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									Was Kinkade a Tipsy Testator?

Thomas Kinkade was a very popular artist who died recently. Reproductions of his work sold
extraordinarily well throughout his career, and he passed away with a considerable fortune that is said
to have exceeded $60 million.

The official cause of death was acute intoxication. The painter was reportedly under the influence of
Valium and alcohol when he met his untimely demise at the relatively young age of 54.

His estate situation is a bit muddled. He was in the process of getting a divorce from his wife, Nanette,
but they were legally married when he died. Estate planning documents that provided for his family
were executed with the benefit of professional assistance during the marriage and they were not

News has been circulating about the existence of two holographic wills that Kinkade apparently
scratched out by hand since the estrangement. They have been produced by Kinkade's girlfriend, and
as you might expect they leave her millions of dollars and some valuable real estate.

A handwriting analyst took a look at these documents and came away with the distinct impression
that the individual who authored them must have been quite intoxicated at the time. The script is of
very poor quality and certainly not consistent with the abilities of a professional painter.

Because of the fact that he may have been drunk when he drew up the documents, their validity has
been brought into question, and the matter is likely to play itself out in court.

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