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									                           Multi-service Eating Disorders Association
                                    15th National Conference
         Getting Unstuck: Revitalizing the Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders
                                        Call for Proposals

MEDA’s 15th National Conference which will take place Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1, 2010 at the
Sheraton Hotel in Needham, Massachusetts.

The 2010 MEDA Conference will examine the medical, social, cultural and personal attributes that may
contribute to an eating disorder diagnosis as well as affect the type of referral and treatment provided. In
particular, we hope that workshops will focus on creative and innovative treatment plans that support the client
and family while also challenging the provider to deliver unique and specialized care.

MEDA welcomes proposals for workshops and presentations on any topic relevant to the focus of the
conference. However, the following are priority areas:

1) Self-disclosure/self-revelation in the clinical setting, particularly around clinician’s weight, eating and/or

2) Research on the neurochemistry and genetics of hunger, satiety and weight management and the impact of
these mechanisms on eating disorders and recovery

3) Medical, nutritional and psychiatric responses to refeeding

4) Sexuality and gender identity as related to body image issues/distortions/eating disorders

5) Gastrointestinal and endocrine complications in eating disorders

6) Engaging school personnel and parents to be less fearful of dealing with eating disorders and feel more

7) Specific populations: children under 12 years old, males, minority populations, pregnant women, chronic
patients, and immigrant populations

8) Binge Eating Disorder/Night Eating Syndrome

9) Research describing current trends in the field and planning for the future, in particular innovative and/or
controversial approaches to the treatment of eating disorders

10) Incorporating varying philosophies into the treatment of eating disorders (i.e. Overeaters Anonymous)

11) Role of chronic illness (i.e celiac disease, diabetes) in the onset of an eating disorder

12) School systems and their part in the development of healthy children in particular examining the role of
prevention programs focused on obesity and/or eating disorders and body image

Workshops should be at least one hour and fifteen minutes to one hour and forty-five minutes in
length and should be directed towards audiences of 30 –75. Please indicate if you can only present on
one day

MEDA will offer specific tracks this year:
        1.) Basic (for new clinicians, general public)
        2.) Intermediate (for skilled clinicians, students)
        3.) Advanced (for Masters Level and above)
Please indicate for whom your presentation will be directed toward (basic, intermediate or advanced).

Presenters will receive complimentary admission to all conference sessions on the day they present
and the opportunity to promote their services to conference attendees; additional compensation is not
available. We ask that you submit one application per year. To apply to present at the conference,
complete the required application form and return it by Friday, September 25, 2009 to:

                                     2009 Conference Committee
                                           92 Pearl Street
                                        Newton, MA 02458

                                          Fax: 617-558-1771


       Applicants will be notified by October 16, 2009 concerning the status of their proposal.

                    Please circulate this call for proposals to interested colleagues.

                              MEDA’s 15th National Conference
        Getting Unstuck: Revitalizing the Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders
               April 30-May 1, 2010 * Sheraton Hotel - Needham, Massachusetts

                                 PRESENTER APPLICATION
Your application must contain all of the following information and be returned by September
25, 2009 in order to be considered:

1.) Name

2.) Credentials

3a.) License Number                           3b.) State where you are licensed

4.) Mailing Address

5.) Phone Number

6.) E-mail address

7.) Current Position/Title

8.) Relevant Experience/Qualifications (3-5 sentences)

9.) Bio Sketch (as you would like it to appear in the Conference Program)

10.) Description of workshop, including workshop title (3-5 sentences)

11.) Target Audience

12.) Level of workshop (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced – Clinicians Only)

13.) At least 3 OBJECTIVES/anticipated outcomes of presentation (must include specific measurable
actions that learners will achieve as a result of attending the session)

14.) Audiovisual needs (laptop, LCD projector, microphone, podium, etc.)

15.) Have you presented this workshop before? If so where?

16.) Resume (please make sure to include school(s) attended, year(s) graduated, degree(s) earned)

17.) Bibliography (please list 3-5 references (books, articles, etc.) used to prepare presentation

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