HKIN 115 Sample Rants and Raves 3 by 8Ul4aq3R


									For my second rants and raves submission I'd like to go on about how healthy food is more expensive
than junk food. Today at the grocery store I was shopping around the healthy section, ya know fruits and
veggies, but it's so expensive! Being a student in sciences I really don't have time to work, so my funds
are limited, and to provide myself with healthy snacks is literally burning a hole through my pocket. I
think the government should have some sort of healthy eating program where they promote healthy
eating by offering rebates or something when people by healthy food. Or they should just reverse the
prices, make healthy food less expensive and junk food more expensive. I know the prices are mainly
high because of imports and stuff, but the government should be aiding healthy eating, they should be
paying the farmers more so they can sell it to the people for less. Most of this isn't possible I know, but
it's just annoying having to basically choose between eating healthy and having money to go out,
because that's pretty much what it comes down to.

Anyways, Thanks for an awesome year.

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