Daily Lesson Plan by 9S760l


									Social Studies Lesson Plan
Grade level: 4

                Paper
                Pens
                Poster board

Theory: To educate the fourth graders on the history of Eaton.

Indiana State Guidelines:
4.1.2 Identify and describe historic Indian groups that lived in the region that became
         Indiana at the time of early European exploration and settlement in the
         seventeenth century.
         Example: The Miami, Shawnee, Potawatomi, and Lenape
4. 4. 2.
         Define productivity and provide examples of how productivity has changed in
         Indiana during the past 100 years.
         Example: Improved farm equipment has helped farms to produce more.
         Computers have helped businesses to produce more.

                Identify important dates in Eaton history
                Recognize the structure of a timeline

Talk about dates as a class to make sure the students understand the dates and answer any
questions the students have before splitting them into groups

Procedures: (Activities)
Step 1: 5 min - split students into groups of 4 or 5.
Step 2: 10 min - brief history and explain directions.
Step 3: 10-15 min - students organize dates on a poster with pictures to be presented.
Step 4: 20 min - present posters for class.

       1. Make a poster board that is decorated and presentable.
       2. It must have five pictures with captions. These pictures must relate to the
          events on the provided timeline.
       3. The timeline with all the dates and events provided below from 1800 to 1923
          must be on the poster board.
       4. The students must give a five-minute speech, presenting their poster board to
          the class. Each person must talk for an equal amount of time. Include details,
          dates, and time periods of history.

              Ask any questions about presentations
              What was the most interesting/important date?

Important Dates in Eaton History

1800 - Indiana becomes a state

1816 - Indiana becomes a territory

1828 - Settlement of Union Township

1838 - Important oil transports use Mississinewa for their boats

1852 - Schools in Eaton are all log cabins.

1869-1890 - Natural gas was being discovered in Eaton

1881 - School is an 104 day term

1900 - Ft. Wayne Traction Company builds Eaton Riverside Park

1923 - Fire in Eaton Riverside Park

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