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Yoga is such a popular form of exercise today. But did you know that there is actually no single type of
yoga in the world? So if you are considering to try out yoga, then you better pick hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga

is the physical branch of yoga that leads one to the fruits of the practice.

Hatha comes from 'ha' that is synonymous to sun or masculine energy and 'that' which is synonymous to

moon or feminine principal, all of which live in a person's body. It involves a system that endorses an

understanding of the primary principles of movement through the application of marmasthana, the system

of pranic winds known as vayus and the nadi, or the subtle "corridors" the vayu traverses. The guidelines

are put into action just before anyone makes theactual yoga poses. This is due to the fact that doing hatha

yoga isn't a race. If one rushes, injury and physical damage may result. When one is already done with the

system, one of three hatha yoga preludes will be carried out.

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The first prelude is the balakrama or stepping to strength that is directed towards reviving the stamina,

calming the joints and tightening the bones. Another prelude is the chaya yoddha sancalanam or the

shadow warrior. Performed in this prelude are forward bending actions and the transfer of focus towards

the self. Last prelude is the kertikkeya mandalam or otherwise called circling shadow which is the most

superior of all since it removes a person's worries. In here, the breath of the person is longer and the

actions of the arms and legs become more sophisticated.

                                                    The whole yoga class is ended with the surya

                                                    namaskara. In the real world, a common hatha yoga

                                                    involves stretching and breathing exercises with

                                                    some meditation. People who try the hatha yoga

                                                    either enjoy it because of the serenity it gives or don't

                                                    like it because it's too quiet and slow. If you are part

                                                    of the group that adores the hatha, then why not try

                                                    getting yoga classes in London? The yoga centre in

                                                    London is available where you can find a hatha yoga

                                                    teacher that will teach you the basics. The hatha yoga

                                                    classes london can help you exercise and help you

                                                    have better health.

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