Terms and Conditions for Consignment by 8Ul4aq3R


									E-____ ___                                   Classy-Finds, LLC                                                      Seller #
P-____ ___
Q-____ ___                                Contract for Consignment                                                  _________
 Drop-Off: All Articles for consignment must be clean, in good repair and marketable. Imperfect consignments in need of
 repair or cleaning may, without notice, be discarded or donated. Classy-Finds has the right to refuse any item that is not
 appropriate for our shop. Fees will apply for any item Classy-Finds chooses to clean or repair.

 Pick-up: You may reclaim any or all of your items before they sell or before the end of the 60-day period by contacting
 Classy-finds and making an appointment. If items are not picked up or sold after 60 days, Classy-Finds reserves the right to
 sell, donate or otherwise dispose of the items without further responsibility to you, the owner.

 It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain all records of consignments and call or come in not less than once a month to
 confirm sales, pickups, and contract expiration.

 _____ I do not plan on picking up items, and am aware that they will be donated or discarded.

 _____ I plan on picking up my items: A list is included and I am responsible for scheduling an appointment and collecting
 my items from the store in a timely manner.

 Pricing: _____ I authorize Classy-Finds to set prices (or) _____I have priced my items and am aware that reductions to the
 selling price are possible up to: 20% after 2 weeks * 30% after 3 weeks * 40% after 4 weeks * 50% after 5 weeks *
 60% after 6 weeks * 70% after 7 weeks

 Loss: All reasonable care will be taken with items; however, you are leaving items at your own risk. The shop is not
 responsible for loss or damage caused by fire, theft, or negligent handlings.

 Payment: You will receive a check for ____ % for items selling under $100, and ____% for items selling over $100 during
 the 60 Day period. Items sold on EBay will have all listing and FVF (final value fees) deducted before determining the final
 selling price of an item. Checks can be picked up after the SECOND Tuesday of each month. Checks are written when
 seller’s amount exceeds $20 or when the contract ends. Unclaimed checks will convert to store credit after three months and
 all payments will be voided six months after agreement expires.

 _______________________________________________________                                     ___________=___________
 Consigner’s signature - By signing I certify that I am the owner of                         Date Signed   End Date
 or have the right to sell the items brought in.

 _______________________________________                             _______________________________________
   Printed Name (to appear on check)                                 Daytime Phone

 ________________________________________                                 ______               _ @ ________________
 Address                                                                Email address

 _ ____________________________ __________                        Item(s) Consigned: ______________________
 City              State          ZIP


 ____________ _______________________________________________________________________

 ____________________________________                      Items accepted by: _________________________________
                                                                               Classy-Finds Staff Signature Required

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