               SILVER ARMOISE
Main drawbacks of the product:
The price is quite high; some people may find it unaffordable.

Customer Reviews
”I love the way this cologne smells. I don't usually use the same cologne for more than a month,
but this has changed when I first started using Polo Black. It is the third month I am using it and I
still haven't gotten bored of it.” (Josh, 27)

”This cologne can be used at any time of the day, due to the fact that it does not have a tiring
smell. It is so fresh and energizing that it makes my mornings so much brighter! Some of my
friends bought it too after smelling it on me,” (Bill, 31)

”Incredible fragrance! It is quite pricey, but surely worth it! Also, the ladies love it!” (Chris, 27)

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men is exactly what you need if you are looking for a memorable
fragrance, which can make you feel strong, full of live and self-confident.

                                                             Smell great this christmas
                                                         for more reviews and latest deals
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Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera
and DIGIC 4 Imaging
Canon EOS Rebel T3i is a high quality    Main advantages of the product
camera, offering great pictures          Very high resolution;
(exceptional tonal range and clarity),
                                         Excellent photos, no matter the light;         EOS REBEL
due to the CMOS sensor. This sensor is
a first-class one, using the same         Full HD video quality;
technology used by professional Canon
                                         The landscapes in your photos will look
                                         better than they really do;
                                         It is very easy to use: a child may easily
Main features of the product             obtain great photos;
Great shooting in any light conditions   You will never miss a moment if you
(from bright to dim)                     choose to shot continuously;
It provides enhanced video shooting      It shoots at both high and low angles,
                                                                                          ISO 100 – 6400
options, with the Video Snapshot         and reflection is minimized.
The package includes: AV cable, USB
                                         Main drawbacks of the product
cable, charger, battery, lens, camera
body - all included in the price.        It is quite an expensive camera, but you
                                         will have no regrets if you decide to
The APS-C size sensor provides a 1.6x    invest in it.
field of view – 35mm format.
It features three recording sizes;
                                         Customer reviews
                                         This Canon camera has received
THIS CAMERA IS PERFECT                                                                HD DREAMS COME TRUE
                                         extremely favorable reviews -
FOR ACTION SHOOTING OR                   everybody seems to love it. Let's see
NEWS MATERIAL                            just what 2 reviewers had to say, to get
                                         a better picture:

                                                                                       INTEL L IG ENT SCE NE

                                                                                      NEVER MISS A MOMENT
”This camera is perfect for action shooting or news material. It is extremely fast! It does not need
a lot of time, as other older cameras I have used. Also, it is user-friendly. I got used to it very fast
and I have absolutely no problems with it." (George, 29)

"The most important advantage of this gadget is, obviously, the flawless quality of the pictures.
With such a camera, I am able to record the beauty of a special moment just as it is. I just love it
and I strongly recommend it to the ones who love taking nice family pictures.

Also, take into consideration the fact that it uses the same technology used by a professional
camera. So you may find it useful if you start to make a career in photography. It's really good as a
first camera to experiment with.”


The Canon EOS Rebel SLR Camera is a must have. It delivers great image quality and offers you
the possibility of taking photos just like a professional would.

                                                     This camera has so many features so
                                                      for more reviews and latest deals
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ION iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

Excellent hardware with a great retro         Advantages
design, sensitive, reliable buttons – this    -Assembly and set-up are easy, and so is
is what you get with the ION iCade            connecting it to the iPad.                 I ON FO R IPAD
Arcade Cabinet for iPad.
                                              -The cabinet is sturdy and durable,
This Arcade Cabinet offers a gaming           equipped with rubber pads on the
experience that is even better than           bottom to prevent it from sliding, so
playing on genuine Arcades: just imagine      the machine is strong enough to resist
having your favorite gaming machine in        even the most passionate gamers.
your room, where you can sit down for
an exciting round of Centipede or             -You get Atari’s Greatest Hits for free,
                                              which means that you can have as many
other classics whenever you feel like it.
                                              as 100 classic games.You only need to
                                              download the app on your iPad,
Main Features                                 connect the iPad to the gaming device      Q UA L I T Y I PA D - C R A D L E
                                              via Bluetooth, and you have all your
The gaming device measures 18.9 x
                                              old-time favorites waiting for you.
13.1 x 9.6 inches. The wooden cabinet
has a false coin slot and a joystick in the   -The cradle fitted on the cabinet
style of the 80s.                             accommodates your iPad perfectly,
                                              holding it firmly.
The machine is large enough for a
genuine gaming experience, and retro
enough for giving Atari fans the illusion
of time travel.
The device runs on AA batteries and it        ION ICADE ARCADE
has no wires attached, but if you want,       CABINET FOR IPAD – A                        ARC ADE EXPERIEN CE
you can attach an AC adapter at the           TIMELESS CLASSIC
bottom.                                       REVISITED

                                                                                          PLAY ATARI CLASSICS

                                                                                            ARC ADE C ABIN ET
There are only a few minor things on the negative side:

-The device is a little pricey
-Only the Atari Greatest Hits app is free - if you want to play other games as well, you will have to
pay for the downloads.
-The package does not include the AC adapter, though you can find the input on the back of the

Customer Reviews
Reviewers of all ages love this gaming device. For those who fell in love with Arcade games back in
the 80s, the console brings back the feeling of playing on a real machine; younger players also
mention becoming totally involved and absorbed in the games, and they like how modern
technology is able to breathe new life into a classic gaming machine.

The ION iCade Arcade Cabinet is an amazing iPad accessory that combines the latest
achievements of modern computer technology with the features of a vintage console in a way that
makes playing a nostalgic and exciting experience.

                                                     Bring back memories of yesteryear
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