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									Hello parents!                                                              April 10, 2012

We hope you had a wonderful spring break!

        This week students are being introduced to a new unit Food and Nutrition! This unit
will be our focus in science, but it will also be implemented within our language arts,
writing, math, and social studies units as well. We have several fun and exciting projects
and activities planned during this unit. Two of the projects will be at home projects
introduced in this letter so there is plenty of time to complete.

  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for being an active
                               part of your child’s education!

                                                              Mrs. Dozier

                                                             Ms. Sangprasert (student teacher)

1st project: Healthy Recipes                                 due NO LATER THAN Tuesday,
April 24

Students must create a recipe that they try making that is in line with their dietary needs from
nutrition guide.

Students can create their own recipe, follow a family recipe, or find one using resources.

Some great online resources include:

Students will create a written report that contains the following:

      Student includes HEALTHY recipe and cooking directions
      Their experience cooking or preparing it
      Chart or Categories of what ingredients falls under what food group
      Nutrition values (calories per serving, fat content per serving, carbohydrates per serving,
       sugars per serving, protein per serving. )
      Pictures (not required, optional if desired)
      How it tastes, if they liked it or not, and why
                Reports can be typed or written on paper or small poster board. No PowerPoint
                 presentations for this assignment please. Students will not be orally presenting these so
                 please make sure all information is in the report.

      Rubric for the 1st project “Healthy Recipe Due Tuesday, April 24th

      Objective                     1                       2                      3                          4
                             (does not meet           (meets some          (meets objectives)             WOW !
                               objectives)             objectives)                                 (exceeds objectives)
HEALTHY recipe and       Recipe is not           Recipe is not           Recipe complete and      Recipe is detailed
cooking directions       included or not         complete or not         healthy. Cooking         and easy to read.
                         healthy. Directions     healthy. Cooking        directions complete.     Recipe is healthy!
                         not included.           directions not                                   Cooking directions
                                                 complete.                                        numbered in order
                                                                                                  and easy to read.
Experience of            Experience not          Experience of           Experience of            Experience of
preparing and            included.               preparing or cooking    preparing and            preparing and
cooking recipe                                   not included. Does      cooking recipe           cooking recipe
                                                 not include complete    included in complete     include detailed
                                                 thoughts.               thoughts.                thoughts. Contains
                                                                                                  positive and negative
Food Group Chart/        No food group chart     Some good groups        All food groups listed   All food groups listed
Category                 or category included.   included.               in chart or under        in chart or under
                                                                         each category.           each category. Chart
                                                                                                  of categories clearly
                                                                                                  displayed and
                                                                                                  contain ALL
Nutritional Values       No nutritional values   Some of the             All nutritional values   All nutritional values
                         included.               nutritional values      included.                included. Display is
                                                 included.                                        organized and easy
                                                                                                  to read.
Personal opinion         No personal opinion     Personal opinion        Personal opinion         Personal opinion is
                         included.               included but vague.     included. Some           very detailed
                                                 Not detailed.           details are given        containing many
                                                                         about recipe.            descriptive words and
                                                                                                  is very engaging.
Mechanics                Major spelling,         Many spelling,          Minor spelling,          No spelling,
                         grammar, and/or         grammar, and/or         grammar, and/or          grammar, and/or
                         organizations issues    organizational issues   organizational issues    organizational issues
                         present. Thoughts       present. Thoughts       present. Thoughts        present. Thoughts are
                         not clear or present.   not clear.              are clear.               clear and detailed.
Overall Report           Not legible, very       Some pride taken.       Pride shown in           FULL OF PRIDE!
Display and neatness     messy, not pride        Seems rushed or not     report. Thought taken    Very neat and time
                         taken.                  well thought threw.     in design and            was taken to
                                                                         neatness.                complete.
2nd Project: Food Assistance in North Carolina                  Due no later than Friday, May 4th

    Students need to research and select a community assistance food services in North Carolina. In
    addition to researching encourage your child to go and get involved and volunteer to see first hand
    how they help and that even as a 4th grader, they can make a difference.

    Students do NOT have to select one of these. If you are affiliated with a religious organization or
    some other organization that provides assistance, that is acceptable. If they work with a club or
    organization (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc) that is acceptable also. Here are some examples of
    community assistance food services if you need ideas:

    Charlotte Rescue Mission (holiday meals)

    Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina

    Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

    The Community Café, Inc.

Salvation Army Disaster Services

Students will then create a presentation that discusses:

       Who they are
       History and information about organization
       Where they are located
       What their focus is, mission statement, why it is important
       How volunteers can help

This presentation will be done orally in front of the class and should be no more than about 5 minutes.
Students can create any visual displays they would like to use (bring pictures, poster boards, etc.)
Students can create a PowerPoint Presentation for this assignment if they wish.

Students are welcome to use a guide to help them present information about their food assistance program
but they should NOT be reading it word for word from a paper. If they are practicing and reading over
their information frequently, they will do just fine.
Rubric for the 2nd project: Food Assistance in North Carolina Due Friday, May 4th

    Objective               1                   2                      3                       4
                     (does not meet        (meets some               (meets                WOW!
                       objectives)          objectives)            objectives)            (exceeds
Community           Specific             Assistance service     Assistance service   Assistance service
Assistance Food     community            included but does      in North Carolina    in Charlotte,
Service             assistance food      not serve North        is included.         North Carolina is
                    service not          Carolina.                                   clearly included.
Who represents      Information          Some information       Information          Detailed
the organization    regarding human      regarding human        regarding human      information
                    resources not        resources              resources            regarding human
                    included.            included.              included.            resources
Information and     Information          Information            Information          Detailed
history of          regarding            regarding              regarding            information
organization        organization         organization           organization and     regarding
                    and/or history not   and/or history not     history clearly      organization and
                    included.            clearly stated.        stated and           history clearly
                                                                engaging.            stated and very
Location of         Location of          Location of            Location and/or      Location of
Organization        organization not     organization           locations of         location(s)
                    listed.              vague.                 organization         included and
                                                                included.            clearly stated.
Organization        Does not contain     Contains focus or      Contains focus       Clearly contains
focus or mission    focus or mission     mission statement      and/or mission       focus and mission
statement           statement.           but it is not clear.   statement clearly.   statement.
How volunteers      Does not give        Contains minimal       Contains             Contains detailed
help                volunteer            volunteer              information about    information about
                    information.         information.           volunteers.          volunteers, their
                                                                                     roles, and how
                                                                                     others can help.
Oral presentation   No pride shown.      Some pride and         Pride taken in       PRIDE IS SHOWN
                    Complete             preparation            presentation and     THROUGHOUT!
                    sentence or          shown. Thoughts        preparation.         Presentation very
                    thoughts not         not complete.          Thoughts are         engaging and
                    present.                                    complete.            display of

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