Intervention Specific Reporting CNC 2 by 8Ul4aq3R


									     Intervention-Specific Reporting
C-N-C2 / Healthy Eating in Child Care
1. How many total sites are working on intervention C-N-C2? (Please do not double count.
    i.e. if a community is working on both gardens and menu labeling, only count it once.)
2. List significant accomplishments (up to 100 words total) in bullet form, to include impact
    for the entire intervention (not site specific).
3. As per your evaluation plan, do you have pre and post health behavior or health outcome
    data for this intervention (that you have not previously submitted to MDH)?
       A. No
       B. Yes – Pre data only
       C. Yes – Post data only
       D. Yes - Both pre and post data
           If yes, Summarize and interpret the information about these health
           behaviors/outcomes both prior to and following the implementation of this
           intervention. Include appropriate measures from the Key Outcomes listed in
           the Guide to Implementing and Evaluating Interventions. Please send to Diane
           Lauren: Also send copies of any other evaluation
           reports that have been created as a result of SHIP.
                            Strategy-Specific Reporting

Child care nutrition (I am Moving I am Learning / NAPSACC)
1. What is the estimated total number reached for all sites working on this strategy (for
    example, the number of children, staff)?
2. What is the total number of sites that have improved their nutrition PRACTICE by doing one
    or more of the following: increased offerings of fruit and vegetables, reduced offerings of
    high fat foods, and/or reduced offering of sugary treats?
3. What is the total number of sites that have written nutrition POLICY reflecting the improved
    nutrition practice which is available to parents and followed by child care providers?
4. Think of each site you work with and which level of sustainability they are at in the list below.
    Total the number of sites at each level.
       A. Yes, mostly sustainable (sustainability plan in place; even without a plan, it is likely
          to be sustained)
       B. Somewhat sustainable – some work may be sustained, but additional efforts are
          needed to ensure implementation
       C. Unsure if sustainable
       D. Probably not sustainable
       E. Not sustainable at this time

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